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The Circuit Court--judge Higby

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In the Circuit Coiirt, Judge IIigüy preskling, the last jury caje readv for trial was disposed of on Frlday, the I8tli Inst, the jury dUcharged- bavlng been held full flve weeks - and the term adjourned to April 5th, at whlch time Jadge HkJby wtll baar and dispose of Chancery cases, motions, etc. Now that Jadge IIic.nY luis Iield liis Brst term in otir county, and gone throagh the longest calendar ever gottcn up in tlie pourt, or at least in raany years, we are )lcased to my that he gatned the good will nul coulldenec ol'Bar, Jury, Iitigants and the public. Rcfore separatlng, the Juiy ndopted and unanlmonsly signed a resol n tion, whieh was presented to Jadge IIigby commending liim for theability, lmpartlallty, coartesy, and patience wlth whlch he had discharged Uic oncrous and not overgreeablc duties lucnmbent apon h'm. We firoposed tu gratify the Jury and tli many IMends Jadge Bjqbï bafl m-ule in our County by pabllshlug the resolution wlth the slgnatarefl appendcd, but the modesty of the Judge conflicting witli onrintentlouB, - and he havlng possesslou of the document, - NVe are obliged to be content wltb this versten of it. - Dispositlon, as notcd, was made of tlie following cases, sub.sequent to our last ieport : Gco. D. Ilill 't. Ambrose V. Hoblsoii and Chas. Baxter. Verdict for defendfajats. Llihu M. Stickney ra. Asshe! l-nrki;urst. Order of reference to ft. .1 . I: akes. pwight and Wlllord Mallory vs. Jam;s "R'. Case and John T. Sc'ott. ' Order of refcreucc to Th os. QTIndj . I the matter of the appcal of Chauncey Lott from the Comtniseionera in the tateof iXU'iiii isheaf. Referred to ïhos. Ninde. Julia A. Gilchrist rs. Frank Gtllckrlst. Divoree granted. Adam D. Seyler, Peter Hindclaug, Jacob ' filndelang, Hichael Poster, Damlen Hein, Siraoa Weber, Andrew lliller, Henry Jjurgrafl', WllUam Donnegan, and Thos. iiiausclieuberger, were admitted to citizenship. - Our reporter erred last -ec!; In saylng that a new trial had been granted in Doyle c. Kearnoy. It was a motiou for fuiMher time to move a new trial whlch was graut cd. Lawycrs, Merchaats and all other Jiarties isliing Letter Ileads got np in superior style, on llrst-class paper, are inJvlted to cali at the oöice, see samllc,s, and leave tlieir orders. - A uew lot of Blll-Bead Paper, white and tinted, just received. In Justico McKkrnan's Cburt, on Tucsday, a colorcd boy named Johx wns convictcd of chiofeeu stcnling from a coloree! brother, and sent up for 80 days,- proóaWy bccause the jury ivas white. Allen was defended by a coiored lawyer, whoa his peroration sald tliat "f he Ihought his cliënt stole the chickens he vrouidn't defend htm, but hc Wlshed the jury to t;ike into contemplation that as the XVth amendineut is adopted we want our iights." The jury dld, :uid in three minutes reiirlereda verdict of gnilty. - Jon.v Lawbbhcb efflclated as Prosccutiug Attorney and waved his right to close the case; We wc-re especitilly impresscd wlth the charge of Justice McKernan to the jury. It was : "Now leave the room, all of yon," and the inottkd eroivd, theoffleers, the prisouer, and the court, eft, the jury alone remaining to"flnd t)iejf yerdict," in which they succeeded better than the jury of freodnien down in South Carolina, which "sarched the room all over, and couldn't flud o vardict 110Jvhai-." - ün;ler tlat XVth. anjenduieni we must bay a cotored justice and oolored jurors. Business Carde, by the hundred or thousand, priuted at short notlce, on gootl board, and in the best style, at thc Aruus office. On Monday last, the township of Scio, in a hotly contestad electioii, nnd with a Poll of over 500, vo.ted f35,000 in aid of thc 'foledo, Anu Ar!or and Northern Railroail, y amajorityofOS. AVell done Scio, and. all credit to thc pen who bore thc burden if the contest. - Wcbstev, on Toesday, volcd so on a Propos! tion to aid the saiue ruad In the Bnm of S20.000. Thc voten of Webster are uot ppposed to aid. bat cau't hiten on the conílltions. A portion want Whltmore I.ake madeapolnt. anothet portion want stai-ions nt the several milla along the river, and a tWrd portion go in for Dextcr. The iatter had the pending jwoposition, the two formerjoined In votlng it down. Now for pew trial, with uneonditionai aid. Wo shall be in readioess to print cketg lbr the coming Town Meeting np Saturday evening. VTrlte tlie ful) ñames Ifglblv, and c9rrec{ tket vill ba arrantod.


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