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Death Of A Centennarian

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The Ypsilanti Commercial gays Mr. Wm. Schooley, or 'Father" Schoiley as he wai wt.ll koown, died q iIjís city on the lGth, aged 102 years. He wat Ho was boni in New Jerey in 17C8 'J'-liO Schooley mouutains, givea this Dme by the ladians were narned aiter bia grandfatber. Whcn about 9 years old, l:e and hie brother whilo on the way to mili vcith a grist on horue-liaok, were liapcessed by the governratint to earry Urain for the use of the army. He remembered well soeiug Gen. Washington at this timo, walkiug arm in arm with a Moravian pbyüciun. Waehington re marked, 'It is a liaid thiug to bring up men to bo elaughtered." Mre. Washington whs sittiiig in hi-r cairiage. In JVer boybood be as cent to leurn the ourrier imd tancer's Ua'ie. He had to wait in New York a wenk for a boat up the Huda.ui. While vet a youne man he moved to Rennsalaer Couiity, K. Y., bont 30 iniles f: om Albarjy, ufierwards to Otsego County, ar.d iu 180(3 to Senoo Goun'y. Ia 1859 he went to Illinois Abiut íour yeara since he caine to Yrsiliati, living v. i h a daughtar, Mrs. Markll. The wife if Gov. Win. H. Sow fd wiih a uieee of Mr. Schooley. Hu did not die of any Drgaiiic (iiease. It was a paralytia of the uiusclea of deglutiton He Ims alwya heen températe it diet, using tea aud cotfee moderately. He ssid uut a stroiig cup of tea was n danuage lo liim( making "hls hands and head feil bia." At one period in big he uaed tobucco moderately, but o nsoious-that. it hurt him ho dis'iunti'ii)ed itn uBe. líe ha3 norer ueed apiritu ug liquo s In rf ligioua sentiment he wat brought op awdahvays onntinged a Quaker. He pon sed a peculiar eejne miud, a jovial, happy digpositioti, foud of teling and hearing etorias. Ho woiild-almniit split bis si,ies laughing at good j'ke Ha often rem&rked, "I loTe everybcidv aideverybndy lnvesme." Ue wng ('ree f-oni a pcculiarity of tba ged, in not bi-ing childish; liis mind ■me clear to tbe very last. His lemper:e habita, perenfty of mimi, boneit life, conibiued to gire him. longcvlty of da)s, tad of course upon a good degree of vtaKty and a sound coDsütution. Stttigtici prcsented to trie California JiegisUture place the nnrnber of ?liirjese ! f tbe Pacific coaet at 89,500.