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Gen. Porter's Case

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World says : The sensation bf the Seua'e to d. y was a btudied and bitter onslaught by Senator Chandler, upou Vvi Jobu Por ter, invulving incidental dunuociation of Geus. McClellan nud Frankliu. It hos been understood for somo lime that thia speech was being prepared, and to-day it was poured forth to thu great satisfactiou of thi-s Radical Seuu'ots who ha'.c Deiuocratio generáis of the war far more bilterly thau they do the people of the South. Mr Ghaudler quoted a good deal of published nnd unpublish?d testi mony tending to damsge Gen. Porter, bis two principal witnesses beiüg bimse!f and au officer of Congress whose name be declined to give. Upon tho testimony of iliis BDouyuious putriot, he conBtructed a bighly euthusiastio peroration. The speech went to show that l'ope wns certain beforeband that he would bo struck and whippec), but tbat viotorv was iu h8 grusp if Porttr had raarclieü lo his relief. The eniire epeech was of the violent and etartüug charactcr which inight be expected from its author. Wben it was fin-shed Mr. Wilson, of Jlassachusetts, made a few calm and sensible observations in favor of rehearing the cafio. It would oppear from today'rt Luanipulatious that thero ia a división amoug the Republicana ou tliis question of a uew trial, aud that Chandler is the organ of tboBe who are afraid to have it take place. Mr. Brackett, the sculptor, writes (o tbo proprietors of tho ('ardiil' statue as followi : " Gentlemen : I see by the papers that two men in Chicago claim to huve made tho Cardifl" Giant in 17 dayt. Secure them at onue and put them on exhibitioa wíth the sialue, fnrthaj have performed a feat more wonderful than that attribu'ed to Morgan, who, in order to escape the vengeance of tho Masons, scullod up over the Niagaia Falls in a potash kettle wi;h an iron crowbar." The New York Evening Post condescende to be funny in the fnllowing paragrapli reTerring to the new firm of fcmale brokers, in all street : " Tho utroductiou of a female lirrn among tbc brokers necctsiUites uu addition to the zoológica! iiomemclature of Wall street ; to the buil acd bears we muet cow add i the der '


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