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The Trial Of Prince Pierre Bonaparte

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Tour, March 22. Tlie Hili Court of Juatice opcncil its Hession ÜiisforcDoon. Slightebanjea ero made ia the arrangement of i!ie court room. Tüe jadges now bit nt the upper end of the hall, witti the Procu reur (reueral rik) assislaniB on Uieir riglit, clerka ar.d offio&rs of Iba couri in tlio center, and tlio jury and prisoncr wilb Lis counsel and reporten on llie left. The remainder of tbe apartnieni is üt'voiü'i te fpectatora, Lul thu spaoe is vr: y [imitad. 'J " 1 1 e first witness px&mined wns 51. Millure, who came iiito court betweeu two yens d'arme. Ile gave li is tetlil with liriimot", hut ïiiaJi; do al tempt at display. He said the lettor sent. y l'rincu JJotiiiparte tu Kóclieí'irt v:is tuit a provoention. Uut at) muit. lttÏDg at-ktid wliy lie wore anus lm rcp'ied tliai ie lived in a district outudo l llie city. nd going homo late at nilit was obligd to carry anus for self-proteutiuu. - iu ii tally blamed tbe g uTniment r ilijiiiv in ilid ari'est of t!ie Prinoe afer ibe sliouting, wberenpon lie wus repimandud by the President rf the cui t. Tlig Priiice roae cxii;eJly and declar d thut Milliere aid Groussett liail botb worn tbat tbey would yet sboot him. - l'bis the witnefs pnsitivcly denied, acd be audit-nce seemed incümd to biss tbe ?riacc. Tbe Procureur-General irsislcd tliat tbe witness sbould be removed to prison and tbe lawyers for tbe profecution dumtindtd tbat be remain and iïive tlie ren;aicdiT of bis teetirnony. TÍe court dccided that the witnesa hIiouUI remain, and lio concluded bis t ■stimony. Sovcral servunts of the accussd were plaoed on the st:u;d and eotne oí' his personal friendo examiued. Tbe Istter damnged iho defence by display ing too uiueh zcül. Paul de Casfagnac was not examiued Ho was insulting in his marnier toward tho lawyers for the proseoution. M. Larocca, vrho lestitied in favor of the accused, was at one poiut called to queetion by the court because he sbowed tuo n:ueh 'ffarmtli. All the vvitncsses for tba defeeco testified that they no:iced a contusión on his cheek after the nffray, but a )hysician who waa called m at the time to examiue the Piince's fuce, was placed on tlio stand and sworo that he snw do signa of contusión. He was iaimcdialely eoufrunted by the other witnes-eí, but repcated Lis t-taiement. The audi(nce waa much exuiied by the contra diction. The defence attempted tn provo thai hlii,ot Fouville ha'l drawn a pisto], and a!?o thnt a ptot luid been formed tga:ost thü lifo of tlie Piiucu before the affair of the Kue de Auteuil, but the evidence tuiled to sustain either allegation, It.ia i-xpecied thnt llochefoit will bo csamiucd to-morrotv.


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