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The Fate Of The English House Of Lords

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n cannoi De long pciore me llouso ot Lords liuds itself lace to face witb the new revoiutioa, bringiüg with it cliangt whicb. it will be as die for it to opposo as it was for Canato to attempt to keep back the rising tidc. The (iemand for popular govcruuient will roll on agaiost it like an cverwbelming wave, compelling it to go wiih the cuirent in order to avoid destructicn. As a legislativa char.iber it will certainly bü lemodoled, perhaps altogether aboüshcd. If a secoud ohainber should bc retaincd at all, it will in all probabiüty take the shape of a salíate, whoso raembers will ba elected for life froun amoDg candidates ro'ying on their persoaal merits, uot oo iheir aristocratie birtí), for election ; and to wliom the iiation, looking upon thcm as a body of true coucselors - a body of really "potent, gravo, and royerend seigniois" - could safely intrust rulir.g poyvciï, The giorv of the House of Lords is departed. As it atands at preseut it is a mere pageant, a relie, un huachronism, an obsolete rerauant of the oíd feudal sj'steti]. The masses have takcu eare to ronder ,i impotent fur evil, though at the same tiir.o they have renderod it impotent íor good. ]?ut for a certaio conservativa element in the natioual character, it Wiiuld ere this have been abolished formally, as it has for sonie years been aboüshcd virtually. It has been relained n lorm inuch on that same principie which gives to men and womeu a teudeney to preservo relies of bygone days, wliich, though cumbersome and useless, they have neverthele.53 uot quite the heart to destroy. - March number of Lippin:ott'í Magazine.


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