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"Wvight's Poor IWan's Pilis. .' (..-.e :üf, il ve: i ible lauiily .V.-iheine. in . cases of Inu :tcs:ion, IJyifU'i'Ma. LiviM C--v claims or Jatiiidice, Aguc anii Ft-v. r, C oai ed '■ uigue, Sicknesè ai tlia Stomoch, Bich Hen uittant nd iAtermtent Tover.'. Cou . Catarrh, &c. &''■ Eniirrly ve pmiMt-, hey are emphaiicaily NATURE" FRIKM" ■ nducing to hen! h ond couiiteraciinf jeps ; tlu! ülood, cleansiug ih tystem o"f vj-iatcH huuiors, removing obsiruc !.iis. siimulating the oraaiis ui iecretions, nüngi,: vwh the f )od anti acting overv way in har r-u-nv wt'h the sysiem. For Infli disensos use! n connccticn whh ü.e 'Rheuiuaiic Plaier' ih y will be fonnd grcaiíy to aiJ in .lic removül nt' dÜseascs ft vvhich tho "laster s nbovo rocomriTended, anfl pnrücularly nre ihcy calculaied for ;.!1 (Joninpementsóf ihc Dkestivc and Bilinry Organs, ilu pri: iry i ri'sin tifa n.'iliiuulc of Jiseast-s. Prcé- ".") ciiits a 50 ceñís a Box. For sale ai Mosely's Büokfto.e and by J. T. Stücking, Travelling .Agent for 'MicLigart. 1G-Iy Ccrtificates. WooD5T c:x, Leiinwec Co. Auít. 20, 184-1. rortwclve yenrs I liave bren trou'.dcd with n rhcutnatic nlfcciion iii rr.y luick. so ilint l havf harrily evf r l'en free froni pain durng the wholc ,im;! snd within twelvn lionrs aftcr I had nppüed softe r Wriglu's ilhounia';c Plnster. T was perteetly cy, and have had no pain since. STEKKER CARY. Jacsson Co., Columbi, Aug. 20. 18M. Tl: may certiiy that l havo ttsed Wrfght'e Pilis in my fansily in violent attocks of chili and bilijus fevor, and have found them to be the best Pilis ihnt I e ver usctl, and voi!d reconmiend every fenrify to keep ihem onhim!. JAMES AWARTOUT. Thwpsok, Gcaugn co., O.. April 28U, IS-14. TSis may certífy that I have ueu Vtights' Poor Mth's Pilis and Rheumatic Plnsie! in my p,,ic:ice, r.nd would eay o the public ihal they ciM rely upon (Kcir rccomtnendaiion wnh the ut most confidenct; in short, they only need trying to rccoinmeud t'ierr.sflvcs. R: v. R. R. SCOTT, M. D. Loraine Co . Green, Moy 16, lS4:i. This may eertify that 1 havo uodiWriKh Poor Man's Pilis in mv ( rnctice, andrfi:;d them 1o bo one of, if not entirely, the best pill now in use; and would roconunend cvery family to keep tbetn on han!, cfroeir.üy those who live Tenr 1-r.v, marshy land, or miil pomls, or in an unucahhy climale. 3OSUUA BASCOMB, M. D. Without adiling more ttsiiinony ef the cfficacy of tho above mtntioncd medicine, ive do not ht-siiato to s.iy tha! wc are not níiaid lo have ils virtiie? tcsted by ihc side ol any othcr of the kind ever lus been f fRred to an American public, anJ wcwill let it stand upon feoVn iierits. Foi alo at Mbscley'a BoöRstoré; Ann Arbor, Uy Kellogg & Broihers, White Pigeon, H. Williams, Jr. & Co., Sturges Prüiric, Simen Gaget, Quincy. Bianth county. A. K. Haü, do do W. A Bliss, Jamcslown, I:uiana, El-sha Sícer, Angola, do ChoBtor Mos3, Albion, Michigan, A. P. Mann, &, R. S:blcy, Marshall, Mich. A. Callender, do do ] . Pieker, ÍJatile C.eek, do C'. W'. Vinir, Galesburgh, do Capt". Browh, Prairieville, do P. il. Modwood, Adriau, do Qunchenbosf nnd More, Tecumieh do S. A. Rowlf, Jonesville, uo }í. Oilberí. JÚandics'cr. do Y. 11. Pitterson, Saliue, do Ilarmoii .V Cook, Brooklyn, do Pierre Tfcllèr, Wliolcdale Agent for Detroit. Geo. P. WriyhtCo., sole propri'jtcis for the the United Stares and Upper and Lower Cenada. All orJc:3 and busincos letters f:r the present. rnay be directed to Cvo. P. VVright. Colutnbiü P. Ö.. Jackeon Co., Mich. It is for sale alfa at Monroe, Mt. Clemers. Utica, Pontinc, end by üuboistt Wnght, JtfFersotij Ágedis far tho Sate of Michigan.MUÜCOVLTÜS PILLÜ, rvi the cp.r.TAiN a:d permane.nt cure of rrrrim __iti aoui. nnill'SK jiilis ere preparcd by the distingüishod X F. KLING, M. D. ui Jackson Mich. In ail of ibe many cases in which t!iey have been used. ihcy hnve given the most entire and perfee r-.tislac ion. The propiielor hazards noihing in anyiug, that they are the very best medicine in tho world for the care of the nbove mentionec! d:sc:c. Any qn mtity of recommendations migh: ubiished- as is the custo:n wirh many - bu (Hat is considerad ;;nneeessary. One trial wil Sfliisfy the mos! incredulous of their greii vi. ue. T!.? i!jjriiy of Medicine ncw in use afTord bui a i'.mpornry relief, mcrely breakinc; and check ing '.ho disease for a short time and preventinf on!y lif external eppoarance, while iuwardly i is slill rngnur, ihus aiusitig many oiher maiady nnd conscquently proving highly injurious, to future Lcchh. It is the object in thisinstanro, t' present lothe public a Medicine entirely d fflicn t'ro:n tñut ueretüibreofieit-ii. and one ihat will no1 nierey cKiiCKTHE ciiills, but ilmt wü! enidicaK the disease cmirely from the sjstem. lVarranUd to tffi-i a pcfect cure if the directioi.s are strictly followed. Direr.ions accompany everj box nnd no Aluscovelus Pilis are genuine wiih nu the writtcn síanrmire of the invemer 'F Kling." Each box cyntainalOO pillsund iwelvt powders. prtce $1,00. For sn!c by Maynnrds and Lund & Mc Collum.Atm Arbor; E Sampson and Norris& Felch. Ypmltuui; Cnssius Swift. Jackson; Belcher S Erueat, A Temple, J McConn;ll & Co.. J-.ckBon. F. KLING, M. D. Jackpon. Ju!y 'st. 1845. 