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Oíd Men. - WicklifTe, the morningstar of the reformnlion, was more vigorotis and useful, bet ween 48 and 60 years of age, than at an earlier period of life. Latimer was a diligent preachcr and hard sludent when 67 years of old. Cromwell )erformed his grcatesí deeds wlien between 50 and 60 years of agc Young was 60 years old when he bogan bis Night Thoughts. Thomas Scott wrote as much at 70 as at any period of his life. Talleyrand stood at the head of the affairs in France, at 80 yenrs of age. Okl Bhicher was 70 when he fought at the battle of Waterloo. iVioses led Israel from Sgypt into Canaan when between 80 and 120; Jehoiada accomplished a retolulion n Judea when above 100; Isaiah phophesicd 60 years, and could not havedied till )ast 80; and John wrote the book of Revlations at 90. And among divines and statesmen of ïodern time?, man)' of those whose naines re held in swcet remembrance,lived long nd accomplished more in their lafest years, than in the earlier periods of life. Monor tuk olü .men. - Bost. Recorder. The Trustees o? the vülage o Cnniuidjigu i hnve rieciried ia favor ofgraiitiD" licenfics to retail intoxicatrtig drink in ihnt plnce the on?nin.' yrar.


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