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-Tlicre seems to ha a dct.rminaiioii in Congrega to cxicml the tiuie of rcsklcnci' io ihta country before a (orcigner can be naturalizad, aud also to throw otlicr great embsrr&samenta In tlie way. We trvtl evwy person enütletl lo become a cilizen under tlie presad buce irtil immediaiê ly dono. Cltlzensktp la a great privilege umi siioulrl not be lust bv ncgleot r Indll ference. - KUtabethtovm LY. Y.) Pfitt. The above paragraph is equally ap plicable to this section. The bi!l pending in Congress is designe! not only to compel neturalizatioQ in the United States Courte - at agreat inconvenience to the applicant - but to preveDt fureignhorn residents voting on what is geneially known os "first papers." Thosc, therefore, who have deolared their inten tions to beeomo citizens, if the requipite time has since elaped, should lose no time in getting their "fu!l pupers," that is, thoir certifioatos of naturalization. Tliore aro hundreds of suoh in Washtenaw C'ounty, and we tlon't knov but we might with safety say thoueands. For thtir infonuation, wo would cay that the Circuit Court will bo in festion in this jity,on Tuesday, April 5th, ben thoge interested would do well to be present md be made citizeng. Thore are two other classes of fjreignborn residents who should malse a flank movement on Congress and save them ielves money and trouble, - that is if thcy have a dosire to become citizens. Ihoso who served in the array during the lato war and were honorably dishargcd, and those who came into the United States before they were cighteen poars old and havo resided herofive year8, may bo ndmitted to citizeuship irithout having first mado declaration of their intentiona. - Township committee8 would do well to cali the attontion of persons interested to these facta. It is üIho desirkble - as the act of CoDgresa when passsd will probably recognize previous decaratioQs of intention ia Stato Courts - 'or all whc have not doue ao to vif,it the (ffice of our friend linuisoN. tlie County Jlerk, and file such declaration immediitely. Ab the law now stands thcy must lo so before the 7th day of May next if ,hcy wish to voto next November. The SeDato (Jomtmttsa ia reported as baviüg postpoued indefinilely the nominatiou of Potts. Now, Potts, who has been, indefhiitely postponcd was nominated to bo Governor of Montana ; and indcfinitely postponing tho nomiDation of Potts leavcs Asiiley, the great original impcachist, Uoveruor, indeüni'.ely, of that far off Territory, despite the attempt of tho President to remove him. The teuurc-of-office law was enacted to 8haekle Andrew Johnson; it ties the nands of President Great is the teuure-ofoffico law. Tuk City of Boston has not been heartl from. The Samaría has arrived back with u broken shaft. The Atlanta has beeD heard from - is cruising amopg Iba West ludia lslandg.


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