3m2l9 Wright's Mcdicated Piaster, SJ'READ FOR IMME0IATE USE. Price only one shilling, in order to place them totlhin the virans of all. IN slight ailmcnts. ot wfaera thcratient preferí a lesa expensive arricie than ihe 'Anti-míhmatory and Rheumatic Piaster,' these will bc founc higlily beneiiciul. Cting already spread for im medícate aplicrtion, they wiH bo found cr convementfor WLAK BACKS, Pain or WenUnefis in the Side, IJreast. Stomach, l'ctwcon th Shoulders, or wherever therc is Pain, or where ;■ í-PJaa'cr isneeded. They may be rendered mon ecrvicable by pasting a piecc of cloth on the back oftherabeforethey are applied. Mulii tudee hayi bern relievcd of pain and auflering by these Chcap riisters. Forsnlent Mcicly's Bookstcio. nnd by J. T. Stocking, Traveling'Agcnt for Michigan. - _ - ________ 1C"'y ANTI-IXFLAMA'ÏUXY AND RHEUMAT IC PLAh'TKÜ. AN" efücicnt reoiedy for Khcunmiism, Fevei Sores, White Séveïlings, Félons, Pain 01 wjbaknesB in the Back, Brenst, Sido or Limbs. Burna, Bruise?, Cramps, Chilblains, Livei an: Long aftècttons.. Indolent Tumors. Spinal afiee tions, lnfiimeJ Eyes, _c. ie. Ji is ansurpnsse' in all Iiifliimtnatory diseases, eilher Chronic 01 Acule, rs it cprates by counternciing and rcducing Inilnmmation, allnying Pain, Sweatiog ih pirtHniTectcd, and by iis sirengthening anJ Ano dyne properties giving speedy relief. Alsoin va!u:ible as an anti-mercuna! piaster. Pricc 23 cents per Box. For further porticu lars. 8eecirculaiin Pamphlet. For F;.le at Moseley'a Bookptore, Ann Arhor, and J. T. Siocking, travelling ngem fot ñliclngan. . I6-Ty DSIpAVASJ HOUSE. ALDA NV. MCW YOIIK. BY NATÜANÍEL ROGERS. illS celebrated house is now opon for the recopüon oftravolers. It is the hmesi dimen B.on?. and is en'irdy nrw in all is" parrs. Ii is strjcJy a Tcnp-.rancc Votse. nnd while no pups v.ill bespared to jnnkfl it all ihct the travelin? public enn n9k. it is expected in retiirr thattt wil! recfive the patronage of ill thöfrtanóV of Tomperancc who tnay huv'c occasion to visi' Alb.iny. My 19. 195. o 1 2-6,. Paper I3nitg_i_g_, TyOPDKHISG, Wiiulow Pap, Kire Boarf1 JL rapers, Sic. will Lp sold at verg low pricep hy . W. A. RAYMOND. DêtroitiMay II), 1843. 9i-6mbThe WcnflcrfnS guccess WHlCH Dr. Folders,' Olusiorian, or AllHeaiing Baisnui lns niel wjtb not onlj i:i ita sale, L u ;iuo Ln the ctuos which it h;;s cf fected, n persons win wc. e in o hoe!efs cun diiion, has convmeed the most skeptical oi it? extraordinary curativo propciiic?. and csiabliahed its claima to ihe name ufiho GIlEAT REMEDY. The question is no longer askcd."C? AMnm kc k -.■.-'" 11 has Leen 8j:is'nctor.!v settled wiihn the las! fwó montlis ihnt FVlgera Olosaonian will produce a cure qnicker ihnn any other temedy ia Mie world. and referente cn be given !O peison3 in a-ul out of tlie city who b'ave MOT rienêèc s wonderful virtues. who had tricd toi years all oihcrs remedios in vain. Mr. WILSON.a brul; l.ycr. residingat Hobo l;en,N. J., had tricd cvery rcinedy whieh hc could Üeur of for 'he relieT of ostbmn, and hatl spcni more than one hundred dollur3 in endeavoring to procure help, bui in vain. He cominenccd usiug the Olosaonian, Janmiry 2lsr. The firsi dose hc took gave him relief, and nvo days aftcrwnid h"s wife called to sny thai ihe small qnanii;y ol this renudy wliich he had taken had done him more good tiian any aod all the medicines he hnd ever used in his life. Mis. Bell, the wife of R.-bert P. Bel], of Morristown. N. J.. who was severely afilictcd whfi nsthma, wns given np by her physicians. Shc was removed lo tho seuboard in the hope of pal liating her (Tistréssing symptoms. but with m lieneilr. Ono botile of the Olosnni.m bo far re.ieved !.r.r that the was aWle to get up froni her bed and dros herst !f, c ihing t-he had nol done beibre in rrionibs. and e!ie hns now returnej to residence in Morris'own, N. J., wi.h cvery prospect of being specdly restored. INCIPIEiVICOrSÜMPTION yildsto Jt sootlits the iroiih!c-so!iio Cdugh ond givcs refre-shing BTumbeTa to the vvcciry: it allays tho pain in ihe sitie and s..nness in the ches', and enah'rs the person lo esp'eciorate easlly, whila it enrirely rrstor' the seerctions of the sysïcm an J' pxpetliies rcturnin healt'n. JAMLS B. DEVOE. 101 Reado streef, hnd long been comi'lainigg of a soicnoss in tl.c chest. aciornpanied with a short liacking coiigh; he raisi'd maner frecly. lad lost hisappetite tind feit alarnied at his situation. He had iried varions remedies without any beneficial effect. IJis slionness ofbre.uh and' pain in the sidecontinued lo inórense. He used one bolile of ihe Olusaoninn, and is restored to healih. George W. Burnett. of Newark, N. J., Gco. W. Ilnys. of New York; David Henderaon, 60 Laighiat: MrsMcGttnn, 20 W.ilker pt; F. Lnban, 53 Pike s'.. M;s. Archibuld, 05 Walker st, wiih HUNDREDS OK NAME3 of persons reiding in New York, could be given. who arr rcady to bear tcstimony to the superioriiy of thr Oiosnonlan over eveiy oiher rcniciiy Known for ihe cure of couglis. co!d?, asthma. consu:npiion. $piltirig of blood, ayspensioj cónBumpüorf. bronchitis. (J.inculty of brea:hinp, hoarsencsS: inflaenzn, pains in the breast and side. and tlic various affections of the stem ch and livtr. For s'de at 106 Ncssau 6t, one door abuve Ann, and at Mrs Hays. 1T.9 Fuhon st., Urooklyn. Agents for Ánn Arbor, W. S. & J. YV. Maymrd; E. S:'.:nf.son, Ypsüanti; D. C. Whitwood, Desier; Fkkford & Crai?. Saline: Smith & Tyrol. Clinton; H. Bower, Manchester; P. Farlick &. Co., Plymouih; D. Gregory and A. Grant. Northvüle. 213-Cmo FEVEK ASiö AUE, cr?coTJLLLV eco ud DR. BANNIS'1 ER'S CFLEBRATFD t"EVEII ASD AGUF: PILLS are a safe, speedy nndsura cure for Fever and Ague. Dumb Aguo, Cliiü Fever. Periodical Htcdche, ai;d ;he B;lious Dieeases peculiar m new countries. These Pilis aie designed for the afloctions oí iíie Liver andother internal oreans: and the un paralelleJ snecessthat hns aiiended their use, in duces the proprieior to believc (hal thcy are supeiior to any remedy ever offered to the public or de abov c ciseases. Thejr are purely Vegetable, ond are porfecth harrnk-6S and may be laken by any person, roair or Icniale. wiih perfect safeiy. Certificates to any numlcr nncJ t.vfcnt testify ing to the extraurdinnry powera ( f this medi cine mght bs inserted, b"U it is deerscd entirely unnecessnry, es it has been used f".r seven.I yeára by great nutnbers af persons, of .'.!! cndiiions. and wbere thcy have been taken in accordancc vith t.'ie (Jiricii(;n.-5. ihey vcro tt?" KTever knorn to fail. =L0 Tne tibove Pilis are kept cons-iniii'.y for sa!e. wholes-.le and retnil, at ihe s'ore of B.CCKL.EY, FGSTER & CO. Ann Arbor, LowerTown, July I, 1845. 