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The Michigan Argus

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onhliíhcd vcry Frirtay luorulng, in the third story i brkk biuck, curucr if Main and Huruu Streel AKiWii MtCH. Kutrancu uu Hurun Street iwhe Poet Offlce. ELIUU B. rO.VU, Editor and Publlsüer. ftrmt, $'.00 a l'ear in Advance. IUTES OF ADVE1ÏTISIN0 : [12 unes or les considere d a sanare.] STJSS I $" .751 $1.60 I $2.60 I $4.0O$6.0O I $3.00 ., , I 1 -■'■" t 2.601 8.601 6.001 8.00112.00 -figoaré" I g.0BÍ3.0U 4.50 I T.50 110.00 16.00 "f4 COlumn I MÖ I 3.50 1 1.00 I 8.00 1 12.00 I 0,00 -l.kMl'n"" i :!■'"' I 4..-10 8.00 l'lO.OO 1 16.00 26.00 tnn5inm I M I 1-00 I & '-■"" 80.001 8O. TíStail 6.1O_I 8.OOlO.OOm.0O8t.00 4ÖTÖ0 -ííSñíñnJ! S-Oñ 1 12.00 116.00 28.00 1 40.00 1 Tli.OO cXÍÚlSlrí DIRECTORY, no ttoeiceed fourllncs 4 00 ayenr. . i „ftiserstothecxtcntof aquarter oolnmn nía SrcoBtract.wlÚ b ntitlod tohave thoirciirdelb GJectorj without extra charle . ' Tical Sotíeeí ten cento par Une for the flrptineer■",„,1 six cents a Une for each snbseqent Inser'on ■lt n0 notice in8crted for I"8I tnRn $tunócl1 Ntic' nnce-:ind-a half the ratea ofurdliiirv 5ltrtliemnU. -' ri, ndvertisers have the prlvllepe of chnncrinï k ir advertisements thrce times. Addltionalchan."„Ubechargedfor. 1 Advertisementsunaccompíinted bv writlrn or Ijldirection? willbcpublishcd three monthe,and „gedaccordlnfrly. '[cal Advertisemontf.nTst insertion "0 cents ]er .' "5Cf.uts per folio for each subseqaentiiiaertiou. ?i. ,'j', Tjostponement p ndderl to an advurtisemcnt irhóle will be charged the sarao aefor flret ineerlon. JOB PRINTINO. Paraptilfti", Posters. Ilanrt Bilis, Clrcnlarp, (Jimio. j TjVkí't?. Labi'lfl, TílnnkH, Bill Hondo, and other „'stPs of Plainand Fancy Jol Prlntinp, pxecuted ■th nromptneps.nd in tho best poseiblestyle. "UOS _Vo hsvc a Ruteles Rotary Cord Preso, „jiUreo vario tj ofthe latasl stvlce of Oard type wVichenaW'' listo print Onrd of all kiiuls in the pitest possiWe stylo. nnd ebeftpr any other ftiief !n tlu1 City. ilnsinosp Card: for men of all üv,..H)ii5índ irofession?, Bll, Wedding and Visittn; "p.jjjK-inted on s hort notice. Cali and seesamplee.