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Carding The Winter Stock

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Every p&rson wlio lias long been confíiied bj siukness, or by a broken liuib, can well appreciate huw gratet'ul any gentle inotion is that makes the surface all aglow and sends the blood dancing through the veiua. Thsy fecl younger atores; a new elasticity of niusclo and fimb is imparted to them, and with that a buoyancy of mind wbich brings body and soul into ploasant harraony. Ahn llunter, the most colobrated, physicin, probably, for many ages when h told mothers of the three cardinal things to be done for infanta, viz : ' plenty of milk, pleuty of sleep, plenty o, flannel,1' did not fail to add, also, plenty of gentle frictiou. When bis three things have been supplied, nothing is obviously moro grateful to the child tban to hava the body gently exercised by frietion. Our ueat stock, in their winter quartars, are helpless in this respect, They are tied by the neek to a spot 3 by 4 feet, where tbey nre doomcd to reiuain moet of the time for months in succession. Tbey are provided with a rasp on the tongue, which is intended to subserve two or three purposes, one of vkloh is scralcldna themselves, when inalined to do so. But in their contiued position, they are deprived of this luxury, during a large portion of the time. How jrateful the privilege of lickiug is, is evident from the constant applieation ef this rasp to their f des and limbs, during tho time they are at libcrty, daily, iu thu yard. Use the card, then, at least once eaoh dtxy, on every auimal n your care, while oouficed in its winter quarters. Üce it gently, beiause a roiigh usage escoriales the skin and tortures the buast. Use it geiieL'ooaiy, not iu a hasty and grudging matiner, becauso it not only affurds comfort to the cattle, but tends to fill your oten purse ! Cardiüg tends to malie beef, because it keeps ttia skin Boft, loose and lively, and 110 bdUdaI can fatteu reauiiy uuless these conditions exist. Carding increases the flow of milk, because wlicu the skiu is'heulthy and active, the processes of digustion arequicker aud inore perfect. Carding 8ves feed, because the better the digestión is, the nutrition is extractad from the food eaten, so that the time spent iu carding is spent ecocomicnlly. Carding improves the appearanoe 01 tbe animal, so that in buying, a good judge will pay from fivo to ten per cent more for animáis whose skin is soft nuö loose, that givcs more milk, and that look as though they gotall the gooduess out of the food they eat, than for those cot possessing these qualities. Carding, theu, niakes cattle fatten faster, increases the flow of milk, saves fod der, makes them handsome, aud tbus puts money into the pocket of the er.


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