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Serious Accident

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On tlie evening óf t he IDlli inst., ATary EÜZüheth. i'-od lvo yoars, augluer ot' VVm. mul .Mary Hijlm. ofour illngc, was found to lip missing, OiT.ii c nt FCirch wae made for severa] hourí--, wlien, fo .lic prpsï rief ot ihe parenis she v;as f und drowned in the cis'ern wiiicli was near ilie house.fij?" The Sirr:iil of'L'berfy, in spnikinp of Üie letter of Mr. Greeiv, to the noM-fl.ivcry Cuvp;iln:i at Cmr.iíjnaíi, compares the course hc pur.-"H'(i jvjth tluit ol the men he ndvised. Tho Sigfttt wny 1 1 1 w mkc pwnpntjgna f? : wi-p.n i lioso wno ir. ve scfcíirid l6e annex ifioti of'Tex.'it-, nrifl tlms? who fbngbt eo vnlionilv , ■ vrii! t [ie damoingeftheiit. - We hope the coiisrifiire bftfiej editor of that pnper wil! oivible him to mli i. ns .1 sweet tnorsel iiider ho vóigfé - Dd'. E-}'rsi. Tiic I'Mitor of llie Siffnil Ij:is n clenr con science in reepje to Annexation. ]Je íjaf lalkcd, Ifr.inro;!, writtcn, pfmtfd, and vo'fci aninr'.t it finco iliepioject. whk pamed Viit more hos l{e ]Mi!or ol' :l.c Expre? done, unloss il be lo vote f; r 1 Presiden! win porsonnlly bad no objccii"-)) Jo Anrexation uut won].] lio {H "glad to rr!'! As Jo those vvlio ('secvrc4Y the nieaeure tlïp bnnr oi'it will best be beslovvcti on the Wliijr Senator ok1 the Whig Rrpre.sentative ia Cortreea v.'ho introduced ihe Refohitioür into thitt body, unless, Uidëcd, it brhnpf morp nppropriatcly to those Whig Senators who 'secwed' ]t& final pngpnge. As they ere al t!ic polilical frioncJs and breihrren of t],e Express, wq leave their respective claims to iiis consi(!era1ion.(t Tlie Jackon Patriot is trying to commit the Dcmocra'tio party against all banks. It sayss "Nn.1 lim (Tnmocralin pirty of Micliigan is tlie oijfi-banl; parly We no for, and wil) not rest hort of. nn enlire oxtinction of binivs. Tliey are uselcss: nay, tliey oredeslruciive." The Patriot will find its labors vain. The party caimot bc drummed into ony such move.05 The Detroit Advertiser exprefS-rs o prefc-ence for Judgc McLcan for the ncxt President. He is a likelior man llinn the "Great Harry." But wlmt elaye-bolder do yon prefer for Vice President, Mr. Advertiser? Wou!d Mr. ftives snit you, nr Mr. Hanfftnnn Preston? Or perhnps yon wonld prefer Air. Milton Brown, tlio Wiüg who introduced the Annexation Resoliilions into GoBgress,(Hl Itis now offieiaüyannounced that LnCuis Lyon late Member to Congress fro;n the Sccfind District, has been oppointed Survóyor General of Ohio, Michigan nnd Indiana. Tluis nnoihor servile is well provided for. - Tlio Innd ( ince is to be removed from Cincinnaü to Detroit.(L? The N. Y. Tribune says of General Jack son; "For lbo Militar}' sorvicos of t lio eininenc deceappd, we honor him. VVe believe lie liud man)' of the best pomls of a greal commander, and Ihat, had he boen bom in en age when, nnd country wlicre, wholesale buichery was hshionaiilö, lie would probable have overrun a coniinen!, flailitcred liií hundreds of thousands, and fb'oridéd a (i)fna6ty of c'espots. Me did less than '.his bccause there was lesalo do, bot he did thoronphly nil iliat he had to do; none could lave done it beller.''(L?3 Tlie Government odbrs to carry any quantity of p,i,,lrd k'Uers to any part of the United Stnles for iwo cents. Wby cannot o wnlten onc bocarried as clicap as a printcd onc?


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