2' 9 THEO. IS. EATOIV. Stores 183 and 190 Jrfferson hCWte, Bctroit OFFF.RS fur sale ihe following goods - either for Cflsh or approvcd paper; the goods art all new and fresh, having been purchased within the past iliiriy dayp, of the ïniporters andaiauc úoú, EXCLUSIVÉLY FOR CASH, and wil! be sold al zenj reduced p; ice.-: 100 chests and hall'chcMs Tca, 28 hogsheads Sugar, 15 boxes sugar. Loat and Lunip, 10 hngsheads Molassee, 2 ht.gsheads Stewart's Syrup, 1Ü0 lags'Cöflee, 5 tieices rice, 150 boxes rnisins, Ivü drums fijs, 50 Orangcs and Lemono, 300 pounds Cinnamon, 250 pounds CIovcs. 175 pounds Nutn.cgs, 5 kegs Ginger, lü bags Pepper and Spice, 40 kegs and boxea Tobacco, 5 bales Almonds, boxes G laf.?, 10 hogsheads Sperm Oi!, 20 boxes Sperm Candles, 230 barrels Dyc Wooda, 15 barrels Cppperae, 8 bnrrel3 Dlue Vitriol, 20 barrels Allum, 15 barrels Madtier, 400 kégs Whne Lc.ul, 15 barrels Linseed Oil 40 boxes Siarch, 35 boxes piper, 2 crises Indigo, 5 barrels Sulphur, 5 barrels Salta, 3 barrels Castor Oil, 2 b; lis Senmi, 1 case Gum Opium, 10 barrels Spirits Turpentine, ITT The following nanied papers will each publish the a! ove notice. insule to the nmoun'. ol ihrr.r, dollars and send copij of nuticc with biilito the p-jrson adver:Í3Íng. Pontiac Gazctte, Pontiac; Ann Arbor Stnti Journal, and Signal of Liberty. Ann Arbor; Jackson G :.eite. Jackson; Expoundtr. Marshall: G;jzet:e, Kalamazoo; Miles Republican, Niles: Bánher, St. Clair; Gazette, Monroe; Gcdcíci Democrat, Fiint; and Cb&lbaia Gleaner, Chat ham Canada. May 19, 1.S25. 22-:ím JEROME M. TREaDWELlT" ATTORXEY AND COUNSELLOR. AT LAW, And General Land Agent, WILL ouend to tho sale aad exchnngj o! Lmdp, payment of Taxes. ond ledeúip'iou of Lands soid for Tases in Jnckwor: and adjoining coun'ies. examination of Tniea, ancing and uil Iii3n-3spertaining to Kaal Eafatc. Offifi in ih" CoiirJ House. Jackeon, Michigan. JT-tf.- ] Pcopic flrosaï the Cóairatry VISITiiG Dèfrdff, .or Ui'? o7 Dry Gouds, l'anor Hnngmg.-i. or Peaihef, whüü goiiig iho rounds to ascenoïn t!ic vtiriout, etyles or piiees üf Goods ín tlio c:y. aro le n-.-i' '1 (o cnll ni W. A. Haymoïid's Store, No. MS. J.efibrsen Avenue, being ör.r i!(t: nboyc Bntrs St. nnd next door to ihc "Mahíial'án Store." The tindersigncl bas taken u j:n-,i: deal ol' pains m selectmg li is goods to got tashionalile styles and derrubio qualities mh! lie f oonfident thnt his assortmc-iit w. dc.ilarly of sno!; uooiJs ns are desirable for the a uniry trade, sas complete as nnv in the city. He hes on hand Ginghnn'.s, Balzarinps, Lmvns, Muslrb rx Laincs, Calicóes of eve: y MmIIs, Laces, Lty!e, Edgine?, Kiubons, Pninsnlv. Shawls. Drcss Handkerchiefe Crnvnts, Stvirfs, Vcils, Gimes. Hosiery, Alapncns, Brown J.;nens. .' Ieacheil Linonp. Table covr-s, ToWeJingj t?!irtings, Sliceiings. Cambrics. Musüns, Ijlnok. blue black nnd f;mcy HrtS3 Silks, Bonnet Silks, Linen Carubric HandUcu-Iticfs. ALSO, BROAD CL0TH8, CASSIMKRES, SAT1XKTTS, VESTINGS, FULL CLOTHS, MOLKSKINS, DRIL.LIXGS, BLACK AND FANCY CRAVATS, And indeed, nlniost every amele l)e!ont;ins to Di y Goods business. All c( %vlüch vuil be suld at the. viri Imccït mies, for Cash. Cali and sce for youri-nivcs - pOUf aIfl oxpeciod to lmy ii ihey dó'not find pri:-i-s .'"uil as lov, if nol n liillc. loiccr thun elscwherc. W. A. RA Y MOV D. Drtroi1, May '2, 145. 2! 'Umi.. KNAL'i' & UAVILAND, wonld respeeUulIy intorin the farmer? of VVtslitcnaw and rhe íurrounuiní,' Coutnics tiiat they continue to manir' urè ai tlicir shoi iK-nr the rlver biidge. Lower Town. Ann Arliur, Thrcshing: iliacMiies of difleicnt kinds coinprising thcBiiinll, Cad.7, Mi Easimnn'a l'lanetary Power, and Machino d.fÏJ ent from any made in this Conn:ry niic preferred to any oiler, which tliey ifiiend to se!l at 8uch prices and un mch iernis 's ennqol fai! to give satisfaction. TIn y are determined not to be outdone by any establiahnifu. eithcr in pricr or quality of work. Hoving been' for mánv peare angned in the b'isiness diey think ihtry can whh confideucc ree orrimt'ud tlieir wnrk, nmi farmers r,id others v. t-hiiiií t- hay wílldj well to cail and examine their work previous to puii-hob-ing cUcwhcre. - Thcy are prepnred to do nll kinds of ttiresliing machine repairs, on notice ond more rensonable terms than vny similar es'üblishmeni ir. the Country. Also, Jiurro!;'. celebrated CLOYER iïIACHIIE'S_, wluch separate the chaii' ff om the seed at a si ïgle oporatinn and are univcrs.dly apptoved of ond U8Ad wheiever introdneed nnd svunantcd .to thn-sh eler.nnnd not break the sted. For rercrerce apply to Robert or Jolin McCormic'.c ol Sa bui Wathtenaw Co., v.ho have uced one the past scason. W. V. KXAPP. T. A. HA VILANO. Ann Arbor, Mny lst, 13--15. 6m2 THE Bu'jscribera have remo vod their.eatabiigh Greiivilie, Noi '2, H:iwkins' hkek, and linve receivsd direct ír(ti; A:cw York, a chotee lot of Family Grocerics, Fruils. Nuts, &c. to whtch :hey would invile ihe atten'.ion ol ihe ciiizen8. Tiicy a!so continue the BAKIXG business nt their old s;anci nenr the D :pot, üiid kiê] cpnstantly on hand at botb placea every artic. in ihat line. F. B. HALL, & CO. Ann Arbor, June4, 1 8-15. 7 TjEMPERÁÑCJÉ HO13E, NATHAiMEL ROGERS. Xn. 2-29, Wad.i'iglon Street, Boston. 'Pilis house h-5 undergone a thoroueh repair. and it is inicnded that no rum houi-. fchall bi superior to it. It will be under the immcdiaté chargo o Brown i'c Colli urn, os Mr. Rokers Ueer-f the Deltvan House in Albany. May 19, L845. 2:2-6n, "NEW ARRAIVCiiSüllEIKTS. REMOVAL. THE Subseriber hos removed his s'rck o] BOOKS to Storo No. 2. Ext-bnnge Block, ndjoinin? Lundá fe M'Colliur.s btore.vvhr-rohi; itrcady to furnifh cash. cusiomers with a new anti wcll selected flssortment of Miscclluncoits, Relifriov?, Uirlorical, Biograjihical and School Books, togetber with hele&: jesorimentot Paper. Q: ■}?.. fhk, Wafers, Toy Booki and Ptntionerv gt-nejrallv w Uich has evtr been oflercd vvtot of Dciruit and 'vill he cold nt 'he Detroit Cash prieel He hns added to his former business ".vellielecied aesorttnent of Faniüy Groceries. wind; hc will cxcliange for Cash or most kinds oi produce. W.uiicd - Egga, Beeswax nnd Tnllow. Reincnber the store, iwo doors trom ihe Floming Mili. W R. PERRY. Ann Arbor, Lowcr Village, June 6, 1Ö45. 