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QOxTr IS TKE MAN WHO DID IT, A Splendld N"ew Stock of QrocorteB jnat opcned at the Cite Arcade nt VEKY LOW PRICES. Cali i:nd sec them. DoD't be bnmbagged ly litile bors passing aruiuiil hauUbills to teil 'wiio firtt reducid prlces. ■ CJ.AttK & CUOPSEY. "yOÏICE! The flnnial meetiüir of tbestockholdersof the Ann ArborTmdlns .Vspociation, for the electiun of officen ftxtd for the tratnactton of "nch otber butlneM as may he bronght before tho moi'tin.% will be held at toe office ol the AssocUtlon, No X Main Street, on Mondar, May J..1, ai toii o'cïock in the fur-iiuon. B. V. WAI'l'," L. OaOHlB, Pii'ti.lnl. S'Cretary. Ann Arbor, April 20, 1870, IMOwS CHAS. A. LEITEIl & CO., CHAS. A. LEITER & CO , CHAS. A. LEITER & CO., CHAS. A. LEITEE & CO., T7o. 1 Giegory Block. Ne. 1 Gregory Block No. 1 Gresory Block' No. 1 Giegoiy Block, KW Sign of the Gilt Mortar 9 Sign of the Gilt Mort ar E3T Sign of the Gilt Mortar I tW iign of the Gilt Elorta;BATE .R'.'T OPKNED HAVE TOST OPl'-MI) HAVE JÖST OPEXED JUiT OPENKU 'l'ho 3init Ftock of The liiust Stook of O?he Ifiiiesfc Stook of 'l'lie Ifineet Stoelt of DRUGS MD MEDICINES DHUGS AND MEDïCiXES DRUGS AAD MEDICINES DRUGS AAD MEDIC1XËS IN THE CITY. Ilt TUK C1TT. 7.V TUK CITY. IN THE CITY. PURE WINES AND LKÜTORS Kor Medio in a 1 Purpoe '' '' tl Popular Patsni Vi-'!ii;iiif's of the daj , and everything kapt in a BritEXCELLENT BRAND OF CIGARS. ÏRY TBCBJM. Polo Agftata in tlití City fur Otto & RpjncWs celBÜR6I0A1 AND DENTAL INSTRUMENTS. ESPECIAL ATTENTION HITEN TO THE IOMPO1 Si,N(i of PHYMCIANS' PRESRIPUONS a. (1 FAMILY MEDICINES. lütsa TOU A FULL LINE OF FLANNELS, TJ.ATDS, JS7ArKINS, TABLE LINENS, BLE ACH GD GOODS, ÏICKLNGS AND D0ME3TIC GOODS CHEAP, GO TO THE FARME1 S' STORE B0UNTYT0S0LDIERS0F1861 All oldlere(oi tbelr betrai who snllstsd beJor the' Bddayof .liily, 1 81 , for three vean, and wirehonrably discharjied wttboat raceiving bouuty, should J ind lii'jir difiduirffeSj or apply i- us, al i ■ HOWARD t WELOH, i". 8. (;inim Agento. l'J8ów4 Hó JtftVrsu avenue, Detroit. SPRING Al Sllüli, S. SONDHEIM ÍIAS JUST RETCBKXD FROM NEW YORK WITH -A. LARGE STOOK OIF READY-MADE CLOTHING BOYS' AND YOUTHS' CLOTHING, AliO THE FIN'JCbT 8ÏOCK OF CL O TH S, CASSIMEliES, VESTJNGS, 3ENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, Cl.OTIIS OF AL!. COLORS, EÜCH AlJ BLACKt IBROWN, OLIVE, DAHLIA, AND ÜTÍ1ER roi.ORS TOO NUMERÓOS . TO HK.NTIOt). CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER, ON SHORT NOTICE. 1 JV TUK BEST feTTLË, AND FIT WARRANTED. Cali and Examine for Yourself N. CLOTHING FIFTY PER CENT. CIIEAPER TIIAN AT ANY OTHER HOUSE. AM, PERSOKS INDEBTED TO I.ATE FIRM OF M. GUITERMAN' i CO., WILL FLEASE CALÍ. AND SETTLE AND SA VE COSTS. 126 pRY COODS CHEAP! I C. II. MILLEN lias just returned from New Yoik, and is now receiving a OP SPRING AND SUMMER IXRY GOOD6, Uought during the recent fr.