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SheriiFs Sale. Bv viRTUE of om: writ oi'Firri Pacía, ismied out of and nndcr the eealofthe Circuit Court for the Couitty Of Washtenaw, to me direct delWeredj ana i day ui' Xorember, h i L8Ö9, in favor ol Chrístian MuHer, .!iiiiL' u,v that of the goods iuirl ohattc (br want there o f, then if the tanda iuid tenen ■ Bum ol tbree hnndred and nlnety-eigl dollnrs.d?imn:,fes. mul twenty-nïne and 23-100 dollars coala ol on the'láth das of November, A. D. IS'1.-, K-vy apon, fu;iz and tukt' the followlng ■ in block three '::,) north, ranee two ('j east ; the south one (1} rod In width of lot namber live (;), in block three CS} north, range two f-) -ast ; l in widtb of lol nnmDei Cl.) in block nuinber three ('■') north i two (j) east, and tol tb ranee to the rccorded plat oí the city of Ann Arbor, County of Wasbtei "f MichIgsn, which property i ehall exposé for Bale. fit pnbhc auctVoH, tol ■ ■ Monday. tbe Uth day of Maren, A. I). 187", at 2 o'ciodk f. x. "i that day, at the soothdoorol .i ■. m ' nu Arbor, Couniy of 7ashteñaw ind ■ I, Aun Arbor, Jan. 11 tïi 18T6. 12M BYRON R. PORTER, Sheriff. Mortgagu Sale. DRFAULT havinjj b en qtaden the conrtitton of acertain -d execatedon the eleveuth day of October, A. D.T8ÖT, by i Whitmore an,d Caroline a. Wh.ttio.or el of tincity of Ann Arbor, County of Waabten State of Michigan, to Wilüam fi. Parker, Lowi . :i;n! recor I office ol the Reglaterol Deed a of Waehtenaw County aforeBaid, on the I2tfa day of October , A 1. 1867 atftJá o'clock p. M-, In Uber B7 of mortgages on : iat there i now claimed to eaid note and mo am of thirteen hundred and BÍJtty-four apilara and thtrty Beven cenU alsoanAttoi thirtj dollars shoald anj mortgage. and nopróceeaingaatlaworequity havlng been liadto recover H:iid siiin, or any part thereof; Now, thereforei ni i ice - - : Irtue of a power of sale in said moi t shaUsellat public aiiction. i I '. on Satarday. the 23dcay of April, 1870, fit 9 o'elock P. m. of said day, nt tbo iront dóór Of the Court House, in the city of Aun Arbcr, in naiil Couuly, all that certain pirco or parcel of land situated In the townsblp of Lima. County of Washtnaw, and Staieof Michigan, known, boundcd and descril d as fotlows, to-wit : the south forty acreof ihc north one hun of the northeast quartei ■■mber twenty-seven . (-7; i:i townshlpNo, two (l) south of range nuin'ber four ofis-t; s . i l forty aerea of land lies iiurtli and adjoius Jtimi .Mitciicll'-a land. Januury. 20tb WILLÏAM H. PARKER, tfortg Jodn N. Gott, Att'y. for Hortgagee. 1264 Mortgage Sale. DHF ATTLT havlng been made in theconditionsof acertain m ■ de by Natha.nlel j. Qhtea to Thomas K. Leonuro, dated the 'oth day of December, A. I). I rded on the 19tb day uf October, A. I). 1866, at ;U o'clock p. m., in the oflice of ,Vaöhtenaw Oounty, Michigan, iii Uber 86 of mortgages, on page 175, which eaid mortgage was duly aesignod by Baid Thomas F. Leonardto Qodfre; riek by ásale beariog date the Mh day of Pebruary, A. D. L507, anddulyi'ccordcdin the Keglater'a ol on the 26th day of Maren. A D. 1867, at 4H o'ctock p. .v.. in üiiur '■i ol cjii page it. which znor.tgage there ia now claimed to be dueat the d:te of this uot;';j the siun. or three huml thirty six dollars and Beventy-flvo cents, bestdeB a reasonable Auo-neye Qr SoHcïtor'fl fee pro ín said mortgage mul no snit or proceeding at Law or in equll or an y pnrt thereof: Now, tperefore, by viriun ol the power of sale ín Baid mortgage contained, andby virtueof the Btatnteln Boch case made and providcd , nctïce in hereby glven, that on Saturday, the23d day of April, next, at 10 o'clock iu tbe forenoon of thetOUthdoar of the Court House, in the city of Ann Albor, County of Washten&w and State of Mich - g Lhe place of