7t HARTFÖRD Fire Insurance i'ompany t.NCOIil'ORATKD IX I81ÍÍ - CHARTER I'JJUPXTUAL - CAPITAÏ. $I50,C00, VV1TH POWER TO IKCRKASE IT TO $'J50,0ü0. nniIIS wcll krtown and long esUiblished InsiiJL tutiiiD. with ampie cash capital, tray.e Mtñií lishcd an agencj' in Ann Aibor, and o (Ter lo insure Dweil mg8, Furniture, ötoiea. Merchandie. Mills, Whoat. Flour. &c. on very favorablt 'erins The high charactcr of this companj is well kno'.vn, and its extensiva business ie ontluctcci on the moLi jast and iionorable principies Owneis of property in Ann Arbor nnd vicinuj 'vb-D w'sh to insuro it agaiiist loss and daningo hj fire. are invited to cali direcily on the eiibscriber. at his Store in Ann Arhor, wlio is authonzed te issuo policies without delay. F. J. B. CRANE. Agent. Ann Atb.r, Jan. 1, 1S45. ' ?S-Em. In Elianccfiy- 2d Circuit. Mathew N. Tillotson, Complainant, vs Fiederick P. Towiieend, D..fcndant. IN pursuance of a decretal o Ser of ihe Conrt oí Chancery, made n the ubove cnuse. wijl be so!d under the diicuion of the subseriber, at public auciion at the Iront docr of the Court House, in the village of Ann Atbor, in the couny of Washtenf.w. on Sntinday the twentyihird dny of August nexl at na o'clock ín the aftoinoon, of said doy, f f all that certain tract or. parctl of land sitúate in tho town of Superior, in tliecoumy of Wouhlenaw and the Sinte of MichiffOii viz: the west huli of the north west quarter of soction nine in town iwo soir.h in range seven e st in ;hc District of land offered for sale at Detroit, Michigan." JOHN N. GOTT, M'ia'cr in Chancery. Jamea E. P!atf. SoMqitor fur Complainant. Ann Arbor, June 30; ISÍ5. 2!fi- 8w RÖBERT XV, WARie"Ö7 Carpenter caá Jciner, I Xfl.NAHU SJ HLi.I . BKTWEF.S B VfF.S AM IIaNDOLPH .vrKKETs, rrrrnoir, SIjop. on the Aüey in renr ofthe Fronklin Colf Water House. May e:0. ie45. 2I5-CmDR. SMITH'S U N I V E RSIÏY PlLL S. rïil SR Pilis .nc picpartt! by W.n. M. Smith, JL luie Professor ut' Maiciia Medica and l'haruniuy in ihè Univ'ersity ol Lako Eiic, Oliio. - Dr. Smiih wppW p .■ t llie public, lii -,i in offeriag them iíiis Piíí, tío Jyrceenis no qunclc noau umi iha; w-1!. by iis [truatlng clfccis upon ilic siomncli ■:::; I.owels ciefiio diBt8e W.h,ero i!.. ■ w; s lut'e or none befórc, ruu o io iliut is sufe. mild. f Icmvv mul uniiuri.i ri .stillcts upon úw vyijole sysicui. líe wouU.ea'y ihkt he has now spcnt iw. ,rv ye; iM in rcseaich mul!;:itioii. (i.jcted to ijlfi I':!'!iül.)!!V of disons?, and ihc ].i!iuTiii-x ui medicinal sulislïiuces, r.n.l ilicir nüVpialio'n to ilic reinoval of mnladics to whlch fleh ia h. ir. ÁÚ lbo rcr.uli f these lahors, lie ia nqw able to ghc ;i the public a corooinniióñ of óied ciiial vegetable siibs'-üto.-? w!i:oli ia ns miar ptírft ction. n.' carci'ul suidy and close n slifiOUon, irs's and -x,.eri:m-n;s cari briiïg it. Hé wou'd 1'livsn i ir.s. ns wtll as othefS, try tliis pill; it wilj Bot deccivo yi u. It ia prculiaily lapten to lïfe removol and prevcntion ol t' 6 foltówiftg diwfisad Bihous. ntermitiHi . iivl rc:i:ii'. r.i IVveis, F. ver nd Agtiéj Coii'ih. Livor C'r.i'l:.'nle. Sící; Kcnrlnche, Passive Dropey, Rihjstfmotiiiin Bnlnrro ment oí ilic Spleen. Intornal Piles.. (!ic. Arili rv of the Sionncli. Incíjííent birirhewi, niiBitual ('oslivf! s?, nml 'm nll cises oi' Turpnr of ïhe Boweïf, when a coiKariic. nperiejit, on.llemtive. is rteeded. 'l'liey ore mitd, yct ccrinin ín iheii operntion ifodöt .. i'icr nnusn, irripingr, nor l!ii!i'v. . a pjUfl of ■ ■'.'']- r 'e nstruc;ied. in case futí B3liít&chti i i ÍTOl giv'éti 16 fnv terson whp nuty purchjise ihi hÍi I-' '-'-"y síiall liave their money refundod. TESTI.MONIAT.S IK TAVOR OF DR. SMITIl's UXIVKKSITY PILLS. TtMimanial nf Ör. Laudan. iVc.N".:r. Michif-n. J'ine 16, I5!4. l). Smitii - D!ir Sir, - I luko plc.-suro jri iviiifr my t"9tímóny favor of yónr valunl ■!; l'n'irc. s t: }'!!!. I n-csf choerñiiry rcfonmiPini tliL-tn to ilic pubÜCroa a salt!. cnsv. nm! efiicifni caibariic for ir.pp'l of t!i di.-cnso? inciden! to ih's rorion of I liivo mmlc oxteruive u?e or ilicni for fonr ycars n :r.v praciiec. nnd I believethcüi tobe the beet anti büious Cnihnriíc oí Apiri' iit medicine rver canibined and ofTcred for general use. Yonrs. c. GCOGKF. LXroNfM. D. Ti in" n'il of - 't'r'iir. MáSU i !.. !, Öllio, May ís'. 18.! í T" Fmit.i - SiK - I fbfce tpuch plonsnrc in benrina; tos';inony to :Sc cffi.;aey of vour Pü's in removjng bi!e lepra í-toimrh. deter ;n' ine Liver, andin all complainis eniannting rróm hat sourec. J. V. C. TI'XÍ.F.R. M. D. Testimonia!, of F. L. Wdts. Watebluo. Ajicli.. March 10. 13-14. To Fu S.vjtii - Sir. - Fcr upwnrds of siv months 1 wrs crueüy ifHiciod %vitli Fever and Agüe, nnd during tbat tin;c ciinld flnd nofli 112 iliat g::ve me peni anent relief: a l(nc;ili. liovever. yi ur University Pilis vvf-re rnetnnmonclfid io me hy one of the best Physicians in lhef parts: nnd 1 nm hnppy in being able to 8y, iliat from tlie use of one boxT waspcrmanontlj cur-d of my aguefaince (lien a nnniber ofmy fami!y have been ns signally benr fitteH. Yonrs. &c, F. L. WELLS Testimonial of Daniel Goodnoto. ?vloni v.. Mich-, June 1, 1844. I hereby certii'y ihn: Dr. Win. M. Srniíh has bern my Family Physician fur fqur . i t r:s! post: that lio has u;od bis Univcisity Pilis in !iis craotice in ny faniily widi unparullvlcd pucefiss: and I tfcink them pier'emble to any pul for bílious nffctrtions In the wórfí. DANIEL GOODIVOW, Iin'-rrptr. Hacomb $!. House. Testimonial f D. S. P'arphull Fi.;xt, Mich.. June 5, 1344. Pr. Pnitii. - L ain Inppy !o give yon n.y cor dial apptfpvál of your Urvversiiy Pilis. I am oble lo keep uil Fcvor anJ Aaue. Jir.d Fevers to which all T us are subject in ihis Western coun ny, by the ti:nelv use of your Uuivershy Pilis. - SüinJ an A geni ihis way as soon as possiblo, fot we are all out. YousA.c D. Bi PARSHALL. Tdúmanlal f Mgssrs. Noble and iif.J-l. We certii'y i ' : t ive are and have been person nlly ricoiüiin: -:d ú Wra. M. Sruth, M. D. ..