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The Circuit Court Commenced A

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uur term on Monday, llon. Samuel I of JacksoD, presldlng. Tlic calendar for the term san large one, tlie cases lu the several branches, numbertng as ibllows : Issues oí" Fact, Si " " Law, 5 Jmparlanco, 18 C'rimiiKil, 18 Chancery, - lst class, 8 - L'il " 2 " - Sd " 1 ' - 4(4) " 11 147 The flrst cali of the calendar occuplcd all of Monday ofternoon and evenlDg, and It Was clearcd of a goodly mrniber of cases, by continuance, duiault, scttled, and sundry Irregularitlcs. The Conrt intlmated tliat hereafter partics deioand jury must file notice with the Clerk befare the first day of the term, and that attorneys wishing causes coutinued must ba ïeady wlth thcir motions and uecessary affldavits at fint cali. The followinfr partlea were arraigned on Monday afteruoon, on charges noted : Wm.KcCarty, Inlorrofttlon for Polygarav. Plead nol gullty. Contlnned on appllcation of defeodaiit. John Tlioma.", Information for larceny. Plead not guüty. Chus. [Icos, Information for larceuy. Plead iruilly. Seutenee suspended. Jolm fctlater, Information for sednction. Plead not gullty. Slater is also under arrest on u charge oí bastardy. l On Tuesilay tlie Court coinmcnccd lipón the calendar, and up to tthls writtug - Tlmrsday noon- has worked íts waj along as fbllows ; The Pcople ts. Christopher Stebblns. Bastardy. Verdict guilty. P. M. Eaton, C. Joslln fór People ; J. }I. Jlartin, O. ll'iwkins, for Defendant. Elislia and Cynthta Masten vu. Tlie City of Aun Arhoi'. Actlon íov dam&gea to the plaiotiff Cynthia Masten, for injuries from Rlipplng and fnllinjt on sldewalk on División Street, in front of reairlenr Dr. Wells. Jury lm panneled Tüeaday, verdict rendcred fon mornlng, ander instructlon of the Court. J. (}. A. Sessions, Felch & (Jrant for plaintlffs; X. W. Clieever, R. E. Frezer, JI. .1. Bcakes, lor defendaots. ïlice A. Beal rs. James C. Watson, acton for stander. Now on. Kate Fieli appeared beforc a large iiudiencc, in the M. E. Church conrened, on Friday eveutng last, and dlsconrsed for on liour, in her silvcr-toncs, iipon "Aniong the Aclirundacks." Slie confesscd herself '-oue ofïIüfijaAT'H fools ;" was pathetic in lier deer scène, lmmorous in her ralmlcry of Sameua Tubsbr, Zbke Bowbs, and Annt ÜAnAii - excelling, as we Iieard a jealous lady remark, h3r owu natural self ; roluminous if not tcdious on mielgos, mutjqiietoes, and black llies, sweet on flap jacks and maplc syrup, ainl "loyal" on John Bbowb With all tliis, there was littlc abuut the Ailirondacks, and ;uiy otlicr piece of woods ■would have forincd a peg on whicli to hang her narrativo. GalUmU-y induces ns to say tliat Katk was fair and beautiful, whlch we couldu't see, in the detestable light of the M. E. Church ; that she was dressed a la-mode - whlch Jeseixs assures us she was ; that she has very fine descriptive powers ; that her delivery was not whut fancy painted it- it baring been highly praised by brothcr quills ; and that she was eloquent and instructivo- whlch would bc more thau tlie truth. This tor the lady : ïiow apply to the lecturc tlie mensure Iald ly the side of male bipeds who set themelvcs up as public teaöhers, and it vu "stalc, flat, and unprofitablc." The meeting of farmers and fruitgrowera callea to be held at tlie Court House In this city, on Saturday last, to consider the expediency of organlzing a cooperative marketing association was uot well attuuded. The meeting was organized by electlng Hon. E. Lawbexcb, President, and Nelson Bootii, Secretar?. The discussion was quite spirited, made so by the presencc and participation of that " fjreat monopolist," David Heniung, to cut off whose proilts seemed to bc one of the objects of the movement. The meeting finally appointcd a coinmittoe toreport a pku of orgaoizatlon, con gisting of Messrs. II. Arnold, J. G. Leiand, J. D. Bakhvin, J. A. Scott, E. Lavvrence and G. D. IlilKafter whlch it adjourued to Saturday, Febraary 2Gth, at 10 o'clock A.M. We are requested to urge a general attendance of those Interested at that time. The railroad aid olcction held in Northfield, on Saturday last, resulted as follows : Aid to Railroad- Yrs 1G0 " " " No, 27 Blank, 1 8 Majority for aid, 138 The cali provides for a lo ui In the sum of $15,000, and makesWJntmorc Lake a polnt - Saline votes next, Momluy, Fcb. 28thThe following citizens of this county have been drawn as traverse jurors for the term of the United States District Court to be held in this State, commenclng Morch Ist: JAKES JOSBB, John P. Mii.i.ku, A.nn Arbor ; Danibl Q. Bojs, Uancbi Georoe C. Page, Dexter ; and Chas. II. Wallace, Saline. The weatlicr played the confidonce game on us last week, and aftér we had Riven it a puil", - for whlch no charges were made,- setting forth Ls goód behavior, and predicting similar actions for the future, it wheeled dlrectly around, and knocked our gaodwordslnthehead. It has given us i varicty since then, endeavorlng, we suppoge, to pkase all sorts of tastes. Go in, clemcnts, you ahvayi would !;ave vour offn


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