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What Takes Men To Prison

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A visitor to the Uharlostown, Massahusetts, State PrisoD, ruakes (Lis record : Each of U8 liad rcinnrked, that if we jad not knowu tbat we were iu rrison, ve should never havo suspected the fact Vom the appearance of the men. Tlicy veré, on the w'kole, quite as respectable ooking men as you will find, on the arcrage, ia any large manufacturing esabhslunent in the country. " Warden," I askcd, " hon do you account for these men being bere? Are they really worsa tban the average of nen, ör what is it tliat brings theni lere ?" " I think that tbey average quite aa well as the ordinary range cf meiij" faid the warden. " Eigbt out every tui corae bere, direclty or iudirectly, by iquor. When tbey are sober they are, n general, as good raen as you will find. [ don't givc aguess when I say eigbt out of ten. I have examined every case individually, and hiow it, from the stoteuents of the prisoners aud records of the courts." " And what cause do you think," I askf d, " leads men into theso babits of drinkibg?" "The great cause is, not learning a trade," said the warden. " Young feltoa ;iro getting the notion that it is not zenteel to learn trades ; they die away thcir timo nnd get into saloons, and acquire the kabit cf driuking. Tbeu they go to f;ambling place?, and wben tbey lose they aro desperate. Tb ere are had eharacters who push men on into crime, and keep outofit themselves- the keepers of grimbling saloons, and siiuilar places - who waUh theso vietims, and, when they nre desperate ficm their losscs, suggest some burglary or robl ory. They are easily led to do ariytbing. Theu they get caught nnd como bere." i


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