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Foreign News: Texas

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News lias been received f rom Texas up lo Juno 15: President Jones liad ssued another proclamation, announcingthe result of the negotiations with Mexico conducted by Capt. Elliott. The Proclamation of President Jones begíns tlius: "The Executivc is now enobled to declare to the people of Texas the actual state of their aflairs with respect to Mexico, to the end that they may direct and dispose of them as they shall judge besl for the honor and permanent interest of the Republic." He then gees on to say that last summcr he Icarned (Vom a créditable sou ree hat the Government of Mexico was disjosed to acknowlerigc the Independenco of Texas, upon the understanding that Texas would maintain her separate exsten'ce; that in March last the representativos of Great Britain and France jointy renewcd the ofler of thcir .tion with Mexico for this purpose; that as they wcre unnccompanied by any ettan gling conditions, he could not consent te reject them, nnd Iherefore placed in the hands óf their representativos, a state ment of the conditions preliminary to a treaty of peace. These conditions hnving been accepted by the.Government of Mexico, througk the friendly inlerposition of EngJand and France, he deerns it liis duty to issue the following proclainalion: Whcreas, Authenlic proof has recenlly been 'aid befo re me, to the eifoct thai the Congress of Mexico has authorizecl the Government to open negoti.itions and conclude a Treaty with, subject to the examination and approbation of that body, and furthor, that the Government of Mexico has accepted the conditions prescribed on the part of Texas, as preliminary toa final and defintte peacp, Therefore, I ANSON JONES, President of the Republic of Texas, and Commander-in chief of the Army and Navy and Militia thereof, do hereby make known these circumstances tothe citizens of this Republic, till the same can be more fully communicated to the Honorable Congress and Convontion of the Peopie, for their lawful action, at the period of their assembling on the 12th of June and 4lh of July next, and pending the said action by virtUe of the authority inme vested, I do hereby declare and proclaim a ccssation of hostilities by land and by sea, ogainst the republic of Mexico. Ín testimony whereof, &c. &c. [L. S.] - Done at Washington this fouríh day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty-five, and of the Independonce of the Republic the tenth. ANSON JONES. By the President: Ebex'r Allen. Att'y General, and ? Acting Seeretary of State. $ Most of the papers are excessively indien ant at these developments, and even the most moderate, such as the Houston Telegraph,express an emphatic belief that the proposals of Mexico will promptly be rejected by Congress. The proclamation contains sentences that indícate clearly enough the opposition of the President to Annexation - such as the presentation of a choice bet ween "Jndependence and peace, or Annexation and its consequences." The people of Texas, however, understand the Presidentes position truly enough. Later. Advices have been received from Galveston to the 23d. The news is important and interesting. Both flouses of tho Texan Congress have unimousïy consented -tir th?- tennsor me Joint Resolutions of the United States. It will be recolleeted by our leaders thal Texas was to be admilted provided that a Convention of delegates of the State of Texas cal led for that purpose, with the consent of the exisling government, should so decide. That Convention of Delegates mects on the Fourth of July: and the Congress, as "the existing government," gave its consent on this occasion by a formal rcsolulion, which will doubtless rec;ive the nssent of President Jones. The Congress also sanctioned the calling of that Convention by the President. The Scnate of Texas had rejected the treaty with Mexico by a unanimous vote, by which Mexico offered to Texas Peace and Independence. provided she would rejectthe offer of Annexation to the United States.Capt. Waggaman hadarrived at Washington, Texas, to select posts to be occupied by the United States troops, and to provide for their subsistence. A resolulion was introduced into both houses of Congress, requ ring the executive to sorrender all posts, navy yards, barracks. (fee., tothe proper authoritiesof the United States.


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