ü in priccs, and wil! bo sold Chenp. C. H. MHÜLEINT. nPIIE STYLES OF LADIES' 13RESS GOOD8, ARAB SHAWLS, LLAMA POINTS, GLOVES, TIES, BOSIERY, PARASOLS, FANS, &e., &c, ARE BEAUT1PUL AND CHEAPCALL AJSl) 8EÜ THEM at C. H. Millen's. gPRlNG PRlNTi;!, SHEEÏINQS, SHIRTINGS, House Furiiisliing Goods, Gont's Cloths & Cassimores, AND EVKRY VAKIETY OF SPRING DRY GOODS, FOR LADIES AND GENTS A.T VERY LOW PRICES aT C. H. MILLEIS'3. DLTK01TAPVLRTlSEMExNTS The. Cardé i this column are all rf '.igiiimau cntcrpri.. None ff a gUMtíanaile cliaractfr nrrtj hi!. G& R. MoMILLBN, . IMPORTE K.B nd WHOLESALE GSOCERS! II. m: in S:i oh l fuïl it Tr:As, r i : Agn ■ J7ÍB Xzixicn. 1' i y t : : w tij ::■■ , Scotcfc Aio. Bad I oudi i: Portr. -jARY GOOItó, WHOLESALE. AL13ERT D. PIERCE & Co.. AVJriolcsale Dry Goods 85 WtodwurU Avei DETROIT, - - MICHIGAN. QEELY'S Exlracl s and Toilet Arlicles, Por balu by all first daas buulcis. U LÜUPACt) ;:; li 265 & '207 Woodward Ave, Detroit "O RAYMUND&SÜN', riewileaiiá Ro4ail BOOKSELLERS AXD STATIOSEUS, B0OKBINDER9 a.nd BLANK BOOK MANUFACTURERS, No. 7 Fort Street West, Oppo-site tlio qow City Hall. DETROIT EB. SMITH&fo , llöand 118 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, In thelr uew and elegant tYiablihmt:nt will more thnij -v i .t in'-nt f all Invers of booVa in thelr vi'-.ini y, uji' i1 ■ literatnre throvghout li ■ u'Uríto lt-arii tliat palatiol bjokatOTts. iil;t' l'cmr' pr] westward tak Iheir waj.- 1 hit V. Jiotfiit ' .11 now tkp ; rl I ■ In ü ow Koo one of tiit' I ir-: ■ i , .ml 1 ttiink th naoat be;iutiful n lh ■ v, iiolr i-oiiQtry. - }ialni Ttanêcrijtt, BookBtore Is tii ooontiy. - Advertiser and Tnhuuc. An oroameot to the It.y - Prf Prt?$. KEMOVAl. K. Liibbbmak, mannffcciarei aJ Clothinp, imtiOrter m ■:-. ior ilen's Wcar Iwis removí 1 ti the sgactaas premlaer, 71 & 78 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Mlch., a ul is bow iniiiuifactuiing :i vt-: v largeand handaome itoekof ClothiBg aultable for th SyoatOTnli y-iKalwnvf on hand a Urge and Fasfaio inent of Clotbs Caaaiimrea and I llora' Trimminga, anda f all H na of Gen t' F . íoodi pARKIAÖfi: :" CARRIAG JOHN PATTEN & SON. E3TABLISIIED IN 1842. Having bouzht a large stock of va terial alnce th decline lo gold, we are prepared i.i farDish ! ; ras at Ion t cnu bf bougbt for t'Ui'whiTc. We fxcvl ii Bnlsh and durabllity, wblcfa te our work the ?t in thff country. factory .ad Otfice cor, Woodferldge anl Braah Sti DEMOVALI HENK Y v: tai I Dealer, :; i.'l Ma oufacturw of i-'ur-iiture, Pianos anti BillJard fablea, au d w remoi naw %i MtoTjr, free utonfl front, Mammotli Farottoxfl Éfltablishmeat. 141, 148 & 145 Woodward Ave., Detroit. And baOne Pricö Sfatem. Kcpa ad ndlesj il , inrt with anam f-ii'iiitifs, ïii: j.ite-t ii ti i moal approTed ntacbtneryi . ' i . 