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Mr. Lincoln On Woman Suffrage

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Ihe tollowing f-tory is relateu ot tbu lato President Lincoln : There lived in Springfield in 1860, and probably lives thero still, an Irish doylaborer named Joiin MeCwthy, ün iulète Democrat. Somo time after the Presidcntial olcotion, Mr. Lincoln wsis walking along tlio public fquare, and John 113 shoveling out cf the gutter. As tlie President elect approaclied, MoCuithy rested on liis shovel and holding cut liis hand, said bluntly : "An' ao ver electod ProsiJent, nto ye ? Foith an' it wasn't by tay vote at all, at all!" "Wel!, yes, John," replied Mr. Lincoln shakiiig hands very cordially with John, "the popers s;ij I'm elecleil, but it seein odd I siiould Ie when you oppoped me.' c'Wéll, il sther Ltnooln," said John, droppi"g his voica, lest some brother Democrat Bhoulii hear the confession, "I'm glad you got it, after all. It's moighty little pace I'vü had wid Biddy for votm' fornist ye ; an' if ye'd baen bato ehe'd ha' diiv mo froui tho shnnty as (ihujr.e's the woTroW ' '(■iivo mv eöuiplinienfs to BidJv, Johü, aini toll br J "11 thiuk seiiousiy of : fnTragi:' sti3 Mr. L., wíth u smile, as he passed on to his office.


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