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Mortgage Sale. DEFiA T been made in iho eondltlons of q ■ tin mortgag i, i i B. Thompbou and AppaloUla M. Thompson, Chis wife), of the '.ri)or, Coant] ■ i iw, Michigan, ti F'r ■ , Öf the village tti IKWvd1, Cniinty tte aforesaid, and bearlng date the nith day . . D. 1806, and recorded in Ihe ortlce ol ofDeeds of Washtenaw Cónnty, in tbc a the eleven'h djiy of . l. i--.;, at futir o'dnck in the aftexnoon, iu Eiijcr ::1 "1 nrhtch wul );; was asslgned oy the r-uiu Firman a. ;. Dnnn, by au aesig ■ ■ oflice ol' the said County of on the tweuty-tvtjnth dny of Jannnry, A. J). 1808, hi Hberone ;i ! , by which defanll faifl mortgage bas become claimed to be dne (und unpaid) on - and the uut: . ■ .■ the date of , loasana foor handred and tblrty dolían elghty-nlne c-jdIs, al i'jy'i fee ui1 thirty !■ no sl: . , law or in chanceryhavlng bt en institnted t.o recover tbeeameor any part thi-iL'i, ji" notice is hereby given, that on ■■ iwiïtfthdfly of Martii, A. D. ter vi,. k ín Fbrenoon of s.-iiii day, at the soiith door of tlïe Court House, in &akl City of Aun Ariir, by virlne of a power of eaie in sald mortgaj I !-h:i:i i'ii u public aoctton, to th ■ bidder, the premlses described in said mprtgaj much thereof as may be necessary tu satisfy the duo on sald mortgage wlth interest a ■ and expenses allpwed by ïaw, the premisos d . asfoHows: Allanóse certain pieces r parcele ol sltoated in the c.y of Ann Arboi Oounty cd " Washti'ii.-iu .ui, known, boundet anti describid hh follows, to-w it : Being Iota anm bered ene tl), two f2), three '-;, foiw f-t; . and flye tb) in biock namber live '■) north óf Huron stsei range nomber ten (10J eaat, according to a recordec Ann Arbor. J);Ucd, Ann Arbor, December 13tb, I 10. AftETÜS Dl Smi.xr O. Taylor, Assiguec oí Hort gage. Attorney for Asaignee. Mortgage Sale. TJEFATJLT having been made in the condition of i U mortgage executed by Edward Eijjenhardt aL( Caroline, hU wife, to AuunsiuH Wii'uMimunn, date Jannary 2d. KS6T, and recorded In the Rcgister's office in Washtonaw Connty, Michigan, on the Mth day o January, 188T, in líber 36 of raortgages, on by whlch dcfauU the power of sale contained in aait morteage became operative, nd no proceei luw or eqtiity havinê bcpn Instltated to po ■ debí secured by sajd mortga;e or any part thcreol. and the erna of one handred and yxty-two dolían iiriuL' now ofaimed to he due upon said mortgage : notice is therefore hereby given, ihat eald n wijl be foreclosed by a sale of the preniises descriliec in Bald ir somepart thereof. to-wit : Tht folio win a desenbed land, ettnated on eection thirtytwo, in thj tuwnsbip of Ann Arbor, ïn Washtenavt ■ County, Michigan, vfz.; Begtoning on thewetsidt l seetiou, at a point 5 sonth of the northwestoorner of said sección, thenc cast parallel to t he north line of the section 1 chaini ■ and 50 links, thence north parallel to : ection íí chainsand t'G-'.; links, thence west par allel totho north line cf(the sectiön to ihe westse He, thence south 2 cbaina and 66 links to ÜM Df beginning, coutaining two acres, excoptiuf ;i rlght of way one rod in wldch on the eatit sido o the ftbove descrihed land, at public ven du c, at tht Court Honse, in the City of Ann Arbor, in saic Ooanty.on the 26th day of Febrnary neit, at non. Dit t cd December Sd, HJ8TUS W1DENMAKN, N. W. Chekvkb, Att'y. 1246 iortyage( Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT havlng been made In the conöitions of í certain ntortC8Ee made by Kichard Clinton ant i Xelson B. Nye, Executor mule: il of Charles flylarid. deccased, dftled Noyein ber the sevnth, A. D. 1866, and recorded on tlu (enth day of November, A.D I8üö, in the oillcc o toe Register of Decds for Va?htenaw Countj , Michi gao.iu ilberthlrty-seveo oj Üortgages. on page twe hundi'üd, whlch said mortgage