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New Kind Of Paper

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A new kiod of ptper. spccially adaptod for various kinds of clotliing, has been invented m England. lioth aui mal and vegetable malcriáis aro cuiployed in its production, the latter beiug New Zealand il:ix, jute, liemp, and cott'!i, aud the íorincr wool, sñlk, skins, eto. 1 inat-terd are reiluced to a pulp and bleaelied, and then íulted in npproiiriate máchinery. Tlie mixture of tbese materials gi es a paper of ex'i'aordinnry pliaucy, flexibility, mid sírcngtli, wliLh uiay bo sevvn us ca-ïily os woven fabrica, aod inake as Btrong a suain. AmoDg thu articlcs ïuadc of thu paper are (jiiilts aud t:ib!e elnihs, st.tinped j wi;h patterns oí' greut beauty, córtalas, kIiíi ts, and v:iriu9 other articlos of dress ; I a very good iinitalion ol leather is mauc of it, of wbick funmurc ooveriugs and eyen shoea inay be made. The test may I be rcndeied waterproof by thu introduo! tion of oils and Iudiiir. rubber.


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