'i i'i I nul j lldgQ ■ rjETROiT MACBINHRY DKl'OX, JAMES JENK8, DEaLËK JN MAC111NERY No. 29 A ■ ■ et Bast, DETROIT, - . - MICHIGAN. IhQUIKIÏS I . ÍLNDF.D TO. MAOHIN SHOP ANO BRA8S POT71OBY. lo you want Ihst chías BRASS WORK OU BRA6S CASTIXGS Tron pipeaiv! ElUInM f"i Ga,Steam or Water, . r Low Presure êteam J Boltoraj BrewhoaeeAOd DUtitler? Uacbinwj , o. Scnd f r Crcular and I'rirt PLOWER& BKOS , F0 Bru h ri1., Detroit N, B. - AU kinds of Stcaia HeatiDg done. LOAN8 MRQOTIA7SD F'JR CouQtiep, Cltie?, Towrs, Sfchool Districts and Railroads " County. Town and Raih-oad Office who may have LOANS To NEGOTIATE, are im with na. Spocinl attentiop (fiven to the KJiGOTIATlON Of' bCHOOL DI8TB WILK2N8 & Go., Detroit. TJEASÜNS WIIY YOU SHOULD BL'Y DETROIT JT0VES ! Int- They re made of LAKS SUPERIOR CHARCOAL IKON, the best intheworld. j.l- ThcyarewarrantedNOT TO CRACK bj 3,1 - The Patternd are all new, &n have tb iiiipruvenniitf. 4tli - Th e Iütgcc and varted auortment of Cooklng, Pur lor and Heating Btovea a4aptd to the fl tntde enabtas the couaaniera tu ge" ji-t the artiele öih- Thev are made by practical arul eipericnced FOR ÜSKandln Woriog Q ilitU-:. are better aUaptcd to the wants of All Peopl. -Pitra Platee to Detroit Stuvea can be easily obtttined, r-equeally saTing ihe coat of a NW Stove. 7tb - Detroll i ttillv demonstrated that WKsn.KN ÍRON, with WESTERN SKI IX can mske Stove8,not excelled bv -.y in th Üolted Ötato, and ought (o have a Urge of patronage frum ihe cilizens of the West. BILLURD ia.:] : oibsboho, BUliard, Plgeon iluto, Bagatelle anl Jenny Lind Table Nanulueturer, on uaraeed. BfUburd Goodg of all kiiiiVí alwaya on hand, J'ctroit, Mlhuand3l Joanh.UQ. MAKTLES í: GRATES. 1'. A. lliLUHca, deïur En : nd (rales, 2'J Woodbridgö átrect, tí ud Kir Circular. MoM'.MKN'I'S AND MANTLÏS. PcatXTHms1 Mar blf and Browastone Works, corner Batea Streel and Utchtgan Avenue. 3mlC(.'-. $iooooëêwakF! GREAT BXCMiT I ! AMONQ FAKMEKS. JSOIO 3VEXXjXjiS wil.l. I'AV Tili: fflGHEST OASH PRICES FOR GOOU WHEAT. V! : WIJ,]. n WKLt rO CALL UiLKK BEFORE ■ I p3EWHERE. BIU.VG YOl'K COOD WHEAT TO 1200 N. W. BlilGGS, Scio. POR SALE! A HOMK AT HOME I'XJR SOME OH. 24 ncrof of lnnl on Muidle ípsiUntl Ho;id..iust nut [de of City I.imir, i! be .-■■'M on better tenns i han i anj other lana equaiiy locaiea near we cuy. ajso other property for s;ih', Icdudta tota "ii Hurón Sí. Por pArticnlara '-ii inire oftheanbscriber ut hi oflice. lust door nest of tlie Presbyterlan Cbarch. t'. WOODRUFP. Anu Albor, April 18, WIO. U0tw4 pOE SALE. Tho snbscriber offers lor sale a lionseand 1 '; aerea of lanrl, yiih n Mri'. ple trees, aml weU, ncar iheSeoond Ward School House. iln of MACK & W Aan Arbor, April Sili, I8T0. IMStf Drain Gonmiisi-ioLcr's Notice. YliTli;!: Ib herebj given tlmt the DralD Commls1 1 slonerol WaabtoDtv Coapty n be :xt theliou-e of Wm. Oiddea, in