was'diily u said Nel bod B. Nye, Executor, to Richard I Admlnlstrator wftfa the will annexed of the estáte o i baríes Hyland, deceased, by assignment datw May the eighteenth, A. D. I86Ö1 whlch aseiiinmen I was duly recorded In ihe Regieter's Office af t'.i :lf.h day of November, A. 1). I8jö9, iu libel two of Ásttignmentfl of HortgageSi on pas handred ;iik1 twenty-fix. uuon whtob morttratre then tsno ■'■ claimed tobe due tfie snmjof three handred an seventy-five dollars and nine cents, besMes the sun: óf thirty dollars as au Attonu-y'a or SoHcltorffl tw provlded for in said mortgaee ; and no suit or pro broceeding having been insututedat iaw to recpyei Ekesumno uted by said morternire, oi noy part thereof ; Now. therefore, by virtnu of tht power of sale cont&Ined In said mortgage, and bj viriue ot statute iu eucli case made autt provided, notice is hereby elven , that on ïüaturriay, tho nine teenlh day of Feuruary next. at 12 o'clock. noon, o that dart at the soath door of the Ooart House, in m::i Arbor, County of V. of Michigan (being f holding the Circuit Court wttbtn saia Couinvj, inore wi.i at public anction, to the highest bidder, the premisei described in saidmortgage, ir so mach thereof af may be necesaary to satisfy the amount due on said ntortg&ge, wlth Interest and cobts, includingan attor ney fee ofthlrtj dollars : aforasaid. which eaid premlses are described as follows: The northcasl pai i í lot pnmoer Üve in block two north of Hnroi street, range three, aocordiug to tle recorded plat ol oow city) of Ann Arbo, Michigan, commencing at the noraeasl .:.! lot and block and running south elhteen feet, theuce weit sixty! teen Peet, thence sastslxty six feet ;o the place of besJUmïng. Also thsbrlckwall standing near tbc sotuh line oi said Irtnif. DatedNov. 23d, I245td VHD BZAHAN.Asrignee. ÜMortgage Sale. DEFATTLT having been made in tho condition of a certain mo ted by Minerva Da%-la ;ml Lorenzo Darls, of the City of Ann Arbor, C ■Huw. and State ol . on the21st day , City of Ann Arbor aforesaid, and recorded in the er'sofilce of said County of Washtenaw, on uD. 1861 I ■y, íu líber íí? of morteages, on page tns, on which mortgage there ia claimed to be Stic at the date of this notice, the euva of two hnndred and Curty-iive dollars and tweutj-seven cents, At torn shonld any proceedinga be taken to foreclose the samo, and u uitor dlngs at law or eauity haylns been Instltoted to recover the debt of any part thereof; Notice ia hereby given that liy virlue uf the pover of ale iu stfd mortffage contalned, l shaJl se at public anctlen, to the highest bidder, on the 19thdayof PebraaryA. ï, IWÖ, at 2 odoch in the iiïernooo of that day, at the frout door of the Court House, m thu Ulty ot" Ann Arbor. in the County Of Washtenaw and State qI' ilicbiiíun. tlie premisee deseribed in sald mortgage, as, i rtaln tract oi usrcel of lmi sitnated In the City of Ann Arbor. Coanty and State aforesaid, known bminded and descrlbea us ws t-t-wit: cmmenclng at the suuthwe$t ernerufjó ntimbcr elght C8 tn block nnmbertwo (2) south t Qnron etreet.and range numbei - In Dan forthand WU8on8 Aadirion to IhoVÜlago uf Am Arbor, thence running east on th tuth Hne of sai lot elghty links tu a stake standing on said line inortherly parallel with the west UnecH sa) lot to a staice standing i-n the north line 'f said lol thence west "iï said north line eighty links to th northwest corner "f said 1"U thence soather]y on th west line of sai 1 1' i to the place f beyianing. November 26th, 18W, LOUIS A J. TICENOR, Erecntrli of the last wjïl and butament of Darius Doug'asö, deceaeec Jouv N. Gott, 1245 Attorncy fir the Executrix. Mortgage Sale. W HEREJES, John Harria and Mary Harrle, hi ■ ■. ol the City of Ann Arbor, Coui enaw, and State ofMlcblgan, on th dayof September, 186T,ezecateda mortgag to Will lam H. Parker, of Lowell,Massachufetts, [o secnre the payment of certafn principal and I moneya therin menüoned, which mortgage was re corded in the office of the Register of DeedV tn sal( Connty,on theüSd day oí September, A. 1. 