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Legal Reform: Technicalities Of Law

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Two wucks snee we ïnnde podic remnrks on lilis i irl of lic subject, ehowing tliai irjMl pro eccdings mighl be greafly impiovcd by baniAiiis trotii U8C (heyre.ilnr put of llic baibarons íísíin nid Fioncli pli asen w.ih wh'ch legal nsiiumein ibóurid: By abolishing ilio división of legnl causas foto niiinerons lochiiicnl cliiajCB, eeparaied front cacb wher often only by imin ifcriol dieunciion; By diwsing rht vwy tmrtrëtöm; tcdious, npñ '.xpinovf forríifl of plomling now pfnóliáúd in tjie bigbor rouf ts: By fibuü.-'liing the icchnicnlitics of proof now r.' niü.ins o' which rlie gruntr'st crimimls v,i;u-c gnili isgcnernlly admitific', by the liclp oí üie I. w and gr.i clonr oí punifehment, ind pioiülly wülk tl. o sircct.a, "unwlipoed of justice." in conipiatiy with lionrst nivn wliose ,iropc; ly liad bceii lieavüy tnxcd to ultcmpt to convicj tliem of cr!nie of wliicu they all btlievc t'if'ii i;i:i'iy. Biit b-sides these tedín icol nies, wbich every -cr.r w.irU a Inrgo aniount of liss mul miscliiff to crminuaity. thosu coiu:ccied with the conKitynncc oJ' Heai Estafe deserve a pnaálng olico. Real Esiotc must be conveycd by iho writin of v ords;(in;l ns many words mun bc used as are iicccssury 1o tlcurly and uvcjuicoculhj xp ess 'As inleit'mis ƒ the pnd s. All others are superflu&us. IÍ n nicrebnnt lias a sliip and cargo wortli vilO.000. or a bundred thousnnd dollars, the tiile to the wli )]c of it can be porfeeily and absohuely coiivpyed in fifty words or lr.'ss. wiihoui any legal lid wluitevor. All thnt is reqnisite is to make out a bilí of 6nlo, slnting ihe anide eo!d, the nuüii' o( the ptirchaser. the prico, and acknQwJedging pjyment iu l'ull. Tliis. signcd by theselier, wil! convfvy any amount oí personal property without the least ambi-iuitv or difiicultv.Hut how is it in tlio transfer of Real Fslntc? Thfl oíd Kiigüdli fornis liave heen copied wiili aircat txncmcps. We would like to ir.sert an English deed cnlirc, nnd an American onc in contrast to show liow cloeely onr lawyers piticri' ifter their English progenitors: bui our limits iorbiJ We wil!, Iiuwever. givo t c following c.'.ract from a "baig.'iin and sale for a yw.i" ol ; ("iirm,as !aid down a the Appendix to ihe Anicrican ecütions of Blackstone, as a mudel (cv the. use oí the American etudenis ol tlio prijfessi n: "Togeilier witn a!l and singular liouses, l.iveiiouses, barns. buildings, stables. yards, gardéns. oichards lands, lencinenii!, nieedcws, pastures, foedingá, Cü'mrrjotts, woods. iinderwoods, ways, vvafer-coiirsé?, lihliins, piivileges, profiis. ciseMicnts, comniotíiiiesi. o'dvint.tagOS, ernulumcnts. noifiJiiiinients. nnd appuncnances wlmtsuever to lie s:i:tl capital mcssiugo and larm belonging o: ;i'perluining, or wiih the same uscd orenjoyed. r neceptod, ri'puted, lukcn, or luiown. t part. parecí, or menber ihereof, or ns belqnging to the sume or any pirt t.liereoi: md dio reversión and reversion.:, reniaindor and rema.nderf, yeirly ui, i otherrents.. issues, and profiis ihereof, and qfëv ery part and parctl iherco': To Have and to Uold he siid cnpiuil messuae, lands. lénemchts', Iioreditanients. and uil a-id singular oiher tlie premisos horcin before mciuiined or intondcd (o be bargnined and eolcl. and overy part and nared , iheroo) witli thc:r mui every of tlieir righis.members, and apjiunen mees. into rhe siid Djvi.l Kdwards anci Goldiqg, tlicir exccu iors. adniinistrators and rtssigns, frpni ihe day nr.: hefbre the day of thé dtie of these preqi nt.for nnd during, and unto he ítill en 1 and letni OÍ, one wliole yx-ar froïn ihcncc next enèuiHg, ind fully to be complcted tVid ended:" Su-, dke'i -ov v.