holding the Circuit Court within sald County), there will at pnblic anction. to the hihust bulder, the pi described in said n bo mach thereof as may be neceseary to satisfy the amonnt doe onaaH mortgage, wlth interest, and costs, aud ea allowed by law; which said premlses '-ire de as follows": Lots N. ons fbar, ttvo andeight,lD block No. five, in Brown and Polier'a Addltlon to the Village, now City of Ann Arbor. In the Couuïy of Washtenaw, in the State of Michigan. Datad, Ajqu Arbor, Jan. 28th, ISTO. STUS WIDENMAlïNj Adminïstrator of the EfUitc of Godfrey D. Frederj Edwaed n. Slaws?n, Itfcorney. iï64 Mortgage Sale. DEPAVLT bavliig been made n the conditlon of acertain morttra Qted by Will:am M. Brown and Caara K. Brown, hifi wift, ol Bfai chi ïl r In theC uuty ui W&shtenaw wd ttí [ulbert, of the City of Ann Arbor, County of ashtenniw ttforesaidi on the 2Tth day ol January, a. D. 180C, aud recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for theCoaotyof ■ ;. on the 2Wh day oi Jannary, 1) .; -i o'clock i K of Baid (t)iy, in libe mortgagesj on page 199, which aaid mortgage was duly assj nimhday of Deoember, A. D. 1809, and recorded in the ofMce of the Register of Dceds of said County on tbc 13th day of i ecember. A. i) a. m., ín ■-''-■ ■ uu relfl hou' duo upon sald m i h il bond u'compauyin,Lí iho same, the aam thonsand foarhundred and ninety four dolii forty-six cents, aiso u -Utorney1 fee oí thirty do Hare should niiy proceedings be taken to forecfose eaid uiortL'a'e, and no procoedinga at law or tn eqnity . ad recover psid snm or an thereof, uow. there f ore, uotice ; . that by virtno of a power of n te In sald ■ ■ tained, I ehall Bell at pabilo anction, to the bidder, o y of April next, at ? o'clock, p bc. of Baid day, at the front door of the Conrt Ilouae. in the City vï Ann Arbor, Oounty those certain piece? or parcela of land lying and boing in : oí Manchester, ii the County of mftw and State of Michigan, known and deBcribed as the Boutheast qnarter of the northeast qunrter of secüon No. ten, and the BOOthwest qoartei of tbe DorthwoBt quartei en,in township fonr south of rango three i cordtng to the unted States survey.containin aerea of land . be the eame more ör [esA. Uatcd. Jiiuuujy üSth, lbTU. JOHN W. COWAX, John Gott, Asáiyneo of efiit; llortgage. Attorncy lor Asiguee ol" Baid Mortgage. Jü.4 Mortgage Salo. "HEFAUI.T having beeu made In tlic oondltiOn of XJ acertain m ■ catedby Lorenzo Darla, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the I4th day 1 .huu-, A. D. iüO, to Enoch James, of s:iiil City, and recorded ín the office of the Heglster of Doedi, the, -'ïtt ú .y of .'iinu,-Á. J) i vloek i. x , ín liber oO of mortga T8, on whlcb mortgage there ís claimed io be due at the data of tiiis noace, the ram of handrod and tour dollars and Beven cents, and that thejre wlll become dae apon Baid mort:': the 14th day of Jane, A. 1) 1871, the sum oi twx huiidrLNl and el$ren dollars and forty aud interest from tbc date hereof at ten per cent., beeidesthé costa and expenses of tbis foreclorfare, Isdadlng reasoaable charges for Attorney's or SolicItor'e serricps. and nosalt or proceeding it law or ii equlty havlog been tostltuted tp recover the debt, or auy part there given, that by virtue of the powef of bi Ie ín Baid m - alnedI hallsell ai public auction, to the i r i □ the 23d day of April, A. J. 1870, al 8 o'olock In the afternoon oí tlnit day, at the front door of the Court House, in the CltyofAnu Arbor. in the County of Waahteoaw, and State of Michigan, iho premlses described lu Baid mortgage, :iw follows, to-wit.: Kive acres of land in Ihe Boathwest corner of the northwest quuru-r of section aumoer thlrty-tbree, Lu township number two (2J south, in range Dtimber slz C6j east, hi AnnArb r. In