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The Isthmus Canal

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The Parama Mail npor" s the discovery of a practicable r'ute fxr the proposed sliip chduI across the Ir-tliinua of Üarien. The line is dcscribed as start i:;g fiom Puerto Escondido, on the Atlautic, up the va'leya of two email rive 8, thruuah ■ low pass, racently d:sc:ivo.(.'(i d the range ol bilis; and thence on the Pacific blope, ful low ing the valley of the Puerto to its junction witb the lllver Ta r, nbout a league above Sant Maria Real, and srme distance below the liigheat po-it reaelied by the tide. It is asserted lliat from this point the ïubry is already navigable for vesscls of the largest toniiügü. It Í9 likewis- stated that the highest poiüt a!oDg the wiiolo route is ouly 150 ftet above the leTel of the sca ; aud, aceoi diug to the exp!:rer, operations eould be simultaneously coimnenced on twenty wfrking seciiooe, and the 103,502,093 cubic yards of matei iul, which it ia calculated will have to be excavated, oould be removed in from three to five ycars. A fourtb }iai t of tho entire work is said lo be in the newly discovered pass of the Cordilleras, which, by a maximum height of ouly 150 fect, aud a length of 22,066 fuet, or 4.35 miles, will require tlia reuiova! of 40,584,060 cubic yards of material, The enginecr who liua made these explorations, and fiiruished the rnugh estiiuatcs, in Lucien De Puydt.


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