11 'i o'Ii:'k A. M of said day, ïn llber 37ofmoit gagos, on page 651; and, whereas, Ucfuult bas beei formorethan thirty days in the payment o au installment of said Interes! noney wbich becamc du e on the thirteeuth day of September 1S(JS, b roason wheret)f, and pnrsnant to the terms ot' paÍí mortgage, eaid mortgagee hereby elects that so mooi of said principal as remalns nnpald with all arrear ■ Interest thereo&i shall become due and pay . thêre is claimed to be duo uud uupaid on said mortgftgè at the ' tblsnoti n hundred and slxty-foui dollars for principal and interest, alto an Attorney's feo of thirty dollars should any proeeedings be taken to foreclose smd mor.(gage. and no suit or proceed . Ulier in laworequity to recover the same or any part thereof; No therefore hereby given, that on the nlneteentb daj Of Febrnary nextf at two o'clock in the afternoon at the front (ïoor of the Court House, in the City o Ann Albor, being the building iu which tlit: Circait Court for said Coanty U held, and by virtue of the power of sale contained In sAd mortgage, Ishal public auction, to I bidder, the premlses described in said morage to satisfy the amount ofpilnclpal and interes! above claimcdasdue wlth the charges of snch sale, Uisnrance and un At fee iï thirty dollars, the foliowing deland, altaated in tas city of Ann Arlxw, ty of WajBhtenaw and State of Michicran aforeaid, known, bounded and described as foiïows, to-wii : loi number ibnr. C-ij in liower s Addition to i of Aun Arbor, accordipg to the recorded plat thereof, November 26th, 1RR9. WILLIAM K. PAIÏKEU, Mortgagoe. JoflS N. Gjit, AtL'y. for Mortsec. l&f&td Ileal Estáte for Sale. STATB 0? MICHIGAN, County of Waahienaw, es. In the matter of the Estáte of Qannab Browning, deceased. Notïcc ia hei bat In pnreuance of an order grante-t to the undertined AchniniBtrator dtbonis om o ■■eaeeil, by the Jlon. Jmlgc of Probate for the Coanty of naw, on the twenty-foorth day oi Jánuary, a. I). 1870, there will be sold at punUc vendne to the bidder, at the dwelllng house ontheprem : : ■rih.'d, in the Oounty of VViisliLi-naw, In éaldSlate, on Wedneeday, the sixleenth day oi Maich.A. I 1ST0, at teu o'clock in tho fbrSDOOnof that day, (subject ttj ui] encumbruncea by morteage ' at the time of the death of eaid d) tho foliowing described reaJ estáte, vlzt thwest quarter f the southwest qaarterof el gb teen, in township Four sonth of range sevcu east, coutaining forty acres more or less in sald Slnte. Dated, January 24th, A. D. lRLKS G. WHEElRf 1SM Eilnlstrator dtboni non. Estáte of Ezra Houghton. QTATE OF MÏCIHO AX, County of WAshtenaw.a o At a session of the Probate Court for the i wf Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Oflke, In th Mty of Ann Arbpr, on aConday,the seventhday of Febroary, In the year one thoosand elght hundred mi Be) i Present, Hiram J.Be . of Proba te. In the matter of tht; Bstate of Bxra Iioughion, On readingaod fillng tho petltlon, duly voriiïed, oi .. Boughton, prayfng Ihat he may be apc or oí the estáte oí sald doceased pon U Is erdered tlmt tfonday tl ■nth day of March, next, at ten o'cfock in the örènoon, be assigned for the hearing of said in, and that the heirs at law of BsJd deeeaeed, ind :n. other persons interested in ,rr reqotred t i]]i':ir ;it :i sesslon -. hen to be holden at tho Probate Omce, in the City oi Inn Arbor, and If any then trayer of petltloi lot hè prantod:- ítfvrúur uniereú. thatsald pettuonei lotice to the persons Intereeted in f the ofsaid'petiüon,ánd tnehearln thereof, by of thifl order to be published in the .írv.