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Toledo & Pomeroy Railroad

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We mako the.fot1lírg intcrestwgext'aet ftom a. letter writ ten ly Uon. E. i D. Mauiüold, from Granville, Ohiv. to i the Cinoinnati QatttU: "Gmnvillw h nnt on the railroad, and, ' notwi hstnding, the da ly Gazeiï comes ] bere iach afteniocn and talks aod abines ' lxjfore its fiieudiy readers. Yet oven ' the Gazettec&n iot supply the wuut of a railroaji. Pe iplu fiud thal railroads j he mada a great social revolution, and thit lo be miles from a railroád in ' almoot equivalent to b Mnjj in tho backwooda. Tito Cüütral Qlii), ffliich I etbrotig'i Newark, raight jast os well he gone throiu'h Graovillo; but ' ginenro, like othor pe ple are ' ally loarutng, and there iá inany a ' road in this osuniry. Lneated where it would aot bu if made to day. So ' tiranville is looliing out for a railroád, ( and thinks it w 11 gut one. Tho road wlilcb is abnteittplated, and -toward ' xrhioh-somu steps have beeu tuleu, ia one i ofgroal mporiance tó tbs whóle State, ' od is 'cll wortli n"tic:ng. It is a lioe from. Toledo lo Pomoroy - t'nat is, from ' tb) uon-iuinural to thé m'DOrul quariers ; Llhe State -g'iiíig. throufíh t!ia greal i griüukuviil ïxyin. This will evi.ient Ij bj a road of p'ti' local business. In ibis entorprise Toleiio bas twj groat ob J0otg, both of immense importanco to ber, and scartieli' less to tbe interior eoatities. Une is to draw to heiself aud 10 the norhwcitern (.0 mties both coal nd iroD, wid tho othrr to conncct hcr■elfwith the grost Ohesipeake & Ohio Kailroad. Ajrcadj pooplc everywhero ■ee o'.early that the trunk lino frcm the Clieapeake to the Ohio is to be cno of ih most important iu cur country; and wbatevar Cinoinnati may do for herself, the e ties norih of her will, you may depn'l upoa. it, o:jnneot theiüje'ves with tfw great üue. Tharn are niready, F think, thrco linas in the interior, now pUnnfld and baius? survayed to conooct with the great Qkegipeake 1 ue. The line frnm To'.edo to will conneut with the Gliesnpeake roud, by a hort at the nio i'h of the Kanawha. The primary o'ijast, boweTor, of the Toledo and Porneroy line is to reach the great coal and Timi beds. A straight line fi'oui Toledo to I'omsroy (and tho proposed routo is as neor traight as railroaiis can be made), will pass through ttiis place (Granville), ond ; oon aftr strike the coal reeion. 1 fsring Perry county from tLe nortn, we Btou gei i:ito the threkf st teds df coal ; in the State. At Str.ightsv;!le, and ! in tbe m-ighborhood, hre i nmeuse beds f eTceilent cosí, asid iha natural wea'.th of tbat región is nlniost incalcuable. If ! eur geologis's wculd go to work and i describe defin and measure the coal i bed, the iron strata, and the suliferous rocks of Southeastern Oiiio, tiiey would do the State more g-"od tban they can do iu a thousand yearu of vin speeu'ations upon tho probiem of creation, or ia describing tlie sume üies, whioh they ■ay are abundant in the s'.rata bclow. They were cvea'ed BOT.ehuw, and thu hotc ia not the milüontb part of the im portanee as the uhat comes of it. Pnesrng through the immense bed of coal in the south half cf Perry eouuiy, we soon reicii the salift;r.iu3 rocks. The new road will strike Nelsonrille, and go through Atfaeoa to Pomeroy. There we reach u gre t deposit of alt At about 1,000 or 1,200 fect lielow the surface, ure the ealt work?. From tho eai lies-t ettleraenl of this State salt has been made on the Muskingum and Hocking, but it is only iu reeent ycars tb.'it its produetion at Portsmoutn lias becotoe of importance. Now but 4,Ü0Ö,000 biifhela of alt are made at or iu tbe ntiitfhborhood of Pumeroy ; and eo loug M the want conunucs to grow this ealt manufacture will cau'.iuuo to increase If ow we cast our eves toward Toitdo we will sew there au immense sectiou in Ohio and Indiana tutal ly without coal, ealt or iron; yet there is a región vrhich ii rich, prosptrous, and soon to bc filld wiih gieat tnwn. Tuledo will probably be one OÍ the largest towne of this eouniry. It ban jut sa groat natural advantagei a Chicago, .nd thiogs gceiter. Tlitre 'n au wny in which that eetiun enn be seppüt-d so well with coal ■ thut by a direct road to the southeast. I am told ihat tiio capital uecessary to the uccossful begiuuiug of this work has been apportiuned aloug the whole line, nnd ie uhnoit eutirely raiscd. The Usuh is that :he pcople of the inferior go towork much rnoru praoticnlly and inore effectiveiy tliun w do in CiuoinoatL It will Mt do for Cincinnati people to set down and fold their arms beoause they have made onc great subscription to the Southern ro?d. All who feel an tutercit in ito coiTimerco uiugt do something, and do it coutinually.


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