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Too Fast--a Radical Warning

Too Fast--a Radical Warning image
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IFrom the Seymour (Lid.) Times, Radical.] We would respeetfully pugget to the leadara of the Kepub cao party tbat they are cnnvding tus ': coiored (,■ a liuio to fast for ti:eir own good nid for his good. Negr& Buffrage 3 a bitter pill for at least onc half of the men who havo hitherto vo'.ed tho Kepublican ticket. Henee time ihould bavo been given tketn btfore another bdü a worse dose was exhibitcd. Tin crowding of the negrues into oí;ics while tliere aro white men (uito hs deerving aud as well qualiGi-ti won't win i i t-ia luug run it will break tlio Kepublican party down. lt v reduce tiia negro fo a ■orse eonditiun thau Li; occupied in a tte of slavory, f tbat wero possible. It will pooner or lat -r le:.d tü bis exterminatiou. Politiciana atidfi-.natical idiots who canr.ot read tlio sit;us tf the times may Gevate the negro to the United Siates Senato aid tu tho platform of conT6ntions ; !ut they can't find indorsemunt m the polis for suoh disgusting oonduct. a:id they ill fmd it out when too late. It is probable that both prrties wili strive for the negro vote. Wc yrediut that Vbiafooüsh polioyof elevating neroes to (lrcs and of catering to thatn lor their votes, will rcsult in tho fonnation of what will bc termcd " 'J'he White Jlan's Purty," wbieh will be Mrong enough to curry (lic Dxt í'ifí;:deutia! flaotion, if udom in tLo selcction of candidate3 i observed, aad there is not too mticli rebel Democracv mixed ap with it. Such a movement is imminent, aad ifltlade will break up the Kopubüean party, whioh would be a deplorable eveot for tho country. Let us booure the negro in bis right to tho ballot, kut for tho salvation ol our party- tor the welfare c;f our country- for the good of the negro- let us dissuade him irom seeking or acceptiug cf5ce.


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