% a newspaper printed and ctrcnlathig Jounty, three snecessieweekfl previo tistosaifl UI RAM .1. UKAKKS, Atrnecopy. Judc of Probate I266td ' ' Estáte of Samuel J. Freeman. SATK OI-' MI CU IOAX,Couiityif Wahtenaw,es. mof the Probate Court for tbeConnti ofWashtenaw, holden at Lhe Probate Office, in the City of Aun Arbor, on Tuexduy. the eitfhth day imry, in thcyear onc thousaud eighthundred venty. Present, Hiran JB.Qa.s;eflJndge of Probate. Iu the tuut ter of the e3tate of Samuel J. Freuman, ped. On readlngsndflllng the íUion.dnly verifted, of, W Hilara Qeor, praying that a certsin tnstrunieut Bów on file ln tbis Conrt, purporftiiig tobe the last wlll and test iay be udiuitted . to probate, nml ihat he may bc uppointcd fcole. ■ ■■ hereoC It in Ordered, that Mondny, the ev1 :y oí March next, at ten o'clock fn the fbrenoon, ihearlngofsaid petltton,and i'rirs al luw of naid GdandallotherpersonsJntgrestedlnsaJdestaM are roqalrcd to appear at a iaid Court then tobe holden al the ProbatE Office, in the city of Aan , Arbor, and show canse, ifany there be, whytheprayei ; ol the pettttoner shoutd not be granted: Anditia furttrorordercd, that said petitionergive notice. to thq pérsonsinterestedln vd esiate, of th; p'eñdency oí : 8aidpetition,nnd the b ar Ing thereof, by cansfnga, ol thia Ordei to be publiuhed n the Micktya f Argut, n newspaper prlnted and MrciiMiUng Uaafc 1 coiiMty. Utree auccetjsive reeks prerlotu to saidda . ol hearing. ; CAtraecopy.) niRAM .T. heakes, 1260 Jndeeoi Probate. Estáte of Th mas White. [ QTATB0FMICHIOAK,0omiTTOFWA8HTD(Awtej ! 3 Atascssion of the Probate Court for the Countj Ol Wash'emiw, holden ai the Probate Oiliee. in tht city of Aun Arbor, on Saturdny, the flfth dav oi Feornary, Ln the yew one thousand eïght huu, dred and uevi nty. 4 Presen t.ilii-jim.r. Beakes.JadgeofProbsto. In the matter of the Estáte of Thumas Wnlte teed. William Checvcr, Administrnior of said estáte tuto Court and representa that he is now prepnred tö reuder nis iiual account as such Administra" tor. ThcrcMipou it is Ordered. that Mondar, the sev enth daj of March next, at ten o'clock in the fon uoou J be sjurigned for examinlng and allowlng snch ac count unüthat the heirh ai law of saíd deceaaed, and 1 all other persons Interested In said e.-tatc, are re. ■ quired to apncar at n pension of tuiri Court, then t 1 be holden at tbc Probate Office, in the City of Am ■ Arbor, iu said County, and Show cause, if an J there be, why the eaid account should not be aí ■ cl: Aiul :i ts fiuther ordered, that fraid Admin3 Istrator gtve noticc to the persons interested ii ■ BSid estáte, of lhe pendency of said account, and th hoariiiL' thereof by cftoslng a copy oJfthis Order t be piftjlished Ln tli Michigan Argut a iiewtnapei '. printed and circulatinL in said County, three suc cessive weeks preyloofl to s;üci day oí hearing. (Atrnecopy.i IIÏKAM J. BEAKBS, lü-6td Judireof Probate. Estáte of Keiron Costello. 1 CTATEOKMICIIIGAX, Connty of Washtenaw ss l ü Ata sesston of the Probate Oeiirt foi tha County 1 of Washtenuw. holden at lhe Probate Office, in "tht " cïfy of Ann Arbur, on Satnrday, the ÜMh day of Feb. in the yeaj oue thousaiïd elght huudred anc 3 eeventy. Preseut Iüram J. Benkes, Jndge of Probate. In the rauticr of the Estáte oí Keiron Costello, Jr 1. deer; -1 On readlns and filtng the petition, duly verifted, of John Oostelfo, praying that a certaïo iitstrumt-nt novi on file ln thls Conxtt pnrporting to be the last will and testament ofaalddeceasedmay be admitu-d te - probate, and that he and John U. Evarts muy bc api ■ Ltors threof Thereupon it is ordered, That Monday, the sevn enth flay oi' March next, at ten o'clock iu the forel noon. be aesigned for the hearing of said petición. r and that the "iegatees, devlsces' and heirs at law i . eaid deceased, anti all other persons iLterestedin said e, are required to appear nt a nessiou of said f Court. then to bc holden at the Probate Ofllce, in the . City of Ann Arbor, and show canse, it" any there be, j why the pvayer of the petltloner should not be granty cd : Amiitid furt her ordered, that said petluonei , iiïve notice to the persons tnterésted ín said estáte ol f the pendency of eaid petition, mul the hearing there1 of, by canslng a copy of this order to be publihec t in the ;; newspaper printed and cir. , cnlatiug in eaid County, three stiocesaive weeks prer vloua tu atd day of heaj I s CAtruecopy.i hikam J BEAKES, I2atí Judge of Prubae. 