the tovnanlp of Plttifleld, on ihc Ith day of Hay, 18T0. at 2 o'clock P. U„ i partías to contract forthe eicavatlon landconstruc iiiti of a draln, wlth branch, ti be known as Ptttaleid No. 4 Draln, commraclng m the aontn line of eertion No H, raaning thence anatb and eontli eaaterly cross MCtlon l H. I wlli abo !' a( thehonse ofWm.Qedae on tbe8dday of Mtiv. iri', at ■- o'clock i'. M. t which Unie and place I wilt exblbit maps of the ftbove piopoaed dniin, faccordlDg to rarvey), aml ■ of th several parcela f land d amed by me benefltcd threby, and the anioant and deecrlptions bj dlvlalone and Mili -ïivNluiiü of thu itbove desertbed pp (train by me apportloned to iii ownerofea rri;ti,Mi t. construct, and to the t iwnahlp "i flefdtocoD I act on e ooant of aach dratn bonefltlng hlghway, and to heat reaaona, Ifanyare offered. wny such apportionment saoold bc rériewad aud corrected ■nu Arbor, April -1, I ■ ' JAMES .T. PAR8HALL, 1206w3 Coimty Uraiu CommltelODSr. Estato of Thusnelda Sayera. fjTATBOP MIOHIGAN.Conntj of Wahtenaw,f. O Noticc Ighoreby elven, tbat byan order of the Probate Court for the Connty ofwaehtenaw, mado on th d&y "f April. A. l). 1"7O, alz moniha lïom thatdate were allowed tor creditora lo thelr claims affainal the estateofThna mjera, late of Bald ('ountv, deceased, and that all ereditora of Mild deceased are reqnired to preeent thcir ilftlmc to sald Probate Oourt, af the Probate Dllice in Die citv cf Anu Arbor, for ezamlnatlon ul llowance, onor before the eighteenth day of C etober next. and that such clatma wtll bo beard i cfore unid Probate Court. on Saturday, the K oenthday of July. and on Tnetday, the eiebteenth layofüctober u.'xt, at ten o'clocli iu the l'orcuuun r'each of thoae dan. Datcd. Aun Arbor, April 'Wh A. O.. 18T0. EIKAM -I BBAEBfl, 12Ü6" Jude of Probiite. to of Ornngo C. West. CTATEQpmCHIQAJi.CountyofWa.hteBaw., 7 ■".' frobatoConrt f.,r the Connt, v.. holden t the Piobate Office. In the Ann Arbor. on Satnrday. the slxteenth daj ljt in the year oue thuusaud elgbl hnudrei ut, ilir.-itn .r. Bcakes, .Judge of Probeta liter of the c-tore of Oranje C. West, I ■■: tbe petlHoo. aolv rcrUed ol 8. WesLprnylng that Daniel M. Cnklwell', i ■ i. iii.-y be npuoiuted Ad ■ I ild deceased roere in il is ordered, that Monday, the sitteenihd.iyof Haynext.ftt ,. in the forefor the hearing of said petitiou a"'It'1 dd dtcwue& and li i said estáte, ure rcuiiicd to appear at a tession of said Court. then tob holden, at the Probate Ottee, kn the City of Am Arbilr. ;"'l! Ifanj ihtre be, whr th prayer of the petitloner shouM n.t be Rrantod: And '. thatsald petttloaei iiivenotlw In lald estáte, r.i the pendency of said petltion, and the hearing th.reof. b? .' a copy of thla order to be pabBsbsd in the :'"'"'■ ■ ■■■:■■■ printed aml cirnilalino In MM Connty, tbree Bncceaalve weeks pretu tí taW ilny of