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Death Of Anson Burlingame

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The rabie dispatcliea given in another i oluiim tering tho intelligeuce of the ' losih at St. Pctersbui'gli, jeaterdy i norniog, of Ansou üurliuguine, Miniei er Kxtiuordiuary frotn China to the kVestern Goverumeuts, of congestión "f ,liO lllDgS. Mr. Builingame was born in New lïcrlin, Clienango County, New York, 10 the 1-ith of Novetnbur, 181Í2, and ,iili his filher, Joel Burlingams, early mmigrated to Jirauoh Ooanty, in thiiSt.ttü On the Üd duy of Januiry, 1835, ivhen but littlo over twelve yeais oíd, he Mitered the office of the late C'h rits J'yruii of th8 cily, íis a student at uw. Under the patronago of the sume gentleman ho eoou coniineDced attemüutf the :ld Braueh Uuivernity, then loCHted in ths city, whtre he laid the foundation of his education. Tho records of tho old hiifuyetto Fire Company 8bow that be was one of ia niembers in 1840. Among his 6ret public addresses was one delivered on the 22d of February, 1843, before the Brady and Scott Guurds of Dotroit. From the Uuiversity here he entered Harvard Law School, and received hia degree in 1846. In 1844 he first took au active part in politics. At ■d political gatheriug of the frieniis of Mr. Clay ho inade ui; impromptu speoeh which was so well received that the Whig State Central ÜOBunitlea of Massachusetts hircd hirn to stump the State in behalf of thcir cundldtite. Afier graduatiug he eutcred upon the practico of law in Bosloo, nhero he subBequently marriod the daughter of Mr. Livcrmore. In he va9 elected to the State Sennte from that oiiy, aud tbe nest year ho was chosen a mnmber of the Couvention called for the purpose of revieiug the State Constimtion. He Rubsequently served ihree terms in Congress, beiDC at the timo among the most activo of tho early supporter of what is dow the Radical pariy. During the ex citernent attendaut upon the political oanvass ('f 1856, he carne noar being involved iu a duel with ono of the South Caroliua niemberH. He was cballengod and acoepted, bul designated Canada ss the battle-field, a placo to which the South Cari)linian decliued to go. Id 1861 ho was appoiutud by Mr. Lincoln, Minister to Aus ria. On ! pairing to Vionna, the Anstrian Govenimout refused to receive him, aa it was alleyed, ou account of h:s extreme partirán views He returned home aud wap soon after appointwd Minister to ChioH, a poaition which li c held Ontij 18Ü7, whcu he rtsigmd aud acceptnd the office which he htld at the time uf bis death, at the hands of tho governnicnti.f Ctiina. He visitod this country in the diecharge of bis dulies in 1868, and the treaty which he ngotia!ed was but a bhort tiaie sincu ratified by the ! government of whicl) he waa the repro secta'ive. Ho was in St. Petersburg!) ! with a view of Degotiatiog a siiiiiliir trasty when his death oucurred. Mr. Barlingame wiis not a grcat man, but he was oue of cxceedinfily easy address and agreeablc mnnncrs, nd a gmceful, eloquent speaker. To these two advantageH may be attribued altiis sucoess as a public iirnn. Ho was ek in the very prime of lito, beiiiíj but littleover fdrty seven years old. - Fret Prets, '2ith. The New York Tribuna oorrespondent S3js the Costa Bioan Govorninent has annulled the contract made with the American Company for the eonstrnctioir of a railroad aeróse the cou'itry to the Pacific coaif, the térros uot liaving beea complied with by the ino' r orítors, who ere, principully, New York men, (íen John C. Freniont having been President ol the Copipany.


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