■J Ly.-w l,ni bjd i ii m-jri ni niiiuiímn in lii profession- and that for finir years lie filled th efimii of Mntoria Met'ie-i nnd Pharmacy ir h Willoufehby Uiiiversuy of Lake Erie. with hon ur to himself and eatisíoction to the 'I'rustce and Facu'ty and as wcll ns lo Studeiits ofth above Uiiivereity. As for his Pilis, they are 'pn excellence," CHARLES NOBLE, B. F. EYFJELD. Monroe, Micli .Juno IV). 184-i. Testimonial of Hal 2S Chasr. Ths I certiiv, thajt in the mouiii oí'Septem ber last, I wns atracked witH Bllíóus FeVe (wiiiis away from at Üwasso to buüd water w'uccljand with une dosc ol Smith's Un' versiíy Pilis. 1 b"o!:c i! np: nnd as mony olher weresick at the time. 1 adininistered thcVe Bill to them, and in rucases i t liioke up their fevers í liave sed them many tñuc; sirice, and wit great euccess. Thv aro ilic bc&: pills I eve i:sed. PJAL B CÍTASE, mmeri't. Sl.iavosoo. :M;:h . June Ist, 16 'A. TcsCimtínial f'Mrs. Ahtgáil C. Wiit. Tliis niay ccrii.y, that three yearn figo'l wr attneked wWi fver Comp'.iiint so íeycrely that could ecarcdy luir, mysi II' ia beJ: I upcd mnn specifica and remedies, such asBrandreth's. Ret, uirection, Qrien'.al, and oiher pilla, but with li tle or no íncef. Oíie ycaf ágo, iay fiiend D Sivith c.;!íed en me on his way to Boston, whr he gayo im a box of his Uniyeisity Pilis, whic perfectly restored me, and my heuii'u bus r.o again suílered l'rom like cause. Rocheater, N. Y.. No. 13. Franklin Sfrèet; June 24, 1S44. J Tes! :nonid of Jol -i W. Millcr. Dep. Doctur- Juetice irquires n:c to state thot I have sM yur Univprsiiy Pilla for cr and a hall years last piot, and that I can scll n oihers v,hile I have ihèm o Knrd. Thry hav superpeded tho sale of cl oiiicrB-ílu-ir elíect truly wondcrful. JOHN W MILLER, DruggLt. Monroe, Mich., June 12,1844. For sale ly J. II. Lund. Lowcr Town, an Wm. S. and J. W. Maynard. Upper Town. An Arbor. J 3-1 y NEW ENGLAND 1I0USE No. 111 BRÜADWAY, NEW YORK. (Beliceai the City Huid and Trinity Ckuich., THE Proprieior, grateful for the patronage a ready bekowed upon hini by jhe public gen crully, v.o'jld gjy r..:.te thul his house is no in conip!c!c order for the rcceptiori of Ladies an Gentlet A-n who mny want pennaneut board o trnnpjenl accomniod.itions. Ule Ncsv England House ! oinj sirictly a tem perance ho'tec, and pleasantly locatct! in tbc in; medíate viciuity of business, mrdies i', very des: able (or mon of business, as well as all otÜera w!, liite quiet accommodations and agrecnb!e cotnpa ny. P. WIGH T. May 1, ÍS ir,. 6m212 deivtsstkyT E. G. BURGER, Denlisl, HAS removed his office to Cranc &. Jewett Iilotk, first room on the Second FIoo wheie being wcll prepared io attend o ever; brah'ch of liis profession. would rcppcclfully sa to all wlio linve not had thoae neccssaiy organs THE TEETH, properlv attended to, dcliy n onger, but cali up-jn hini and fwperience th ease and durability of his opcratiens. Tkha accomniodating ond charges inno case unreasoi able. Ann Arbor, March 6, 184ÍS. 47- t Wool WantedT THE Subscribers wieh to pnrrhafe 50,00 pounds of Wool. for which they wi pny Cash or Goods ut their store in the Lowe Villnge. BECKLEY FOSTER Sc CO. Ana Arbúr, Muy 19, 1845 213 WOOL! WOOL! 90 Hort lb? of W' Wantod by th ""UvF eubscriberp forwliich ihey wi poy ;!ie hiyhest price in Cash or (Joods. LUND U MCOLLÜJtf. Ann Arbor, May Iet, ioir. 2-4wJ. HOLMES & CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN STAPLK AND FAÍÍtt DRY GOODS, $ry G roce vies, Varpetin ftitd ptper Mttttghigs, No. G3 Woodicard Accnue, Lamed'' s Llock, Detroit. j iix.vks, Nao York. ? s m. hoi.mes, Di.tioit. ) WE likc ibis method f nfonniñfi ""r friendf nnd customers througliout the State, iha; e nresiülin pursuing the even tci.or Öfmir vi.ys, endeiivoring to lo our business upon nd honorublc principie. ïïe woulJ aleo tcner our ackñowJdginentB fW the pnironoga et eridéj lo us ly cusloniers, nnd would beg ave to cal! the attonti!i bt thc püblic to a veiy veli telecte-l nssorUnettt oi' stusonablc Goodá. vhich ore overea at whalrsale or retiiil 8t very uw prirc?. Our lacilitios lor jM'rchíisine Goods re unsávpnWed by SÜy concern in r Siatc - Inc of' (!;- in-m. Mr. .1. Huhrittf ftardes in tlic ity oí Ncw Yu'rk, nnd frouj Ijja long expoiencí n the Jobbing nade in t lint city. und froni hif liorough kñowT3ge of the rnnrket, lie is ena !( -d io nvoi! himooír óf ifié aucions rnJ any eclino in prices. ÍVe aleo purchrtfl from he ir.portcrt!. Míinurocturcr's Atns, nnd Moni ü(- uet:ons, ly the paskfiga, the saine aa N. Y. olíliers 'pun-hnsr. ihus snvinz their pie!'.!?.- Wiih (hese fndlitits we sáíéry safnat onr Goods are eoid ciikap for t!ie evidence of which ve inviie the atlcntion of the puMic to oui stock. bVc li"ld to the grent cardinal principio ol 'the ■reattst footl to thc trhete nuniber," so if yoú hintto bnv Goods che.trp, nnd huy n large (ptnn'ttf 'or n l'.t's moiiri; givo ua n Our stock s ns eXrfOpivo fifi niy in ihe city, nnd vc nrf ónstnntly receivinj now and fresh Goods from w York. 5ÍÍ,OOO fes. WOOl. Wñhtcd", tliciibove iiir.ntity ol ood rncr'chantjb'c Wool for which tlie highest unorket pricf v.U be made. J. HOLMES & CO. Detroit, 1845. The Suisses Glsrk's School. AXN ARBOR, MICHIGAN. MARY H. CLARK, Principal. CU LOE A. CLARK, Vice Principal. RHOHY K. CLAKK. Associate Tcncher. M. L. W ALTER, Xeacbat of iMus:c on thc Piano. í'. MARSH, Teacher of Slathemntics and Vocal íMiisic. T. F. SfJOFF, Teacher of French, Germán nnd he Classics. npfJPS [nfiiitution hiwbeen it operniion .neo 3 November 18, 1639 Thc scliolnstic ycai rnbrocmg fórty-eight wébks, two terms, comuising two quarters cach - twelvc wecús in ot juurter - a ccneral exaniinntion nt the close ui eacli term - in Ftliinry aml August. r(1he lust qutirter ot the present lèrm oomincnces May 19. TuttHS oe TurrioN. - For the Rn;lish branches. .".'0 to $5 per qunricr. . No.reduction made "or absence, except in case of sickness. and no uipil taUen for less than a quaricr. Extra charges are ma.Ie for niusicon the Piano, with the use of the instrument, $8rO0 French, 3,0( Laiin. 