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Why Whittier Never Married

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It scoms strarge that a nature so gonial, so tender and true as that of John ' G. Whittier sliould go tbrough lita unmated; and henee the inquiry cftea arises amoDg Lia ndmirers, "W'liy [ tier never murried ?" The atiswer is not ikiinitely known He gives, as a reason, that the ment betweeu himself and his mother ', was uucotnraoD, and as she was an invalid, he hesitated about briuging a wifc home, least it might make trouble for lier, although be had secu many ladics bo admired. Among his early acqiuiutanccs was a Miss Mury Smiih, of Kentüt-ky, . wards Mts. Thomas. It is not known bow far tho acquaintance progrcsserl but probably to nc great longth. His eldcst pistcr vvasmuch opposed to the intimacy, and, as he expressed himself, 'Slie toók it out of me.' He wrote a poem about that tiino, ectitlcd "Jlemories," which tells itsowa siory. He met with Mr. Thomas sinco the war. Her threc gons had been in the rebel army, and sho was very strong iu her Southern feel ings ; henee they have but littlo iu common. Then tbero was a Mrs. Elizabcth Lloyd Howell, of Philadelphia, to wtioru before bo beoame famons, be offered him self, and was rejected. Sho made herself quite well küoxvn by writing a poem entitled "Milton on bia Blindness.'' This produetion was so finely writien that it was immediatcly scizod upen bj' Etigiish critica, as one of Miltou's undiscovored poems, and was incorporated in tho Oxford edition of his works, when it becamo knoMii that an American lady was its author. Mrs. Howard is now a widow, and, it is said, fcols quito favorably diposed toward Whittier, but ho is human, and remembers that sbe once rejected hiin. Sbe was very beautiful - neither a blonde nor brunette, but that tint between whieb is souie-, times so charming.


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