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Illinois Constitutional Convention

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i lio followitig pt-titioo, among other?, signed by 1,319 ladies of Peoría, was lately presented to the Illinois Conveution at SpringfielJ : " Tho underwigned, fearing thnt a smiill roinority of our countryworaen, by their boldness and misdirected zeal, may succeed iu currying a measuro Avlich we bclieve to be prejudioal to the liighest intercets of our sex, if uot in direct opposition to both divine and natural laws. hnd understauding that petiiions urging the omisBion of tho word m le froin tho Conetitution which you are engaged in preparing, Lave botn prc-ented to your hoDorable body, we feel it our dutv to enter our solmn protest, nnd dcolire that we aro uoalterably opposed to any action on your part, whieh shall confer upon tho women of the Sate of Illiaois the right of eufl'rago. And we also declare that we nre opposed to nny actiou upon the part of Oongress looking to a liko result through an ameudineut of the Federal Constitutión. A Confedérate medical offieer Las eetimated tlio whole numbur of robels killed duriug the war was 53,773, and including those who diecl by disease, the number lost was Í60,000. He says the vrholo available forco of tho Coulederates was GUO,000. Tho Kansas Pacific Railroad sell to frequent travelers on tliat road what are ealled 1,000 niilo tickets for $45, ridiiii; at four imd one-half ceute por mile, until tho 1,000 miles have beeu passed over the road.


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