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Weakness Of Men

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lhe wcakest tinngs I know of on earth j are men. You cuu wind them arouucl your fineer and back agnin, and never once pupposc that tlicy have backbone 'm will of thcir You oan wlieedle tb e ui itito comiuiiting the most absurd follies, the silliost extravagacces, the most perniciouB decds. They will yield to gamblino-, wlien they know it Icads to deaih. They will bc duped irito Wall Street speculations, altboug'i vietims stare at them from j every corner. They cün't resist an iovkation to srnoUe or drink, although perfectly well awiire tlmt it lends ihem on to pbysioal ruin. A s'ran;e vnman wilh a pretty pair of eyes will lure thein i H'.vay fn m home, froni sweetness, frott pnrity, froni love, from hoaven, down : to a haunt of sin, of shauie, of pollution, j of danination. j stood wilh a dear old friend at a refrcsliinent-tüblo on lust New Year's day. j Tbroe or f )ur kinds of wino gleumcd from iis many decane-s. "You don't di nk wino, I siippoÜÊ," I j said. "At least I hope you do i.ot " "No, I do nor," hu replied. "1 can ! be quite social uithuut ii. U..t it U very hard to refuta it whe.n oíleied bv f.:ir ycuní handí. ' "I cnni ot undtrstand that," I said. I "What I b'liove is uot good for me, ; ueither right for me to do, it ij uot dillicuit fui' ino tu abstuin from." 'Yes, uiy dcar, but you do not know what power a beautiful woman luis over 1 a oja(" !:e replied, ■'Uut I know how a woman, beautiful i I or not, admires titrength in meu and tamns wenkijoss. If I wero wine ' buucheu, I could not help adiniring lhe uia:i nlio refused it far abovo llio man who aceeptcd the glass they cali so teiuptlóg." "The superior Rtrength ofnicn" is undoubtpdly the oldest ''joke" on record. ' Itis within a juke, lor tlio joke of it i that so fuw huve suspected tho sir casiu in it, oud o f'ow even now see the "poiüt." The penple, the priosta, the great editors, tliu high 1'hLiiisees, and all the grciit Moguls kIio hnve an oye out for tho public good, tremblo froni their boots up for "nut wives ai:d daughters" when the surfiico of 80c:ety is ripplcd Our nives and dnug'iters, fowooth ! That is upuu the piiüciple, 1 suppose, of t&kJDg cara of the pemiles, and tho dollars will take care of tbcQ:s ]vcs ! Our husbauds and sous are si:c-h piüars of Btrength, so uíterly mpervious t: evil iufluenoes, 6U2li u-ighty Wísrriors for truth and rightcousqess, so coniplelely encased in the panoply of virtue, that no Larra can come to them ! Is that it ? Or are til' y such f-in-bronzed o'd repróbales that ouly a doub!y-dyeu Di imc ccu atrike tlir'jugh the lag] eoati;g 'i And thcii what cowards they are ! Tboy cönimit suicide, run awny, fcin ' ioraniíj, n'urdcr, shoot carh other in tbe ' back, itsal up in the rear and knock ' tbtii' brothei-s down, commit forgeries, and a huadred other uaderhanded deeds, ' because t!iey have not the courage to i face tbe truth, and stand by it, uo nintter what comes. And then the jenlousy of "our men !" That of wonian is not w be compared vv;lb it; tliey feem ncvtr to have pro gresed IV.rther in grammar than to learn fuily th declensions of the perpendicu ar pronoun. Aman can't look at his ncighbor'n clothcs-linu without nídhiOg ; the risk of having his ncighbjr's bullí t whiz through bis body. And then the seiKsitivene-s of the sex to tvhut the piipers say oüout tnein :-llearth and Home.


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