1 Eitate of Benjamin Avery. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtcnaw, ss. At a aession of the Probate Court far the Countj e of Washtenaw. hokten at the Probate Office in the ■T Arm Arbor, on Wedueáday, the ninrtoentb f diy of Jauiuiry. in the year one thouuudcight huu, dred andgeventy. Preeent Hiram J. Heakes, Jude of Probate. f In the matter of the estáte of Benjamin Avery, [ deceased, Q randen ï. Avery and William D. Avery, 1 AdmJuUtratots q said estáte , come into Court and i represent that they ave now prepared to reuder their 1 ihial accounts as euch Ad ministra tors. 3 Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday. the twentyí elghth day oí Vebrnan next, at ten o'clock in the l forenoon, be asslgned for examinins and allowtng r.cuunt, and that the heirs at law of taid de[ ceased, aud all other persons interested in said estáte t are required to appear at a sessíon of sald Court. i theu to ho holden at the Probate Olïïce, in the City ol f Ann Arbor, in said Coanty, and sho-W ennso. if any - there be, why the said account should not be allowed : : And it is furt her rdered that eald A dmmift trators - gire notice to the persons loterested in eaid estáte, - of the pendency of aid account, and the hearing i thereorby causing a copy of this order to bepubn newspaper pnnied and circula tin in sald Coonty, three BDCcesslve weeks previous to said day of hearing. (A truecopy. HIKAM J. BEAKES, 12SS Jnde ol Erobate Estáte of Lucas Kittel. 1 CTATE OP MICHIGAN, County of O At asesslon of the Probate Courtforthi-iNninty ofwashtenaw, holden ai the Probate Office in the city of Aun Arbor, on Fr'tday, the tweiity-eitjhtu day of January, iu the ycarouc thcuamd elght nondred and seventy, PreecntjBlram J Beakes, Judtre of Probate. In the matter of the eetale oí Lucas Kittel ; dcoeased. On reading and fiüpgthe petition, duly verified,ol ThomaH Kittel, praying thHt Bmanaél Hann may be ited Adnunlstrator uf tho estáte of said de:. ïheronnon it is Ordered, that Monday. the twenty-elghth day of Pebruary next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, bc assfgned for the hearing of , etltlon. and Lhat the heirs at law of saiddeceased, and all other pereonslnterested in said estáte., are reqni red to appear ut aaeasiouof eaid Court, then to be holden m the Probate Onice, in the City of Ani) 'fftndshow canse, tfany therebe,whytue prflyel of the netittoner shouhl not be granted: Andi'tia furt her ordered, that said petitiouer give ïmtire to Uje pexsonc tnterestedin ftid estáte, of the pendency o) laidpetition, and the hearing thereof, by causiuga eopyofthis Order to be published in the Michigan Anvs, a newspaper printed and circulaiingin said County. three successivc weeks previous to said day of hearing. (Atruecopy.J HIRAM J. BEAKFS, Judce of Probate. Estáte of Gilbert howers. CTATKdFMlClIKiAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. O At a session of the Probate Court for the County ofWashtenaw. holden at the Probate Office, inthe ■ f Anu Arbor, on Thursday, the thirteenlU day "f Jariuary, ln the yeur one thousand eïght hu ml red and seventy. Present, ïliram J. Beakes, Jndjre c;f Probate. Iü the matter of the efitate 'of Gííbert Sliówersy deceased. On reading and flllng the petition dnjy