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A Pair Of Them

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A gentlemriri iu llhodo Islind isbless ed witb fuar littld boya, tho oldest of whoin are twins. lío also has n hisgar den a dwarf pear tree, which blossomed last year, and bade fair to bring to níaturity six or eight fine pears. Ho naturaliy fel t (juhe anxiuus that tbey 3hould Dot be molested uutil they should ripcu. One day, when he was goiug away with Iiis wifc, t was dccided to ieave the boys at home with an aunt. He called tho twins (who were about four yeare oíd), and tüld thom thcy must not piok auy of the peíirs. Upon his return he raissed one from the tree. Caüirjg the boys to bim, he aslied i hem f tbey bad picked anj. - Odo of them, who at 6uoh times was by oummon consent spokesmaD, replied, "No, thir; me shake de tree and him drop oñV' Not wishing to punish thetn, tbe father talk'íd lo ihem, telling them they ought ni)t to have shaken the tree, aud let them go. A few days after he was again gning away, aud told them they must not piek tho pears nor shako tbe (ree. Upon his return he repaired to tbe tree, and to bis surprise he found one pear hanging by tho ftern, and carefully eaten entirely around the center nearly to the middle of tbe core. He was disconeerted and vet amused ut the ingenuity displayt'd by the boys in their efforts to dodgd hia instruutious, at;d calliiig tbom, bo asked tlie:n if they had picked ar.y peais. "No, thii," taid tbe spokesman. "Did you shake tho tree 'i" "No, thir." "Well, whatdidyoudo?" "Me bite bim to huo if bo was wipe, and ho was wipo "


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