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The Hormons havo stolen the march on their Gentilo emancipators by passing n their Territorial Legislatura an ast allowing all women to vote, wbich will be followedj of course, by oue allowing all wctnen to hold office. This is intendcd to head off the Cullora bill, and to show boyond a doubt that the Mormon women are nndcr no constrnint Brigbam Young, so long as his wives continuo to agree with hira in politics, will practically cast soine fcixty votes, nnd the other saints n proportion. Not a bad stroko for Bngham. Ho can ncw discourse with extremo unetien upon the superior freedom of Mormon ladies over tbat of their üentile sisters. Mormon missionaris can now hold forth a new atlraction to win converts to their advancing Zion. Every woman cao have a vote and a man, and every man can have as many wives - ergo, as many votes- as he deeires. What freedom can be more cornpreheusive 'i we blush to ask. Wliat recognit'ion wül the regjilar Woman Suffrage party of the straijrht ticke' give to this uew reiuforeoment ? Brigham has made forty tboaeaod women voters in a jiffy, whilo the eloquent Susan, the caustio Klizabeth, and the sarcastical Lucy still picad in vain for the power to cast a solitary ballot. Vörily, lliey tlmt woi'e last havo bucome first, and of all the tyrant men, ho tha.t was most tyrannical has done tho thii g. How presumptaoua !- Chicago Tribune. AmüKICAN " ClIEEK " AND ItS RkWAKD. - Tho Jaropean Mail has tho following : We le;ru froni a Frcnch paper that tho Countil l:as altraoled to Konio not ouly pielates but ladies from all countrics. Thi-su la-it are tlio mest persevering when they oun upproach thj Pope. At a publiu audience in oame an American lady. She gut an ormful of rosarios blessed. " Is that all ?" taid ihe chief of Catholicity, patit-ntly. " ïopr photograph, Holy Fathtr, I bcg." " Here it is. What more do you want ?" " Your name at the foot of the carie." Pius IX. hftitated. lic did not liko it, but the spirit of sacritice came to his aid - ho rc8incl hituíclf; he signed tho card. " Have vou another favor to asfc ?" " Holy Fatber, givo me thu pen ! with wliich you wroto your autograph." Tliis time the excellent old man lost all püliuice. " Herc, madam, take tho penholder, ar:d - take t!ie inkstund als ■." Tlie American ludy wrapped all up in an ! old ncwspajinr, opened lier t a eling Lag, put n the spoil, and departed wilb a low curtsey.


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