I u 'ring. (Atraecopy.) ' HIBAH J BEAKHs I-' Jlldjje of Probate. Estáte of John Watling. OTATE OF UKB U3 H, Couniy of vhtenaw, v At tseaslonof the Probate i min for the Coupt' of Waahtonaw, bolden at the Probate Office in uii City of Aun Arbor, on Thareday, the fourteen'ti gay of April, in tiw yeai oue thouaand cieht hr.n drodai " Prsaent. Hlram J. Benke, Jndge of Probote In the matter of the Enlate of Johu Watlinc laaed Alvah Pratl and Wüüam Wail-n..Eiecntor of th I lal wil] and testament i f said decenwd, come lut Court and represent that thev are now urrpartd t thetrsna] aoronnt aa snch JBxtcoton 1 heienpon it is ordered. Mondar, the eij tecntbday of Har, next. at ten o'clock In the tam noon, be aaalgned for ejcamlnlng and ullunlnir ut I that tbe legateta, derlaeci andbelraa lawof .i. and all other penosa intei Ir sald eatate, are reqnired to appear at a eei f sald Court, then td be holden at the I'robat In the ("nv of Ann Albor, in iaid Conntr. an ■ any tberebe, why the said acconi abontd nut be allowed : And it 11 furthcr ordore that Ba'.d Bzecalora ;ivr notlce to the pera na Intei lencyoraaldaeootml and tbe hearing thereof, by can-lug n copj of thl o be publisbed in the Ui higa Argvi, a nrvrt paper printed and clienlatlng In Batd Connty thre Ito wei ka prerlona to aaid day of hearioir. CA trne Copy.) HIIUJI J. BEAKEd, '"'JC Jodge of Probate. Estáte of Henry üitbfield. otati: OF UICHIOAH, Connty of Waahtesaw, , L At a Beseion of the Probate Conrtfor tbeConnt ol Waahtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, In i1 Mty r Ann Arbor, o Mouday. tbe eleventl) da of April, in the year onc thousand ei"ht hut dred and seronty, i'i - i .. Hlram J.Beakea.Judgeof Probate In the matter of the Estato of Henry Caullclc aecean d On readlDgand flling the petltlon, dulyrerined.! ChcgterH. Kempf, Admlnlatrator, piaylng tl-at 1 ■ lieenacd to hII certaln real átate where ' ascd dled scizt d. Therenpon II I ordered that Tneday. the twci o-foarth day ol May, next, at ten o'clock i tl aaslened tor tho hearlne of said pet tlon, and thut the heira at law of said deceasn and all other persona Intereated In said eetat are reqnired to appear at a si lid Cour ■ be holden at the Probate Office, In theCIti Ani Arbor, and show cause, Ifany there be, why tl prayer of the petitloner should not be jrranted :. thal Bald petltioner qii In sald estáte, of tl penden 'Ins chereof, l oantlngacopy af t&ls order to be pnbUshed In tli Dewspaper printed and cirrnlatin lasaiil County, f.a: 8ucce8sivev.-i.(kprevoaeto sai day of hearing, HIKAM J.BEAKE8, oopy. Jadeeof Piubat. 