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A New Semiramis Coming

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Frenoh newspapers announce, anc those who know the Empresa Eugenie have no rcason to doubt it, tlmt tbe new Semiramis is wstchiug the first opporturiity to pay a visit to New York Washington City, and even St. Louis, Sbe needs friends everywhere. She ex pectB to niake aorao hure. She enchaotod the Turks and Egyptians, and she hopes to captivato the Yankees and West' erners. If the Emperor only lives onc year more, she will be in our midst and npen the PolouaUe with our Mavor or vvith the Pn-sident of the City CounciJ, f ho is n presentable man. She was not well received by the favoriie wifo of the Multan. The Valida Sultana - mother of tho Sultan - disliked her ulso. The idea of a man ied woman traveling aoross the continent, in company with so niauy meu, and without her husb::nd, seeined horrible to the old fogyish Sultana. She also found it revolliug that the Sultan humiliated himsolf before an infidel woman of the Oocident by going to m 'et her on board her ship Uut Eugenie mcant to broak t'r e oriental pride of the Sultana by the samo moans with which she had so ofteu humiliated many cf the most Fpirited Parisians. She visited her four times in ono day, and appeart-d every time in si. oh a gorgeoua aml eutirely ncw costume, that the or ontal mind of the Sultana gave wav, and thoy at last parted as fiieuds. Never before had dress exerciscd such power. The pride of tlie Orieut wüs vanquished by a Paris milliner. Why should she not perform with a thousand times better bucloss here ? The public hero will have fur fecr prejudioos and approhensioDs, and as i-he has a "Jiuropean reputation," she will undoubtedly raake a good thing of it. She is reported to have taid, soon aftur her marriagu with the Emperor, "Now jou do the befooling and baujbonzling for tho men ; I will take charge of the vvomen. I will pluuge theni iuto such an ocean ot luxury as wiil make them ferget to kick back os nllow thcir husbauds to do it." Now, just thiuk cf it ! llcre we are in a country where we can enjoy all tho ndvaotages of her Majesty's plunge baih without sny of tho poliücal eoiisequencc8. No fcar of Dr ladies kicking, audiflhey d;d - ivhat matter? What is Napoleon to us, r we o Napoleon '! Thereforc, ladies, jpen wida your arms, and wider yet i our doors, to leccivc with all duo hon)r and eclat the world renowned Iiuicrial - milliner ! If ever the new Seniratnis comes to our shores, f-how her vliat American womeu are, with and vitliout the Bssistanoe oí a dressaaker. - Missoitri Iltpiib'ican.


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