3Í0 DrawiojrjDd Painting, 5.00 Faucy Wok, 3.0(1 Board, inclmling woshing, lighis. Skc, $1,7,"; per weck if paid in advtmee. or $2,00 per weel; if paid at the close of the quarter. Parcinsand uirdians are invitrd to visit th school every Friday. when the stisiiies of th week are revicwed - also somi-monthly on Wei nesdny afternoon, at readinyof the wcckly com po&itions. Young ladies des'rousof entering the scVoo and pnrsuingthc regular conrse of study, woulc do wcll to coinmence at tlie beginning of th term. or ns soon aftcr as practic!i!)'e. Bulonying 10 iIik ootmol tc n Libraty nfVic tween rlve and six hundred volumes, and Ph losouhical Aiparatus, Elcctrical Machine, Globcc Ac The Misses Clark wil! endeavor, not only t promoie the intellcetual culmre of their pnpi! but wili nticnd strictly to tlieir moial deport ment. Wit'i no sectanan feeling, but wilh deepense of religious respin&ibility, t'iey woul gjvc st'ch a tone to charucter. as yhall ronder ii pToctically fittcd for Vöry station - yielding to Juty but finn to principie. Among the.booka used in the school are. Abercrombie on tho Intcllectunl and Moral Powrrf - K'iüv's E!emcn3 of Criticism - Wnyland'4 Moral Science - Ncwnir.n's Rhctoric - He'dèe'i Logic - Paley'u Natural Theo!py nnd F'videncef of Christianif; -'s Chemistry- Parker' s Natural Pliüosonhy- Cnmbe's Plysiology - Mrs. Lincoln' 8 Botony - Eaton's and Wriglit's Manual of Bonny - Burriit's Geography of the fleavens- First. Soccnd nnd Thiid Books ol History - Mrs. Wiliiaid's Jicpu'olic of Americn - Phelps' Logal Classics - Pl.-iyfa?r's Euclid, end Dny's Algebra and Davios' Ariihmetic. Inquirs' wiih regard to the school cin be nmdi of thc Trinoipals or any of tiie following L;■ itlc men to whöm réierehce 3 made. by pcrmissi-n and who have nt tlilli;fét)t poriods had either daurjhters or wards underour care. Rcv. isnac S. Kstchnm, Ccnireville: Gco Ketchu-n, Marshall; Mon. Wm. R. Delnnd, Jiickson: Paul B. R'mg, ?TichLrap. r'orjtre; F. H. Witinns. Adrinn: Dauiel Hixson. Clinton; Gardtier Whceler. :i. [)., Ilowt'll; Rev. F. II. Cuming. Grand Rapris'; .Tnremiah Clark, Crarftsion; Gen. C. C, !I;isc:nl, James Birdinll and Rev. J. Beach. i'Iint; D. II. Rtjvhnd,Nor;iivilíe: Ames Meid; Plymoulh: Hon. Elirs Con'stocU. Owasso; P. üriham, M. D.. Ilon. Vm. R. Thompson. E. Mundy, Esq . John Allen, F.sq., Geo. W. Jcwett, Esq., Tho's M Ladd, Professor Williams, ofthe Universiiy, and Rev. H. Colclazer, Ann Arbor. The following gentlemen, Rcv. H. Colclazer. Rcv. Wm. S. Curtis, Rev. Charles C. Tayhr, Professor VVhiting and Willhms of the University of Michigan, liave consented to act asa visiting oommittee jf ihe School, to be present when thc weekly studies are reviewed: but especially to altend during the 6emi-monthly exannuatiins. April, 1845. 213 1845. WIIOLESaXe & RE TA IL. A. lWFARREN, BOttKSELLEB AKD ST ATIONER. fíMART'S BLÜCK, 137 JRPFRRSOit AVENUE, DRTROIT. KEEI'S constantly for s".lea coniplefe assortment of Miscellnneous, Schoo; and Classicu! Books, Letter and Cop Paper, ploin amJ rul eH, Qnil's, I uk. Sealing Wax, Cutlery. Wr:ipping Paper, Priniing Pnper. of all sizes; and Book, News nu J Cannister ink. ofvarions kinds. BLANK BOOKS, full and hall, of cvery vai i-ty of Ruling, Memorandum ])ooks, iSrc. To MercbailtS] Teachers, nnd others, buyinjr in (jant!ic9, a large discount made. Sabbath School and Bible Society Depositor. 51-tf Ño tice to ftlesrchsmts. THE Subscribers encouraged by ilie patronlííc they havo hitherto reccived in tlic wholcsaie department ofthuir buainess, will thc first day of May next, open tlie store now occupird by Geo. Grenville, frontingon Huron street. and connöcting wilh thcir present elore in tin rear, exdusivoly for a WHOLE SALES ROO AI } whe:e they will keep at all times a full assortment of DRY GOODS, IÏOOTS & SHOES CARPENTING, IIATS, CAPS, PArr.K HANGINGS, BONNKT8, CROCKERY BY THE CRATE, HARDWARS, AND GROCERIES, &C. &C. &C. all of which will be sold on ns good icrms as at any point thiesideof New York City. G. D. HILL. & CO. Ann Arbor, March 2G, 1814. i--tfVOICE OF THE PEOPLE Those tcho huvc conscicntfhvs scniplrs, witl phace rrad the folloving - 'rifver brfore pvbliüktd tcts r f ga reling Üie SVGJM-CÜJÍTED IMPHOVED índian Vogotab le Filis, 'OR CONSUMPTIO.NS, COLDS, RHliUiMATISM, DYSI'LJ'SIA AND FEVEKS. TTfAVING beeu ntt.-ickcd uoine months sincc i.JL wiiii o bad Cough, weakness in iiiy chest, loss oí nppetitf, I u&ed Wrighi's Jiidinn Vegetable Pilis, bul grew v-orse. wiih ooit) sweals u nighi; could not sloop, and belicvod I was in a M:ieuin)iion. í procured a box of Dr. Sttith's Uü-ir L'oilfcd. Impmved Jndinn Vepctnbla Pills, n-hich rcsiored my h.eulth uithin si.t diiys, ond Í jelieve Ihém to be the best remcdy I ever used. Crr.'). VV. Gk.kgek. Cambridge, üct 19, !.41. Extrae: iïom A. G. Pages' s lcüer. dated - Batí?. Jnn. 3!. 1845. The Sngnr Oonted Indinn Vegctètyfe Pilis, you sent me. scll well and give good sutisiaotion. - riiey scll netter thnn nny 1 have had. Extract from Levi B-.rrc-ti's letter, dnted - Canaan, (Me.; Feb. 3. 