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Why Fruit Trees Are Barren

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JLreas thst oxpend tbeir torcos in the iroduction of wooil growth on produce Ule or no fruit. Indeed, it i ponsible 'or any tree to produse a fruit gerra, ind not again in some way disorganize i, ufel es the wood growth sïift.11 cesso n time for tho leayesto lnborate food enough to grow both leaf and fruit tho ro!lowing year, or until a part of, tlie eaveg símil nttain to neorly or quite their full size. Tht ttiii is o will bo apparer.t wben wb conoidor that the eaves wliich firet ppear in the ipring wcre formed in the buds the prerious year, porfact in all their psrts, ana in :.ho embryo state co:itsi;ied oaoh individual cell füund n thera when fully jrown. Tiie qucstion may r'ge, if tïiero ii no addition to the ce'la, how do tic lentes ?row ? The ansner s tiiat tbe only difwence we can s.-1 betwecn an embryo caf aod one fullj grovn, i ir. th BÍ7.8 of the laaf oells. Aï gronth begioi iu tbe spring, tlie-e smaü oelU, bieb w.r.) "ormcd in tho prerioug year, b'-jic to expand. I tl ceü thns enlarge, nniil all tii-s nuir.ernus oeils of whic!) thess Iot ?,■, sre of íull 6ÍZ8. To furtlier illusirate thiï, i-t us suppose on a brivs nv], thnt ah brick at tho si'iie time ws i '!y ■ expstid to several buudred limen i ti present diameter, inj y .u Ksvh juit what tal:cg place in the pro'ït!) of n labryo losf. licre we !iv a irêe in pceg:on of a full grovi ia !ef drid nut form iinïlf, but was (orinod bj llio itet the precedí ng yeiM. To produce and tunt.iin tbii cellular . "ment, úic-re !id beon ntore-i tlie preceding year a larg iisi of ntrtrfment 11 the buds, nr:d n otber parta of tho treo. Th is nu'.rimen' ■ i not ohly PnfBciur.t to feed the embryo Isare, but muit bo suffioient to produeo tbe tmali watery exoresoeosw, - the roptlets and spongioles. These ncw lenvet nd gioles iirst grovra were mmie, with tbs oxception of mni olly out of the material that w , i by tha tres during tho grontb "Í kby prdvioüg year. q thosa vegü'.p.'ii ■ store aro i' cïent supply (o do Ihis, nd cour'uh the fruit aiso, tbn we eliaü h-ar Hule bout imperfect fert'lization. On the otaer Laúd, hn;: i, con cninmed tlie provious ycar, by i i;ic;::;] un orr erop of fruit, or by inakicg í. verv euoculent growth, ti.on lic treo Yo;!!d not store a snfiicicüt n:nou:i' ei plant food to perform its tbree-fold oíllso in tbo produítion of luaves, rooíe vvith their ípongioleü, and fruit. In this condition, a part of the leaf and n larger part f I bada yield up t!;r;ir Dowigbment, which goos to the production of root and iof '"wih. The tree, tbercfore, ia barren cf fruit for the sumnier, its whole growtb beiog re ;-.ired to recupérate ita own vigor. hi:ch trece oftcn bioom freely, nnd tben caet ;heir bluesonu. Whpo tliis occurp, uunformed persons attribute it to want of 'Brtilizatiou, or euppose that ihe raiu must have nsbed cwsy tb pollen. -


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