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Nbw Yoiuí, April 19. Financial matters are uniformly quk-t Gold fluctuates a little from temporar, causes, rangtng bet ween 1 IS and lli. Tli close of Leut is the occasion for a ptcklUj up of business. Cotton remains 'stea'ly Cotton yarnB stllldecllnlng. Inlast v, report, the opinión was expressed i biviulstuii's had reacluda point quite as low as legitímate causes demandad. In othe Words, it was limitcd that the low prices mlght be to sonie exteut the workof specu lators, to manipúlate the market with the view of a risc before harvest. The correct neflS of tliis opinión seeins In the coursc o verifica tion, for the week shows a notice able advauce on flour and gruin. Compara tive flour quotatloua are as iollo-.vs ; ÏTo. í spring wheat is quoted at 1.08 1.14 to-day, agalnst $1.0G@1.09 a wsekago Eted and amber western at $l.22@i.0P. agalnet$ lust weck. White Mlchgan, l.-lO. Corn, for new mixed western squoteil lo-diy at fl.lÖ@1.16, agalnst $1.00 1.09 last week, and oats 6865c igalnst 58e at prior date. Tliis is a gratl'ying ezhlblt lor the farmera who have so on!i been accostomed to the anlform report ol' 'Muil and decllnlng." The advancehere s partly due to an Increasod fofelgn denand, althoagh Liverpool quotatloBS show io advance In that market. The recelpts, of wheat at Liverpool for t!e three daya emllng this )ny, were 00,000 qrs., of whlcli 55,000 were American. There is more fmntess In beans, with a better demánd. liuter Is movlug more actlvely, and with the leeline in prlces at the west, a margin may x-fore long be established favorable to vestern shlppcrs. New western tubs, (jood to prime, are held at 88@84, and fair o gooil, 2S@:2. Good to prime State tubs, I4@87. Hops arestill unactlvc, English idvlcea belng uufavorable, and ghlppers (oldlngoff. California hops are arrivlng oinewhat frecly, and are ou market at 20c. )rled frults are dull, and prlces relatlvely ower than at the west. Cl over secd, ;15.25 per busliel. Tiniothy seed, ?(5.75@ .00 per bushel. AV'ool quict aud unchunyd. Jlichigau fleece, 45@47c. Detoit, April 20. Thcre Is a fair revival of business, botli or the lake and river tradc, and ior the iterlor. Kavlgatleti is fairly open to all oiuts except Laka Superior. Wtreat ad. anees ou the week 2@üo. Both corn and oats have advunced under a llght suppiy. I Öree apptes qulet at unchangod priccs. Beans are in a little more incjuiry. Butter tuctlon, and Ia weak at quota: tions. Common Is' plenty, but chcicc Is quite scavce. Cheeso nnchatiged: Dried apples are doll at qnotations. Dried peaches dull at 17(3 1 7. Egga in goad demand, and suppiy at about lff. Fëed scarceand yrices betWr, :it $18 tor bnui, 22 for cóarse mld, and $27@28 for flne. Maple sagar Isscorce and held at 18@19. Potatoes aro In na 'reactive demand, whlch is nmply Bupplled by recelpts, at unchaiiged prlces, CU)v rseed han been at extreme rats, hav in' snM as lii;:h is (11, but is now iuclin lower prlo I@10.fi0 Qaoted i ii Cbleagó at % l((í 1 1 .86. Prom Om Bulletin, 16th. Tlic Bostou Viool .Tlarkft. In ilio wool market tlicm is no ImproTOment to note; the feeling is weak, and, bal for the vei-y llmlted stocks, prlces Wüiild Ineritably tal! to a .still lowef range. The demand is conñned to the 1 in medíate wants of consumera, aod these wants, jnst now, witli the gooda market affllcted witli a chronic depression, are very rnodenvte at Bt. Manufactarera have eyldeutly made up thelr mlnds that It is bottei' uot io work at all, thau to wotl i, and are CQrtaillDg tlieiv acordingly. 'i'here is n!so an Qngettled feeling among tliem In regard to the tariffquestloiijWhloh remlcrs tliem SX1 11 more unwilllugto atiticipate their vrantg. J!nt holdera of deslrable grades of fleecc wool are appaiently indifTt rent to the sltaatlon, and are vcry carefnl uot to press gales at the risk of furthet demorallzlng and breakiii{ down the market. It is. two inonths and a halfyettothe nex.t clip, and in the mean time a stock of heavy gooda has got to be made ap for the fivll trade. Hen e wool will have tobeobtalucd soraewhere In large quautltles durInjr the next tew weeks ; and as it can only bc had of Eastern dealera and commisslon merchante, it certaluly looka as If theyheld thestaffln theirown hands. The manufactarers,a8 a general tliing, liave but little wool on hand; and at a moderate estímate of the exigencles ol consumption, the upply held by the former, of all grades, will i)i' entirely cleared out befoiv the micldle of June. But.Jusi now, prlces rule in favor of the buyer, and large iis can only be sold at sume conceaslon ftom quoted rutes. The range fordomestic Qeeee Is irery llmlted, lliu Iner grades selllug not ïnuch hlghD the low and medium. Tliis ranire is represented by the ttgures ■■":■■ ■'■'c, the extremes belng for coarse Western and doublé extra Oliio and Pennsylvanla. Medium tteeces are scarce and most waufed for the present. Combina and dciaiuc wools are qulet lint Brm, California wools ree, and do not pay the cost oí the nrticle laiil down here. i'ullel woola tvntinno to sell freely, but at relatlvely low prlces. Qood Eastern extras are sola close np, bat Western supera are onsalable except at Sgures whlch lioldcrs are reloctant to accept. Forelgn wools ure dull auü uuaettled. Sales of domeetic for the Tcek liave been Hght and foot op only abont 400,000 a range of 4 l@54c for fleece, and 4O@4Ö for the vari ■! ! les of palled. Inoluded are 8,000 Iba. of extra and above .Michigan at 48c.


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