n.' County ofWasn iu the State ot' Michigan being eleven chaïns and eleven links In length, eáet aud west , and cighteen rods wldo, north and e Dated, Januarv 28th, i 70. HBNRY L. JAMI'S and LYMAND.JAM] Execators of the last wlll and testament of Euoch Jamen, hite ol Washtenaw John X. Gott, Couniy, dAttoruey lor the Execntors, &.C lfiM Mortgage Sale. DEPAULT bavlng been made la thecondHion of a tain mortgage esecuted by Elias Rich to Harriet Q. AshbjTt on the tweuty-e'ghthday of September, A. 1). l.'4, recorded, wilh the power of sale then ;:i contained. ia the oiïicc of tüy liaistcr of Deeds for the Connty ol Washtenaw, in the 1 Michigan, at one O'clock p. ar., oi uth diy of September, A. 1). 1858, l Uber No. 'j! oï" mortgages on page 788, and by an instrument ol date tho twenty-fourth duy ot' January A. i. 1S65 and recorded in the ottlce of the Kegii-ttr of Deeda flforeaaid, at 8?U' o'clock p.M.,0athe d,iy ol November, A D. ïsoif, inliber 2 of asslgjia mente of, on page 8P4, duly asslgnedby i ilarriet U Ashby to Lucy A. Olds, on which mortgage there Is clalmed to be due at tliu date of t bis notice the som of twelve handrod and ten d and foor cents, principal and interest, and no snit or proceedings nt law or in chancery baving been tnstitntcd to recover the som ho due, or any part the roof, ifore, hereby eiven, that by virl the power i = r ale conl ilned ín sal . which has becoinc operaüve by the defauit aforeftald) and in pnriaance of the Btatate iu ea Bid mortgage will, af the Court House, In the City of Ann A - of Waehten:iw, and State of Michigan (thatbein ■ thep holding the Circalt Court within sala Connty) on the twenty-third day of April, A. D. 1870, at eleven o'fllook In the forenoon, be foreelosed by u Bale of tbe premisee i ■ - bstantially as rollowft: üitaato In tÜe tpwnehip - xork. In theCoonty ol Wacbteu&Wt and State of Ui tráete or nd known and described ■ Dorthwest qnarter of thesoaiheastqaarter, and the r qaarter of the northeasl fío. twenty-two t33).in township four sonth of range one other ad, arcel ol Ian II that part of the I qaarter of the southweel qnarter of Baid lection twent) two, which Hes sonth and east of the ïreat Ridge Ro:il, rnnnlng I . land, ezceptng therel ig In tbe h mtheast corner hereof, and bounded north by sald rond, easl by the and herrín describid, and soutU by laud owned by [. M. R Dated. Ann Arbor, Janear ■ I.l CY A. OLDS, Assignee of Üortgaga II. F. 0kaníi:b, Attorncy. Mortgage Sale. DKl'AULT haviui; been made in theconditionsof ige made and executed bv Gott ash enaw, and State of Michigan, to Preeman ííalpiu, wnship of Supeiior, County tr Washt . '"ii the 8d day of July, A. l. i B8Ö, aud recorded in the Reglater'a office of t üiy aforesaidt on the inii day of Ja] ■ i HberSöof is, on pago 81. and that there is now dae ] . i l apon sa) I . ■■■■ nd noto . .. elve hnndred and 'e dollars and Beyenty-seven cents, togeth'er rito a reasonable Attorney's fee proi Ided for in Baid ( . and no snit or proceeding ut law or in me, or j ny part thereof now, thereforo, notice in bjereby r ven thi e I9th duy ol -March, A. t. ISTO, at K o'clook in tbc foreooon of sald day, at c lie sout) .'■ Coart Hoi ïity of f ■ -, In B&Jd Qoonty, by vlrtue oï a power of t c Tiiaiiufd. I Bhal] Bell at public n actton, to the b I premisos described :■ il d may b ssarv to - njoant dae on Baid moi I ith interest and costa and expenses altowedby law ; . i premisas ai i folíbwsi The ast forty aeree of the wesl halfol the sonthwest n carter of Bcction namber foarteen, in tow amber vwo south, in raj -,-ist, lying c i nn Arbor, in sald County and State'. i Dated, Aon Arbor, Dsc ■ - : ■ PREEMAN P, GALPIN, j Ehwabd R. BlwtOKi Mortfrnco. for Mortgsgw, v:w


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