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lhal tier wolcoine enodical,the EdecU c me to i 8 for March wlth a line steel engraviii o! Wil ,UM CcLLBD BiiTANT, and iv table of c ntea 9 both varied and interestlug. The Lno D'Aumale's Llves of the f Condes, To Ei cw ik' not to Know? Tlie , Rosse Telescope Set tn New York, Last i Hours of Mary Queen of Scots, Islam - j concliuled, Lambeth and the Archbishop - ' III , Rain and Rain Doctors, besides other , anieles vhieli will undoubtedlj be of In■ ti'est, are to be fouud in its columns. $3 a year. E. R. pELTOsr, publisher, 108 Fulton street, K. V. - lÁppincoWs yfngnzine for March comes i to hand with Tour full-puge Illustrations, i and ii good list of ealnble articles, amocg whlch are, Puit IX. oí Tlie Vicar of i i bamptOU, by Anthony Trollope ; " Give me ' ! a Pin and Til Slion' You a Show;" The ' Coming Kevoluilon In England; Dreams; : The Straiiger ol Kahant,- a tale ; ! i ons Saltpetre ; Harbln Paon-ing ; TheVaui donx in St. Domingo , Concerniugr Shelley ; To-Day; Errora of tlie Press; The Porger's Bride, etc SI a year. ,7. U. Lirnx! cott & Co., Publlahers, PMladelpbia. - The Gahiry is on our table yvith its usual list 'of readable articles. Pive more clinpters of' " Put Yomselt In llis Place," ( by Chas. Reade, are given, nlso At , bridge University, Au Editor's Talt - No. IV., The Lost Blrd, Letters f'rom Havana, The Prlnee oí Wales, Ten Years In Iionie, Medusa, Hand to Hum!, The Clown's Real Plgllng, Qllmpses into a Portralt Qallery, etc., etc.' ?4 a yoar. Address, Sheluok & Co., 498 Broadway, New York. - The AÜantie opens with a readable paper: InBehalf of the Birds; lifts twomore chapters of Bayard Taylor's story, Joseph and his Friend ; from Penoayl vanla ) lilis to Minnesota, Time Works Wondere, EvenSong, by Oüver Wendell Holmes; Is Harriage Holy '! Ilones of a Spanish Repiiblic, wlth cvsral storics. Fíelds, üíuood & Co., Bos'on. - Putnam's Itagaslne has : The Bear Hunt, a Swedish Sketch ; School-Days at the Sacred Heart, the brtght side of Convent school-life ; another amusing Sketch in Color ; concernin Charlotte, III.; Our Trip to Eftypt, by Putnam's representatlve Chapter III of A Woman's Right, by Mary Clemmer Ames ; a Favorable Review of Bryant'l Hotner, etc. Alao the annouucement that hereafter Pauke Godwin is to be Puinam'a editor, a guarantee of ita future. Pctkam & Sous, New York. - The Catholic Wrorld has a long list of valuable papers, the most noticeable, perhaps, beiug: Civil ind Political Liberty, Untying Gordian Knots, Church Music, Views of the Labor Movement, British Premiers in Relation to British Catholics - concluded, and, the Vatican Councii. $5 a year. Lawiïknce Kehok, 126 Nassau street, New York. A bilí, was iutroduccd into the House, on Mouday, to reduce the incorae taz to tlnee per cent. and increase tbe exeinptions to $2,000. So far so good, but better than tiiflo with the dog's tail why not cut it off back of the ears at the first blow. The incoine tax i the most obnoxious of tases, costs more to collect than the like amount in any other tax, is iuquititoral iu ita nature, requiies business men to ranke a show which may work iojary to their eicriit, and offers a reward fnr peijury. It should be euürely and inameciiately abolis!:cd. In the Supreme Court, at Washing ton, on Motiday last, it was held tliat a deoreo of divoree granted in an Indiana Court aud valid uuder the laws of Indiana, must, undcr tbe Conslitution of the Uuiled States, " prvail in every other poition of the country." That's n godsend fur Beeciiek and Fbotuinüiiam, and may be, also, to Mrs. McKadland in claiming to heir the cótuio of Ricuirdson. In the House, ou Monday, tbe resiilu tion to adjourn over Tuesd&y, in honor of W ashingtou's birtliday, was lost, the mnjority thinking that with üdtler, Siiünck,, Zalk Chandleu, aud otlur he.oes of the late war living, it wb a wastü of time to houor the luemory of Washington. Commodor 8lephen Uhatnplin, the liiKt surviving comiuiuidiDg oöicr in the Hattle ol Lake Erie, and who command cd 'the Scorpion'on which vesel the first and last guu of the eugagemeut vere Brcd, di .d Salurdaj at Buffilo.


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