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It 3 woll know tlmt ihc lato speculationa in Merino sheüp were carriedoo gonerally, under statements íespoctiqg tho weights of the fleeoe produccd by these sheep without wnshing, and withOut any attempt t afcertain the actual BBiount of clean wool wbich feoccs cuataiiied. Tho issatisfáotiou of ihe publio with thïa course, bowcver, final ly beeame so'great, that eomc breeders and dealofs pubmitted the tieece oí soino of their shcep to the scouring test Within the past few monttis, the reights of severul ol' thoso heavy floeces au thoy atood both bcfore nud after going through asennriuj: proeess, were publiihed iti the Rural New Yorker. The per centnge of wbat was representad hh clean wool in simo of these fleóc4 was greater tlian many persons, woll acquaiutcd with sueh wool, expected, and in sume quurtera doubts were expressed as to the thoroughness of the scouting procesa to whibh tha wool bad been subjected. Facts bare hitely been lieitcd in regard to thia subject, wbieh ara worthy of notice. Air. I. N Johnson, of Ovid, N. Y., writca-to Dr. Rundull, editor of the sheep-lm-bandry department of tbe Mural Neic Yorlcer, that he sold on the 8th of Jly laat, bis eutire lot of Meribo wool to the Waterloo Wotln Mauufaaturiniir üoinpauy. The woul conaisted of 4,208 Ibs. of uuwashed wool, and 490 lb. of wasbed, ujaking in al! 44698 Ibs., fop wbich he was to receivo 80 cents per lb. Vi scoured clean." - According to tho statement of the superintendent of tho coinpany, C. W. Cook, the amount of scoured wool obtaiiieá from tho 4,098 Ibs. in the condi tion it was received, was 1,512 Ibs. Included iu this lot were two fleeces wbich had been scoured by oiber mauufacturers, tbough reckoned iu this case at tbeir groas weiííht. One of these fteeces was that of a Merino ran owned by Mr. Johnson, which v.'eiglied, vrben taken from tho sheep, 15 Ibs. 8 oz , und as Bcourcd by Wra, Hayden, of Auburn, 5 Ibs. 4 oz. After being sooured by Mr. Cook, it weighed 4 Iba. 6 oz - a shrinkaga from Mr. ILiyduu's scouring ai. 14c oz. ïho othcr fleeoe in question wbs that ofa shoep which wa? enterad for tlie Pottle and Cossit prizo of the New York State Sheep breeders' Association in 1SGG. Tl;e fleece wcigl'ed. unwashcd 17.43 lbs. It was scoured by W. A. Duucan, of Öyracusu, tor the Assuciation, and weighed, after scouring, 5 855 Ib3. After buing resconred by Mr. Gook, it weighed 4 lbs. 14 oz. sbowinp aisbrinkage from the former scouring of oue pound two ounces. J?r. Kandáll, in commenting on these results, eays that ''if no mistake has oo eurred, tbey are very surpiising." It is hardly probable that every oue will share Br. R.'s surprise in tbis case, or that all will draw from these, reeults the conclusión which he ecems to have done, that a "misthke or fraud had probably occurred" somewhere. The more reasonable conclusión is, that the variation in the results is due to tho difference in conductiug the scouring proeess. The Waterloo Woolen Manufaeturing Company are said to bo largely engaged iu the manufacture of woólen shawls, and in order to get their wool perfectly clean, put it through two separate deansings. But Dr. Kaudall quotes from letters of ■fcarinus munufacturers, which show tbat wool may ba perfectly cleoned by ono Bcouring. ïhe poiot is that it be clean, and that scoured by Mr. Gook wüs do more tbau this. There is uadoubtedly a difference in tlie cleanlir.es3 oL what is callod by different persons cleansed wool ; bnt it does uot secm necessary to supposo tbat this difference nrises from anything more than tbe difl'ereut stand arda of cleanliuess aimed at or aenntii. íOje ipicfjipn r gas


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