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Liberty Meeting

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At n meeting of the Liberty Party held at Ilamb'.itgh village,June, 23th 1845, the (bllow. ing gentlemen were nominated to represent this County at the State Convcntioji lo meet at Marshal the Oth of July next: C. Cowlam, E. F. Gay, William H. Roeenkrans, Garrit Houghtelinjr. John R. KeeJcy, (substituto for E. F. Gay.) James Burnc-tt, (subsliiute for II. Roeeukrans.) Hannibal Lee, (snbslitute for G. Iloughtel ing.) Ieonard Noble, (substituto for Cowlam.) Also the 'jentiemen wcie nomina ted to represent this County at the Sonntoriol Convention to meet at Ann Arbor. on the 4thJuly, 1815. Isaac Smith, Hannibal Leo, Green O;ik. Willintn W. Rosankranf, Alonson Whecl er, Jamos Biirnett, Hamburg-. E. F. Gny, Dr. IJuntinglon, IIowoll. Norman Gilbcrt, Joscph Abel, Pincluíoy. Jason Clurk, Green Onk. TJjo foilowing genllemon vvere njtpoinfcd Counly corresponding ci.tnmiltoe: E. F. G)y, M. Wheeler and VV. Rosenkrans. ït wus voted tliat ihe proceedings of tliis meeting bc publiáhed n the Signal of Liüorty. E. F. G Y, Ci.a'n. MONSON WHEELER, Sec'y.OC The Boston Chronicle says of Uio proceediugs of the Cinciunati Conven-ion: "YVe like ihc spirit of ihe Convenlion, and of thc rrsnlnijiuis. Ilnd we beorí Ihere to Miggcst any iliinnr ín nddition, it would have been a 6tronger deolaration of fundamenta] principies - Ihc inherent criminilily of slavery and the universa! duty öf immedia fe eninncipation. Stniiíli.i;; so ncar to Kentuclcy, r.nd. to Cassins M. Cía)1, w!iu is al! wrong on ihís cssentíal poiul, a ve! sluted ret-olution to this effect, woultl have done gopd, ond would Ijave preparfd the way Ibr anotlier, declaring .hat wc nevor can rnakc nr cotinloiinnce nnycozn promisc of these prncip]., but are bound to pursue our work muil slavory is evory %vbere nbliorred tnd copdenined, and í lie wilitil holdcr of hís felíow man in elavorv is regartíed an crimina!, ond licateri us sncli by all relijrious O83ociation8, niid by nH politica! cutmmintie?, tv all Ibwb, and by ni! codea o?" mrals." Thís mrets our niind exúcily. Slavclmld ing is a CRiMH üf enomjous rmigükude; nnd thnse who wilftdly persisi in iltj pmciice and e'n)ce take an ottitnde aiinst tho human race, nnd eIicuIq be rogarded ue its prac'icul enemies. Slavilioli'üig ri.ust be rendored ns íliereputable os shcep stealing. In iisclf it is vuutly more wicked.OjT Tlie New Vork Mirrur, a Wú pnpor, llitis compares the Brititli and American Tarifa : "The Britirih Ta r' ff ie, willi llic exceptton of coni, chi'jly a tanff jtr mriu?, and nol for piolertion. 'i'iic writer of the orticle we Mre examiiiinc1, s.'aied, tint of c-'5 1,000,000 of produce sent t Knglatwl frm litis country, in 1810, $41,000,000 will jiow b'J I'rec of tlcly. Duties on tobáceo and corn nro ihose of vli,c!i we have most reuson to complain. But. liie former is solcly a revcir'e iluty, ond the importo of the k'ter have now nvcraged Z'j ;'r cent. for eome yetirs, (i e. on the home voU tiation, while our lnWfvn the icholc importfc f rum Bii ia n averages uní ks ihaa Sfl pi cent, jn)gel by Ute.snme, whicli is ihe irue valuntioa. American consuuiers of Britisl conimodiiies pny to the government HO -or een: of tboen'-iie cöst, while Briusii conutn irs of American comujodiiics pny Icss than 1 ) per cent." CC?" Mr. Cu]ri(ui) i the most Frank and Jionesl of the slav.j!iol(jers. Ho m-ikcs no t-cmple of declarin t fiat he iismí the po wort f the Genernl öoyefnmeiit lor uplioldioi ÍSÍiivery. but gJoriea in it. In n ietler to fonnr Georgia frierais, ne ssys of his bgèiic in aocoin)' jinncx.itit n: "Myconviction ip (leen, theil tnüh, I.nnesly, fliid plain-déaling, in the une poiicy on u'l itccaBiÓns in the mñhngoraqnt of pub ie offairs. diplornnticj and I resolved witliont iie.-itytion, to tnke them as mv poideí on tilia memorable occasion. 'Ww dfet of tbiá deep laid c!)elllr, the success of Aonexatintij (as mny now beolmost certninly said) the vindicnlion of the great institufhn uu tchick onr suf et y dt-pendn, i.nd Uie lescue of the comrnerce of the co'ntineiit, from iiie graap of commercial monopoly, hnve been thé resiilt; find I iaav adiJ, oslar asi nm jndiviluallv concerned, yonr approbü'ion, rf the meeting you rep-esent. unti if I nnv j.:c'.-;3 f. om indicat'ons, ncariy the wliole country mnv, of my conrse."05 Tlie Legisla ture hu ve of Rh ode Island lias pnssed nn act of General Amnesty, iinder which Dorr was ivqiiirod to be set Cree. Ileoccordingiy Jei't the prisen, amid the firing of cannon oud the flying of ftags by his friends. We have alvvays regarded theimprisonmont of Dorr for life, undcr t!;c circinn8lon:eias unnecessary and tyramiioul; and (; buve crnfidently looked for snel) tui cxpression of public opinión as wouM open his prison doore. Tlis hU8 now taknn place. We do not regard Dorr os a criminal in the proper inse of the word. The object he had icview was the possossion of n mud larger amount ofliberty by the mass of his fellow citizens; nnd if he did not always seek tlmt bjeci in the wisnst maiiner, his inorlemlion preferved them f.ou. il. e horrors of a civil war vvhich could noi have fnilèd to lukphice, had he porsiied his projocis with ihat utl'ei recklrssness wiiich lias marked the coursé of General Jackson nnd ofhor re))ublican héroes id similar cirenmstaners.(t Letters twice os heavy as thosc now presctbed by law, might be carried in thè mails with Bcarcely nny additionnl inconvcnience. Wcight cannot properly be considercrt on elcmrui ofihe cost of transport ti-t The average weight of lelters now sent ie n qnarteror on ounce ench. Ilence, snys the Boston Chroniclc, all the letters niuiled in a day througliout the United Statos, nre nnt n load for a singlo coach. The whole average weight is btit about twelve hundred pound.sWdnyonemay sa'.isfy himself by reducing twenty seven millions of quarter ounces lo pounds and divide the nmount by threo hun dred nnd sixty-five. O?1 Steven C. Stevens, of Madison, fornierly Chief Jurfice of tho State, is the Liberty candidato for Governor of Indiana.


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