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I he New iork Lzpretí, after recouriti-ng the unwarranted ir.cnns rcsoiUd to !y the Ilndical party to soouro tlio rati Scation oí tli litteenth (naeridinent, and tho revolutiooary tendencias of tbat aroendment in its appücation to our ♦heory of gararomaot, tbrough the obumption of ncw ponera oh tbe part of i)ongress_ ,131! : "We must i rían, mtet tho caso r.g t i preBentcd. Colorid men will voto in defiancf; of all oppcsit;o!), and, haviag tíi baUot puf, into their handí, it is for tóe com:aon interest tliat they fcbould be protector! in tfl mud edacated to ueo u arigbt. This iew' addition to the ▼otiug pepulalk 1 counts, in 11 l!e States, noail y a i.üüjn ;i the bailóla, nd in tho oíd frae States r.eaily oüo$fth of tilla noi er. We do not ■ pose to hcot the air, or to íight stono walla, but to tnnkc ibe Vrj bi wbnt i beyond our control. Wo suhII therofore, for one, snd 8s far as is in our powcr. ótideavor to piotcot thc nc hi new prjvilrre, and to seo thiit ho is Bot befix.led by the demagoguei of Ihe Kadical party. What tbc law gives him let birn Osereiio angrudgingly. It ;:í sot bis fault Ibat he is wbat be it. The ballot ha3 Leen llmist i; big hands, anj reasoü and ïln requiru that, as lar ai poMible, be Bhould use it arigbt.' On tbe Jamé! river the enpply of tlio linest nf grnnite is boumileuF. The first quar.-ieaaro n few mllcr above Ricbmond Virginia, and thoy oceur nt intervala up toCoiurnbia in Fluvanna. The ■ attbis poínt is said to bo tlp fme6t. on thii continent nd it lies right on the umi bank.


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