1265t(i Ebtate of Bates C. West, OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Was htenaw, O At a sessiou of the Probate Court for the Count ofWai den ;:i the l'roliate OtBce. inth of Ann Arbor. on Saturdoy, the abcleent day oí A] lil, in the year one thousaud eight hm drud í,nd aerenty. Present, Hlram J. Beakea, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Bates C. Wej deeeapcd. On readlng and llllng the petitin önT.T reriflidv Ellen praylng that Daniel M. Caldwell o other aoitable persou niay be appoiutcd Ai ministrator of the estáte of sald deceasecl. Thereupon it is Ordered, that Mondar, theti: day of 5lay, next. at ten o'clock in th forenoon, be aaedgned for the hearing of eai pctitiim. and that the heirsat law of taid dewatei sted In tiuid estaU are reqnired to appear n : sesslon ofsaidCooi then to be holden at the Probate Office in the city c Ann Arbor, and show ostbse, ifany therc lc.wh the prayer ol the petrtfcmer snould not be granted And it fuftherortïercdthat saidpetltionei t'ivo no ticetothepefsoTislnterestedlnsaideatate'of the mi dency of aaid petidon, and the heariiir thereoí h cansfnga copy ofthia Order to bepublishcd Inth aperprinted and ctrculatü) in aaid connty, tnreesaccesslre weeks previontti said day of hearing. CAtrnecopyJ ' IIIRAM J. BEAKE8, liCCtd Jndi;cof Probate.. Estáte of Enoch James. OTATE oy MICHIGAN, Connty of Wuhtenaw, 'i O At :i Besston of the Probate Coort for the Coinit; of W'ahtenaw, holden at the Probate ofllce in thi city of Ann Arbor, on Uonday, the eihtcenth dfti of April, ir. ihu year onc thönsaud eTgbt liundroi and s v Présent, Hlram J. Hcakcp, .Tndp e of Probate. In the nyitlcr ol' the estáte of Enoch Jnnu-s de ry T,. ,Ttmn9 and Lyman 1). James, Exfc utors of the I:i8t will and teatamenl ff sald tic ceased, come Ento Conrt and represent that ihey u now prepared to reuder their first account as euct Bxecntorv. Therenpon it 13 Ordered, that Vonday. ihi Blxteentn day of May, next, at ten o'cli'Vk the forenoon be ftaslgned for examlnlng and al lowing siich account, and that the legateea, 4 and lifirs al law of nid deceased, au all other persons Interested In said estáte, are tt qulredtoappi on if snid Conrt, then hivitli.1!) at the Probate Ofllce, in the City of Ani Arbor InsaidCosBty, and show cause ifany there be, why tlio said account shonld nol be allowed : And itil forther ordered, that said Ezeeotora gire notta to the persons Interested in piid estáte, of the pendency of s;nil account, and the hearing thereof, bj a copy of this order to be pnblished In th Mi-hU' . . Dewspsper j)rinted and rirculaiinj : Connty, thrce enoceaslre weeks irevlons fc rfai-l day of hearing. CA trnecopy.J HIRAM .1. BEAKE6, l.'OCtd Jndie of Probate. NËWGÖÖDS" MAYNARD'S I IIArt: JUST 11ECEIVEJ BOXESf OP NEW DRY GOODS FOR THE SPRING TRADE AT THE PRESENT TRICES THE CLOSEST -BUYËRS MUST BE SATISFIED. JOHN il. MAYNARD, ISOSwS DTIY GOODS ! f GROCERIES, f CABPETS, ■ OIL CLOTI-IS ! AT THE FARMERS' STORE1 weeteWñgT SWEETENING ! FOR TODB 5UGAR and SYEÜP GO TO IIULL, ROBINSON & CO.


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