1í Í5. The Pilis, which I roceived of you have gïv3n such universal sMisfucnon where they have en prifchósed; nnd ihc sile Kas been so uniform Int 1 though't heat to request you to eend me ju sonie moro iminediatvly, &c. Extract from Wm. N. Pickard's letter datcd: Monson. (Maas.) Jan. 2:; 1843, ñir - F.ndosed is the pnymont for the Inst Pilis. You wi! plc;ipc send me by e.xpress an oilier lot, Bx; C) or 8 d.02. The y ive socl saf sfnelion. I hnvc not on hnnd more Ihan 0 boxcs", nnd do not wish to be rut of tbem one tl a y Extract from Daniel Taft &. Sor.'s 'ener daied: T.U-TSVIU.K. (Vt.) lb. 6, li 15. Your Pilis were receivpd a few since. nnd I liave .crld 8oine of iheui. and ulso us%d soine qurfic'.v.ea, ;ml thinU very ivoiably of ihotn, and tliey aro Iikeil ly thoee v.ho have used them. Mr. J. P. Siniih. of Gloneesicr. statcs that iic ha? s'jld nll, niid wishes 8 loz. boxes more imtnedintely; und thy givo iniversil entisfnetion, that he has deicrmincd to ecü no othcr kind o] Pillr. Mr. A. Alien, oí Palmer Depot, str.tos that he was very 'hanful he wo3 appoinicd Agent. ;is his wife hns heen nn nva'.id fbr somo time, nnd i box of these pills immodiately - was npent foi other Piüs. hui shuuld only recomiend -.hese. Extract lro;n .1. V. Dinforlh letter, dated - Baksaud. ( Vt.) Jon. !!, 1845. Piense t?end me mnic.dkitcly 6 di z. Smith's Sugnr Conted Indian Vegetable Puls. Thc" you sent a afion' U iiic óince, are nearly all sültl and givc smiefaction. Tlie above are onlv n few of the numerou? letters which are daily received of the grent pip niaiity nnd suceêaa of thiss truly Puls. 'l'hey nro the bct medicine ür the .bove coiiil;.ir.i3 thnt are snit', nnd in cvery case that hove been iried liuve given universal sotisfnetion. nnd should be keptnsa fnmily medicine by cvery onc. Wc only nek n 'rir.l of then to convinee lbo most bkcpticil of iho truth ol ihese nsFtrions. The dirccr'ons nnd trentment of the discnsc accompany every 6ox. r:ucE 25 crnt"? pkr box. No "SUGAR. COATED PILL," cm bc een uino '.viihoui the öigiiatUrfl of hu solé inventor G. BLNJAA.IN SM1TH, D-. President of the J. Y College of Health," upon cvi;ry boy ( föces devoitd ekclusiveiy to the solo of ihitmedicine. 179 Greenwich FtTCut, New Yoik. N. 2, Water Street. li('?un. F.r sale in all the villngcs nnd toivns in ibi New England Sws. N. H. - No travelling pedíais oro ailowcd to scll these Pills. Examine the Siirnaiüro. CFor salo by W. S. nnd .1. W. Maynnrd. Luttd & yicCollum, F. J. 15. Crnne. Ann Ail"i. Perrin & Hall', Northville; Thnülrt Sioy, Jr Plymouth; 1). C Whitwood, Dexter; G. &■ J. G.' Uil!. Dotroit. „ Also nt ret;iil in every town throiighout tlu United St-itos at S?5 cents per Boy. 21? CLOTH! CLOÏHÜ rriIlE subscribei8 will continue to munufacJL ture FnHed Clotb9 for 37 ets. per yard, nnd white fiannél for 2 (!ent? per yard; or thty wül mnntirnctme tin wool for huil ihe clotli il will make. Their F'nc tory is 2h miles West of Ann Arbor, on the 1 uron Rivt.r. Wool wi!l ,-ilso be received nt Scio Wlun sent bv Rniironr! t will be Bttönded to in the 8cme mauaer as u tne aocva were to corrn wi;h i. Vovil wiil bc ninn'iincUircd in turn a? it comes in ns nearly as it c;n bc done with refer ence to the different qiiali;;cs of wool. WOOL CARD1NG, will bc done at Scio. by Thomns llosiins. ,S. W. FOSTER&CO. Scio, May 1, 1815. 210 INTERËST1NG TO WOOL GEOWSKS rilIÏH Subscribers vould reipecttully nn i nounce to the Wool Growers of" Ann A borand its viciniiy, thut they continue the bu sinessof Wool Carding and Cloih Dressing at the oíd stand ol J. Bccklcy & Co., wber they mny be found at all scasonablo hours t wnit upoa thosc svho may favor them wiih the paironnge. They guarantee that tKeir work will bo don with nentnes and deapaich. To thcir old friends and as many ncw custom er3 as fcel disjioscd to givo them a trial, the would say,cpmé on wi'li your Woor. and Clot nnd we will do yon ampio jusüce in iho excci tion ofyourwurk - the price and terms of pa; ment. Tweniy Unousattd pounils r.f Wool wanted in exchange for Full Clotl Flan nel, &c. N. B. - Give us a cnll before pnrehasing clsewhere. SUMNKR HICKS &. CO. Ann Albor LowerTown.JNLir. 2i. Í 845. 36-6m leady Üádo Clothing. AT REDUCEÜ PRICES. rj UIE largeit and best assortmcni of rendy J_ made clothing ever before oifeici in ihit Siaie, now on hand and for aae, Whultsile o: detail, nt the Cloihin Eipporium of the Sub - scribers, in port of Fine brondcloh Fiock and Dress Coatr. Tweed and nnion cnssimeie, satmetand jenn Frock and Büsfdèsa Goals. Sunimer Coats in groat variety nnd very clicnp. Cas8imerc, cloih, tweed and etimmer Pnnls ol all stylcs and prices. Satin, velvet, sílk, valencia, cashmera nnd Marseille8 Vesis - a large 8tock of rich and fnsh ionable siylea. Also, nn extensivo nssortment of Uosicry, Stocks, Scarfs, Ilnndkerchiofs, Collars, Shirts, Gloves, Cravat8, Suspenders, &.c. Ac, all of whii ;li will bc sold low forcasA. They would rcipcctfully invite nll, in want of ready made garments, to cali nnd exnmtne thcir stock befme purchasin elsc where. as il luis been selccted r[ih care in the Enstern morket and manufoctured ia the latest stylcs nnd ir.ust durable mnnner. HALLOCK A. RAYMOND. Corner of JefFerson & Woodward avenues. Detroit, April 4, 1815. 213 -t ÖAK LUMBERT IN nny qunntijifs, constatnly lor snlc, chenp for Ca'ïi, at the Ann Albor Saw Mili by M. W. QUACKENBÜSH. May C9, IS43. G-foAkWAYS OW UAND. Cfëï F illE Subscriber hnq rö gL2a? moved his shop to Moirt JPjpL' Strcct opposito IJ. Beek- lfÁ áSS crs r'f Store, where ha ül(o 3 "fflfiö nny l'c 1oun )tö(iy to wuit jgAv Cty9jj$3 u?on ll11 lllal nmy 6'vc hiui wLrt3ir2ö Hnvingjust record dieet from New York nn elegant stock of JEWB&SEl'S', nd Ffincy Anieles, whlch lie intencis to selt oiccr ihan bas ever been eold west of Blilfolo r Rcady Paij Onli. Among " mny Lo nd a eood nfcöórtmefit of Gold nnd Conimon, Vatch Kys, Gold Fiifeer Rlpgs and Bosoni 'ina, Guard Chame, bilver Ten and Tnblo Spoons, Sugar Tonps. But'.er Knivcs. Silver 'cneil ens-vs. Silver nnd Comnion Thimblea, Silcr Specinc!c3. Gemían, do.. Steel, do., Hoir 'rushes, Clolhes dn.. Tqojh do., Lniher do., V.e Itazors nnd Pocket Knivct, Fine Sheora nd Scissora, Lat her boxrs. Rnzor Strops, Wolctl8. Pursrs, Violins nnd Bcwa, Fiutes. Violirt ml : .s Violin Siringe, Clnrioncl Rccde, Perussion Caps, Pocket Pistols, Britimia Cnndlclirky. Watchcs, Letter Stnnipa, Steai Pens and Vcezcrs. Snuffend Tobacco boxes. P'ine combp, )icf=fc 'ng du., Sidc do , Bci-jt !o., Shell do., Need'u s and Caros. Water Pnims, Toy Watchcs, Cid Uollï, n grnt vnrieiy of Toys too numerous o meniion, Btada, Necklacce, Fonry Boxcs, &c. &c. Cr.rcKs nnd Watches ofevcry deicription rewired and wananted, also, Jewilry repaircd on hort noiice. CALVIN BLISS. N. R. Cath paid eor OLD GOLD AND SILVER. C. B. Ann Ail'or. Oef. 24. l.