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A certain minister of the Methodist church hfld a stm, who returuid fro 1? Hclmol k few niDiitlis sinoo with a reporof suholfrrship bclow the average. ''Wél)," said liis father, "you've fallón behind tli is month, have you ?" "Yes, sir." 'IIow did tlst hoppen:" "Dju't know, sir." The fattior knew if tho Fon did n t. He h:id obserred a nunribt;r of dime novéis ecattered about tho house ; but had not thouglit it worth while to Fay anylhin unlil a ütting cpportunity should offer itsolf. A basket of apples stood up n the fioor. And he snid : - "Empiy out ihose apples and take the baeki t ;ud briug it to me half full of chips." Suspecting nothini, tho snn obeyed. ' And uow,'1 he contiuued, "jmï those apples back into the basket." hen half of the apples werc rcplaced, the son s:üd : "Father, they roll offy I can't put iu any more." "- ut 'era in, I teil you." "But, father, I cau't put them in." "Put them in ? No, of course you con t put tbem in. Do you expect to il 1 1 a basket half' full of chips aud then fill it up with a basket full of applos ? - You said you didu't know why yoa feil beliind at schooi ; and I wil! teil you - Your mmd is like tliat baíkút. it will uot hold inore than so much. And here you've been, the past month, filling it up with chip dim- dime nosels .'" The boy turned on bis heel, whietled, and said, "rhew! I see tbepoint." Not a dime novel has beon seen ia the house from that day to this.


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