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Grape Growers Maxims

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1. Preparo tlie grouud in t lio Fall, plant in tliti Spring. 2. Gríve the viue plenty of manure, o!d and well decomposed ; for frcjsh inanure excites the growtli, but it doe not mature it. 3. Luxurisiit growth doea nat always ÍQbure fruit. 4. Dig deep, but plant sballow. 5. Young vsnea produoe bcautiful fruit, but oíd ones produce tho richest. 6. Piuue in Autunan to issure growtb, buízin the Spring to promote iruitfulness. 7. Plant your vines before you put up trelliaeg. 8. Vines like soldiers should hav good arms. 9. Prune spurs to one well developed bud for the nearcr the old wood the higher flavored the fruit. 10. Thoso who pruno long must eoon lipt. 11. Vine leaves love the buu, the fruit the ehade. 12. Every leaf has a bud at its base, and either a bunch of fruit or a tendril opposite to it. 13. A tondril is an abortivo fruit buDch - a bunch of fruit a productive tendril. 14. A bunch of grapes without a healthy leaf opposile is liko a sliip at soa without a rudder - it caunot come to port. 15. Lateralsare lilce poüticians ; if tiicy aro not checked, tLey are tho worst oflhieves. 16. Good grapos are like gold, no one has enoiigh. 17. ïhe earlioHt grapss will keep the longest, for tliat which U fully matured a easiiy preserved. 18. tírapoeaters nre long ;5vers. 19. Hybrids aro npt always higli bred. 20. He who buys new and untried varietics should remembcr that the seller's uiíixim is, let the l)iyer look out for himstlf. - A. S. Fuller.


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