-M. 2S-tf. ÁLLiB,S'3 MEDSSlES. THESE MEDICINES ARE efiectihg such nstonishing cures in multitudes of id cipes long since nbnndoncd by 'hyïic iuns nnd isurgeuns h.s u'.tcvly hopeleas; that no ir.odicince, whee ihcse aro known, stund ao dcsorvedly high. Tliey consist of TÍIZ BLACK, OR ALLEBASl'S SALVE, Frica 25 Cents, ' Which cures ntmoát uiiivursnüy. Fever Sores, nf the most malignant kir.J, Ftlonö. Ulcers. Ab8ccsses, Tumors, Fractures, Chis. Punctureu, BurnB.'Scal':;. íorc Tliroat, Chill-bins, Quinsey.- Drop y. Innimhtory Rhi iitnatiem, Inflamn.uions and Swellings oí every description, Scnld ['enil, yuc in the Fncc, Nervous Toolh Ache, Agim in the Brcoat, Bmkcn Bienst, L c. &c. ALLEBASl'S HEALTH I ILLR, 25 Ceñí. Theso Pilis haré acqnired a populoriív within he last year o two, which no othor ?i!ls posses. The ro.icons aie olvitis ro all who uso ihern. Tliry curo nll Hilious, Scarlet nnd other Fevers, Fevcr nhd Agüe. Dyspipeic, Dropsy, Aci'l Stomocl), Disorder d Boi-!s, or ítom;.ch, Jöüntiicê, Mead Ache. D?.Ei'nef-9 in the Hcad, SVormS; Livor Cowplcint. Hearl Buins. Cholic, üiiwcl ciiiiiilnint, Gi.ijrral Dehility, Cosiivcni'Sf, Á.c. Ac. Thfii 'puiify the f;ntirc system. leavo the bowèla ím a vigorouö and boblthy condition, &c. SèepAinphlet; ALLEBASl'3 tÓÖTH ACHE DROPS. Frirc 25 Ccvts. Will cnre nn ordioary cne. of Tooth Achr, in trom three to ten minutes. For Nervous and othe: kir.ila of Tuotl) Ache. sec P.itnphlci. ALLEBASl'S POOR MANS PLASTER, Pi ice} 55 Caifs. Are wnrrnhtr'd to he superior i nxiy other Pintters in this or anv otlier co';i-.;ry, for pain tl wfaknoss in tho Back. Side. C'IiCft, Bowel-, Loins, MiiFclra. and for Rlicumntism. Luti{ ;.n; Livcr Con p'nints, Coughs. Colde, Ásthninj Ac. f-'i v pnmphluti N. 1? - FIc.'ae to aek t!ie npont for a pnniplili l which all the information rccfFttniy respecting the üss of ihe RJcdicif?!, the viimea iliey [joi-acss, etc. Piense to ollow diiectioi8 ïrt the uso of ;he niédici-nrs, and you mny rely upon nil thnt is prtiniifsed. A liberal uiêconnt th&aè to nierciiantscnd oth ers, who bny to si-ll ftgninf LYJiiAN W. Glli?r-Rt. Propmtor, Wholewilfl Driiffgist. l.'!4. Ptilthn st, N. Y. Er For sale hv the ubgetiber, who hns bepil nppointeil generui aficnt i)r ihe Chy of Detroit and ts vicir.iiy. Country dtnlera supplied on liberal tetms, C. MOB?E, Michigan Bo' k Ptoro. The abo-e medicines are for 6a!e i:t tho Rook Store of WM. R. PF.RRY. In Ann Arbor, Lower Villags. December 9. 1S4-Í. 34 ] y POLLARD BY L. D. & O. AYEYJÏVltN. Nrai ihe i.n'f Parket Landing, B ffilo. ÜIS estiildishni'ïiii h-is dü inp tho p-jt winti r, been ronsiderubly-eolarged, and miprovcd with p.ew fiimituro. etc , nnd ís'ríow rendy w mikciiio Trnxeller ' homo, nt the mocera;a 'hnrgcs of 6 cents nieal, and t7 Cents per Dny. Piisscngcrs and Bnggage conveyed to and ffoni ihe House freo of chürge. N. 15. Passengors fto'ni ihe Enet will fir.d a Sign for the house, in the Depo', uiidcr whtcli to their Bagifncc. In connection wiüi tho nhove House ihere itf an EATING ESTABLISHMENT, on the European plan. Wc, the subscriben?, mke plensurc in recommenning the abovc IIoii.e to the fricr.ds oí" tho causo, ns BeiDg w.orthy nt' their patronnce. C. W. HARVEYP.-cs't Erie Co. O'emp. S. P. N. CALENDAR. See'y do H. MÍLLERÜ, Prcs't PoÜard Tem. Sociotj'. H.G. WHITK. Sec'y do E. D. ROBISON. Pre'tY. M. Ten p. S. W. I?. P'OBES, SectTtary do BufTulo, Februnry, J845. 6mo- 012 State of ftlichipan, the tirctn't coürt ior tha connty of Washtenaw, of the June Teitn, A. D. I84ó. Wing Taber, ) vs. SlN ATTACHMENT. Nathnn Sturgcss. ) NOTICEis hereby given, t!nt nn -he twenty- ighfh d.iy of Kebruary, A. Í), one thousand eight hundred and forty-five, o writ of attachment was i?sued out of the Circuit Court ior the couniy of Washtenaw aforesaid ogainst tha land nnd tenemerua, goods. chattels, rights, c-edits moneys nnd ofL-cta of Nnthan Sturgcs?, Deiendant at the snit oi Wing Taber, plnintiil", lor the suin of two hundred anTi iwcmy-five do! lars and sixty cenis, which writ of attachment was .nade vcturnnblo on the first Tuesday of June, A. D. 1845, &nd has been returned doly served. B. KING.CIerk. Hawkins &. Pf.ATT, Att'ys for PlaintifF. Ann Albor, June 28, 1S-15. 18-6w 50,000 PHJlHl8 WOOL WANTEN nnHE Subscribers will pay Cash for Wol, at JL their Store, No. 118 Jcflerenn Avenue- Groat care phould be taken by VVool-Groweo in cleansing their Wool, and piitting it up fot markt-t. M.iny Farmers are iu tho halm o' clipping thcir Wool wiihcnt washing, v hi:h renilere it unmerchantable. Let it be well washed. ünd rol'.ed as light as possible, inside out, and fastKncd with a strong cord. Thosc ba ving Wool to sell will consalt their interest by cnlling on usbefore selling. NEW GOOJDS, WE nro now receiving our Spring stock oi Goods. which we offer for Cnsh or Pro-; ducc, at the very lowest markei prices. SMITJÍ. GLOVER & DW1GHT. Detroit, May, 1845. 213-tf ISSai&k Decds and Mortgagcs WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, (brsnleby BECKLEY, FOSTER & Co. Mnrcli 20, f845. . - ,. Trnvcliiig Bakcl, LA fij fcliS' Carpet Bags, Straw and Cone Bage, föf salo by W. A. RAYMOND. Detroit. May 9, 1645. 213-6mo ÜS.tpïC Sisear! 1f(''f pouds for sale, a good anide, rJJ'l_r just received. BECKLEY, FOSTER, & CO. Aun Arbor, June 6, 1845. 7


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