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Assassinations In Havana

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Havana, reo. á The Captain-General uuthorizes tlio following etiiteuaent to be made íu tbo Official Journal : Information haa como into the hands of the governineiit oonfirming Biispieions whicli have long been enterioiued. lt is kuowu that agentsof La liaruntes, or Cubans who are not tígbtiug in tho field but uro in other ways workiug agiiiust Spain, have ordered their ujeu to joiü tbe volunteer battalion bere and uuder cover of its uniform to perpétrate a series of M8fl88Ínationa on foreigners with the object of embroiling tbo government with foreign poueri?. Tbe asaitsination of Gieenwald was (jart of tbo progrnmme. The governmont expects loyal vo'unteörs to aid in exposing all traitors of ibil cli b Acting Cni)8ul-(ieueral Hall reoeived two weeks agn an anonymous letter, waruing bim thnt he was iu dinger of issassiiiii'ion. He DOtified tbe CaptaiuUetieral aTid paid do further attention to lt. The following dy three nntives of fiavuua, who were suspected of conneo tion with the proposed asassiaitiün, cft for New Orleaus. Tbe city is pcrfectly tranquil. A bnt tal i m of liremeu bas gono to he (jino Villas distr'c'. te 'work en iörificatiom.


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