verlfled of . '"'inibun. Administrator wïth the wiU annexed of said deccaeed, praying that he may he, licensed to e?ll certain real catate wherepf eaid deceased dled setsed Then uponltis Ortlered, that jjionday, the twentyelgbthday ofFebruar?, next, at ten oclock ln the forenoon, bc affiigned for the hearing of said petilJon, and that the ! d aeiia at Iavofsal4 deoeased, andall other persons inu-reí-ted in said es. te q o Ir e d to appearatasessionof said Court be holden at the Probate Office, ln the city of '-ior, and showcanse, ii any there be,wby the petttfoner should not bc granted; And it is furtherordercd.that su'ni petitiouer give noluterested in sala estáte of the pendency of sald pelftlon, and the bearlne thereof, by CAüsing copy ol'tliis Order to be published ín tho ewspaper printed and circulating iu sald county, fonr uccessive weeks previout to sniil dar of heaviaï. (Atrnecopy ) ' IIIRAM J. BEAKES, 13Mtd Judffeof Probate. Estáte of Mary E. larsons. STATE ar MICHIGAN, County of Wasutenw, se. At a session of the Probate Cooxt fortheCoumy of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office iu the City of Ann Arbor, onThurrday, the twenty sevccthday of. Jannary, iu the year oue thpueaud eight huudred and &c Present, Hira J. Beakes, Judge of Probate. ln the inattór uf me Estáte of Uarj ü. Pursona, deceaspd. On roadingand ftllng the petition, duly veriiled, o{ Tuomas S. Banford, pra}]ng that a certain inetrument now on flle ln this Cönrt, purporting to bc tho last wlll and testament of eaid deceasedt may be admltted to probate, and that he may beappuinted soIq Bzupútor thereof 1 ired, that Monday, the twenty-ftrst duy ofPebTDATy next, t ten o'clock in the forcnoon, be assïgned fQf the hearing of said petition, anc] that the legatees, ilivia1? and heirs at law of eaid de . a&daU other persons Intereeted Ln said estáte, are requlred to appear at a sesiou ofisaid Court, theü to bc holden :it the Probate Oflice, in the City of Anri Arbor, and show cause, Ifany there be, why the prayer of thepetlüoner should not be granted : Andit Is" rtirtherqrdered thfttssidpetltlonerglTenotice to the persona Inteiested in saiaestato, of the pendency of. snni petition, and the hearing thereof, by causing a' copyoftbis Order to be pnbllshedin the Michigan Arffto) a newspaper printed and clrcnlattng in saia' Oounty, three snccessiTe weeks previous tosaid dajf1 of hearing. Atrnecopy.) IIIRAM J. BEAKES, l04td Judc ofProbale. Estnte of William Rookmaa. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, County of Waehtenaw, nar O ai a 1 ession of the Probate Court for the Countyof V:i"htenaw, holden at the Probate office in the city of Ann Arbor. on Monday, the tweiity-fourth day of January. iu the yc&r une thousaud eight ïundrod and seventy. Present, Hlrapa J. Beakes, Jndge of Probate. In tho muttcrof the estáte of Wilüam Kuckmac, deceaed. ory, Administrator de bonis non wlth the will annexeo of said deceased, comes into ïonrt and represen) that he is now prepared tó ■ender hla ftiuü account as snoh Admlnistratori and traylng ihat a decree of dlstribntion be sade, and lint s.míiI estáte be elosed. . iliat Monday, the twenv-iirsi - ruary nest, a( ten o'clock in he forenoon ■ Inlng and al. . and I !':i' I b j tegatees, de.l" Bald lèceasedi and all other persons Interesten lp Bftid estáte, are re . ir ;it a session of ' iv Court, then to Bed, ■-' thfl City of Ano oúnty, and slio.v muse If any there be, vliy sakl accomu ghouJJ not be allowed : And it ia átrator give noticc Interested ln so4d ebtate, of the peuit, anti the hearing thereof, by auslng u eopj of this order tobe pnoUshedin the , ;i newspaper printed and circulating tonnty, three, suecesslre weeks previous tó 1 CA truecopy.) IIJRAM .T. BEAKBS, Judi;e of Probate. Goto R. W. 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