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n.,.-,, au rllKNI Mt.lUWNK HLMKIG, golteu u p to ■■iip Ui o unnraiitand crodulous, nor iait riiresented as being " composed of rnre and preciouM anbsrances broughi from the lur corners ol t ie earil, carried even times nc. oes the Great Desert of Sa harab od the bncks of iourteencainels,and brouglit ai ross the Atlantic Ocean on two nhips.:' It is a $implc mild. toothing Kimtdy, a ptrtta Sp:dfic for Caubrb mul "Coi. i. The Head,'' tor ofleaelve breath, I.oes or Impairment of the Snse ofSmell, Taste or Hearing, Witering or Weak Kyes, Pain or Pressuroin the Head, wlen caused, as they all not unfreo,uently are, by the violence of Gatarrli. We offer in good faith a Blandí ng rewari of $500 fora case of Catarrh that we can Dot cure. FOE SALEBY Moet DHUGQISTS EVESYWHEBE Pbici: omly 50 tau. Sent by mail. post raid, on receipt of sixty Cehts, Four packlges for $2 00. or 1 Dozen for Í5 .00. Sena a two cent stamp for Dr. Sage' a pamphlet on Catarrh. Addresi th l'roprietor, B. V. D., 1251m8 BnrrALO. N'. Y TO THE WORKING CLA3S -We are now preparod to furnish uil classes with constant employmeot at home, the whole of the time or for the apare moroent. Business new, light.and prontable. Persons of eitber sei easily earn fiom 50c. to $3 per eveninf[, ana a pronortiunal sum by ilevoting their whole time to the busiues-i. Boys and girls earn uearly as inuch as men. That all ho see this notice may send tbcir address, and teat thebusiues, we tnake thi unnarfllleled offer : Tonuchan are not well aatisfied. we vrill send 01 to pay for the t roublo of writin. Fail particular!, a valuadle sample, whicb will do to commence work on, and a copy of The Pcople.'t L'xterary Cottpaniun - onn oftlie largost and betfaraily liewspipers published - all Kent fïee bymail. nefldf r, if you want permanent, prontable work, ad.h.;.-.i E. 0. ALLEN it CO , Augusta, Miine LORILL ARD'S ' an excellent arti ttmm WÊtWmjr gk ■ cle of graoulated EUR: tIC A Virginia; wherever fc-H-1 introduced It is uniSmoking TobaCCO veraally admired. It Is put up In hn'tHinp mnallo ban, iu which orders for Meerschuuui Pipe are daily packed. LORILLARD'S I oUned by all vpho - - . T-rm n-r rrn OOIUUln it as the VAnTTT nTTTR "fint ofaii;it . Smoking Tobacco leof gron ; it is anti nervousin its elTectR, &n the Nicotine bas been extracted ; it leares no diögreeable taste after (tmok ing ; it is very mild, light ;u color and weiglit, henea uiK'l'ouml wiM lat as long as three ol ordioary to bAOCO. In til is brand we a'iS'.i pack orders erery day for lirst quality Meerscliaum Pipes. Try It and con rlDQe younslf lt-ifl all it claims to be, " THEKINKST OF ALL." IiORILLARD'S T"s brand of Fine afCÜITi lff# CatChwioTobMco &.-lf l I Uit I ha noequalor upcV., V _, , I rinr auywi.erc. nis Chevsring Tobacco. rlthcmt doubt the best chewing tobáceo in the country, IjORILLARD'3 I nave now been in OXTTT in I1P( Igtuicrnl une in thu V-1- , Vj X X kjï 110 jear, and still ackuuwlcdged " tbe bct ' wherever uted. ir your torekeeper doe nut have tliese articles for sale.askhimtogettLem; tl,.., aro .oM by re.pectable jobbers almost uvervwhere. Circular pi plicee forwarded on applicüti.n . P. LüKILLARD & CO., New York. ISASibS poYcASHr YOU CAN BOTf Lumber, Lath and Shingle AT A BARGAIN, Aï THE YARD OF C. SUTHERLANO & CO, Ann Arbor.January,1870. 