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FuMislu.-! svery Bridymorntog,hi the thlrd story r ju, Dricic iHüCk. loriivi' o! M..K1 :iiut HurOD .Strcetu ,1,1,;,).;, AlIC'il. ButraucH uu iturou tilreet ÜilUt B. TOS, Cdiior a;U PuWIshcr. f'i'00 i Ycar in Aduancc. BATES OF ADVERTISIXG: [12 liues or Iri cunsidercd a squari:.] 't. _Lw-_ ■'" "" ''■' " lJ' fjTjT.rr 1$ .78 iO UMI ifiMUfiM -JTÖbÜtm I l--'1! -■='! .'."' I ."i'i 8.00 1 12.00 3.50 5i I '.'.("i i li.dli 80,00 "lcoluinn 8.00 1 -1-T.4-. .00 j 10.00 15.00 86.00 ';-3 -,,:i.iiii MK1 :■■ '■':■' 12.00 00 808 10.00 1S.00 ■J.-,.(K)(4oS0 Tcóïïimn ' -'"' 11-.'"1 II lil.irti ■_'.-.. nu 10.00 T5.00 'cMÜ'SINI'IHIX'TÜRY.nottooxci'ed fuurlliu's j.00 ,v,,rt3eríto the extanl of aqunrter oolninn ona intrart.wlll bc nntltled to havo thelrcardeln 5ctorj without rxtr:i charge. Iaca Notlcea ten conts por lino for the flrstinaerlon "'' iix 1'''1" " ''"" lor ea "'.ibspqpnt inserjo! bot no notlce Inacrted foi leaa than $. Snocia' Kot'c8 once-and-a half the rates ofordlncnts. ▼airir dertlera have ilic pririlee ofolisiictag kMr aavertiseiuents three time. „aWlllnl" KUrra ■ "■. ff idvertisementBnnaceoinpanled by ritten or (SjUlfcctíons wlllbepnbHahed ihrermonths,nml iccordingly. im Advertlsements.flrat Ineertlon 70 cent? per I3jeont8 per folio each subeoqTientInscrtKm. !Snpotponomeul added to un advertlsi'mcnt lwholeirlH be charge d the same asfor flrsiiuserIon. J03 PRINTING. „ ,mDhUt? Pogters. lland lülls, Oircnlars. C.irds. i iiTirk'-i-" Label, Blankg, Bill Heads, and other ?j,tiesof Plalnnnd Fam-v Job Prlnttnfr, executed 'i.hnromptnefx.and In the best pomlblestyle. ÍaRDS -We have a RugsJes Rotar; Crd Preos, ■íiilanreTarlety oftbe IhímI BtriM orfsrd ive ïblehenïbles nato print Carde ofatl khidt in the úütMi posílblt Btrle.and chcaper than íny other mwinthcClty. Business Cards for men of :ll a. SStoDínml nrofesslon, BU, Wedding and TUdllng ,Ttu nrlnted on short notlce. Cali and aeemnjee.


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