-e grnní that n íulncss of words m-lir scc:n io be neces?ary. to 8-nié extent, in deedinp nvny r. valunlileEnglish esfnte. with ni I ts m provcineiTis. nnd with privilogos of variocs kinds eslablishe.1 by cusrom, pjid appoit.rning u t&v ownership of the land. As mnnv Wflideaa MC necessniy to fully express ihc mouning of t]it pirú in'd be use 1. Dat t'ifiic is eviden ly n v;im sni:er!ibund'.?!ce hr-r fiu l,..v stands i!ic cnse practical ly rrr.on; 1 lf n business mon oí AunArbor wishes to 8o!l f0,000 "Biísheís of 'whéSt, oj 10.000 ílour birfefó lie can cfft-cMjally do it i íive minutes, in half:: dozen line-: hut if the same . inan sell otie of lus laborera a viüagc lot nvo rods square, for twenty dollars, he gocs to a lawyer. tikI a conveyanco of the premiso? ia miule out in some six oreight hundre 1 wjds. a par; of wliich will read nftor ihiá íashion: ''Tiiat :!ie said party of the first pari. Tor and in consideraron oí tlie sum of foren ty dollms to him ín hand paid by the said party of the secon'd part, tlic reeeipl whereofis liereby onfèsscd ar.o aoknowlerf.cred, has grnWcd bargnincd. sold, iemieed, released, aiiened and conrinned, and by these presems does gront bnrguin, sell, reiniee. release, alien and confirm unto t lie said party of the second part, and to Iris hoirs and assigns forever, togeihcr wirh all and singular, the heredit amentsand appurtetiances, thercunto belonging. or in any wise appertaining; and the reversion and reversious. remainder and romainders. rents. ssues, and profi sthereof; and all the es!ate,riglu, tille, and in'erest, claim or demand whatsoever of the said party of the first part, citherin Iaw or eqniiy. of. in, and to the abovc bargained premisc8, with the oaid hnreditaments nnd appurtcnances: To Have and ld Ilold ihe said premises, is abovc deseribed. with nppurienances unto the 3aid party of the first pari, nnd to his heiraand assigns forever. And ihc said party of the fi re; part, for hims-Jf. his heira. executors and adninistrators, does covenant, grant, baijain. and ngré.e, to and wtih the said party of the second part, lus heirs and assigns. that at the time of the enscalin iind tlrlivcry of these presenls fhey art well set'ed of the premises ubuve conveyed, as rtí n ír.i o, sure, absoluto, perfect and indefensibie esi;ii of inheritance in the hiw, n fee simple, and that the said Landa and premises are fiee from all incuniDranccs whatover; nnd that ihú ibove bargfiineJ premisos, in ihe quiet and peaceful poev.s9on of flie said party of ihe second part. his boira assigns'. Bgaina' all and evcry person or poisone. lawfully claiming orto claim tliewhole oi aiiv part thereof, they will forever warrant and defend." Such ;? ihe brafeet form in general use: and a legal p;actiiioncr wouM not tliink ofconveyinc twenty dolíais worth of land n fewer words, but wonld probably use a formstill more prolix. Now we subinit to the common senso'of our readers, whethcr tliis prodigious string of words is nccesáary to convoy a few dollars v.ovih of land, when ten thousand times ihe amount of property, if in anoüier sliape, could be conveyed in flvcor alx linea. Wliy not' write a Jetd ike I this: "I, A. H., of Anh Arbor. Invc this day eold ( to C. 1). of thesnmc place, lor twenty dolíars, a village lot (desc-ihïng iO tho title oi wlnch ] ' warrant to him nndh6 heirs forevor." i Does not this form. go$jl, duvCt, and ' ic8sed, expresa every thing implicd in the lcntn? ' iccd? ;8 Bui ly mean of tliis prolixily, the conveynncö of Ren! Estille is kopt 11 die hands of tho lognl pr fcs8ion: the fces of the Register are incieaeed ten fold: the troüble nnd erpense of eearching the records ís lurgdy nugji.enici'; ind iiiose who boy ilie odditional prices liove the vast sutiafactionof knowing ihat Uicir J.mds re conveyed acrording to o Ibrimila ihnt is ns oldna the time oí Williain the Conqnoror, or,, at Jeast, is o ancieimliHi '-ilie nicmory of man rünncth not 'to the contrnry."


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