1252 PHYS1CÏANS' Preseription Áccurately and üarefully Prepared by R. W. ELL1S & Co. T' '- " ■■■- {-■■■■ - J Ayer's Oathartic Pilis, Fcr all the purposes of a Laxativa Medicine. - Ferhaps no one mediJ30 cine is so ailtversaUy reJBr quireit bv everybody aa y a cathartlc, nor was ever tf-PtrtBHHB=rrIl:lv 'l-'1'""'1' so iiiúví'r-.'i:P'SHSesííKííI t' 'a'loptud into use, iu ,= . cvery eountry and ainoufl ï A jyl (lü ■ . "l : l'li lililí LAVWTTSSE lint oüioieut purguttve W3y 5jigf j.iti The olivtons rea _ fon U, thatltUamoreresrjfTiMïïfcm liiil'l-! "iiil farmoru cu'ecgSÜWiSiSaBBi s tiial rcinedy tlian any otlier. rhoso who have trieU It, kiiovv thai It cureil tho.ii; thoeewho have 11. .t, know thal II oures tholr naigliuora umi meuib, .m. ( ;,u know ttiat what il iloes once itiloes alwaya - tlüit mever failJ tiirongh iny liiult or no.;!" itof 'ta comnosiOon, We have moiHanri? npon ih.iu.iin Js of cortiflcntoo of Uieirremurkabl uur oi' the rollowing eomplaiuts, blrt noh cures areknown iu :vci"y ncihbnrhfxxl, v.nú wj neetl not piillïsli tiicm. .Vdaptcd to all age; and sondltlont i all ctimatas; ■onluUnns nithor calosiül ór any deletorioui ilruj,', 'hey may uo t:iken with safety by anyloily. Their iitfTr coatiii? preserves thcm ever ttwh and m:ikt;í ihem pleasant to takc, woito boina purely vegetable 10 harm c.-.:i arlte fro.n thcir use in any quuntity. Tbey opérate by their powerfal inilucn.-e on the iiteni.U vitoera to piu'ify the nloo.l and itimnlato it uto henlthy n"Hh- femovo the ■-! Tictlons ofthe ■tonii.'h, bowels, live:, and other organa of tlie mily, rOotiriog .lic..t:.":i to hclth, nnd actinp:, whiirever tVy cïlst, (uch ileraugecieim ai arewia iir=t origi.i óMi-e-vbO. Minuto ilirootlonj aro ivon ii tirj wrapner on the !► iXj the folloivlng complaint?, ivhich Üioe PWh rapidly cur : - Fur Ik.ri]ia or In!liirtion, Y.;♦!■. niiM. .itii-iior and lio of .l'etie, tiey ■sliouM be Ui!;en modorately t stlraulate the tumich an.l reitoio lts hoalthy tmie anrl aotion. Fw I.iv.T CaiiUiint and Itê váiioas (yiap. tOinS, fl:liviii ISl-illKlcU:1, Si-K IItl:lacllC4 .3 a'i.ïiü-.-: 'Oï iir.---:i rtii-Jiïla, Ullioiss Culic and Uiliuim IVver. tliey shoiiltl bo jujiciously t:ike!i foreacli oaae, to correct theditieaed artion .r rciu.ive the obatractlonfl which caut-e it. t'or 1(vac-4mj or J9iirrtiu5a, but ono mild lioso h ffoaerally roiïulretl. F..1' H!ir-iim.itim. -out, ïr;ivel, Pulnli.itioii of ':■ lüi-.irt, i'aiii n r!i (!, II vk and fi-oin, sDould bo conlinnously taken, aá i'.iíiro.l, to ohanffe tho ulseaaed action of ihe gystS3. SVlÜl 8Uch 'unge thosa romplaints liappetr. Fur lrory and ïro;Mlciïl fiwclUtiff! thpy ilioiilil be t:ii:c;n in large and i'p'quoni (oses to proIiiï-o ili s cfl'ií.-í it'n lr:i -:'!■ pnrjré. For pui;rmion a largo d:sc slïould be taken i ■ pro liicod the ,: ■■ re I affcft bv synwathy. Ai r Utnnrr rui. tafce ■■■' or l-.i fifí to proi:i''.. digestión r.i.l relieve the Rtomach. An ocnastonal .l't.i.. stiimilno? thé itomach nnd lioweN nto healtfty actinn, reatortrf the anpetite, and Invigornfes thé ayntctni. Henee :t InotlenadvaatotHODi whM'c no tÊtloxu cfenrugehicht cxiíts. One wil fr.'i-i loterably wrell.oïlen flnils thataddse or these 'iil.s inakes hiin iirl deci'1Uy better, from thcir dcansInK and renov.uhis effect on the digestive apparatua DB. J. C. AYER CO.. Prarticnl Chemiats, ÍOWBZÍ. MASS., f. S. A. Bold at wholasalo by FARRAND, SHF.I.EY t CO Detroit. A NN ARBOR CITY MILLS! BEST FLOXJR $3.25 per 100 lbs. OR AS LOW AS THE LOWEST. LEAVE OKDERS AT THE POST OFFICE. J. T. SWATHEL. SEPT. 2Ut, 1869. lï.TSlf fOTICE ! TO TilE FARMER'S STORE, ÜLnd " their Pri ces before buying your Goods at ether Places. Goto E. W.ELLIS & CO's forstrictly Pure Drugs and l Medicines Paints.Oils, &c.


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