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temas ífimtflm "líORRIS HALE, M. D. gHrnBNCE and Office No. 1S, cnrncr Willinms nnd Taomps ítreets Reinlnr office honra. 1 to 3 p M Advice and Prepcriptions from 6 to 7 P. M. di cln, frec gratis to the poor. 1SM "Tb7YrüthTngham, m. d., PHTSICIAN AND SCROE0N. Office over Drnc Store, No. T Hurón strect. Residencc, No. 85 Thompson street. Ofllce hours, 8 to 11 A. M , and TtoSP. M. GEORGE GRENVILLE, DE4I.KR IN DRUGS and Medicines, No. 6 South HtlD Street, Ann Arbor. ITüLL, ROBINSON & CO. GROCEÜS, Produce andCommission Merchante, JTo. 43 South Moiu Street. ELLIS & KISSELL, DRTOGISTS. and dealers in Pslnts, Olle, etc. No. Ï Sooili Main Street, Ann Arbor. " THKÜDORE ÏAYLOR & CO., DEALERS in Groccrics, Provisione, and Country Frodace, No. J3 South Main Street, Ann Albor. JOHN KÊCK & CO., DEALERS in FAiiturc of all kinds, No, 33 South Main Street, Ann Arbor. J. Q. A. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY aiuï Counsellor at Law, Real Ketste and Insnrance Agent. Conveyancinc and Collectlon of Claim promptly attenced to on liberul term. Office one door south of Fitst Nationnl Bauk, up itaire.Sonth Main Street, Ann Arbor. w. h. jackson, DENTIST, sncce88or to C. B. Porter. Office, corner Msinand Huron Streete, over the store of R. W. Kliii Co., Ann Arbor, Mich. Aniesthetics adminUWrcd if required. W. F. BKEAKEY, M. D. PÜÏ3ICIAN AND SUÜGEON. Office at riwdence, coni'-r of Uurun and Divigion Streets, i'irnt door KMiot Presbyterian Church, Ann Albor, Mich. E. J. JOHNSON, DEALER IN HATS and Cap Fura, Straw GoodeGents' Furuishiuj,' Goods, Ác, Nu. T South ilain Street, Ann Arbor. SUTHERLAND & WHEDON, LIFE and Firc Insurance Agent and dealers in Real Estáte. OfHccon Ilurou Street. Also eell firatcUfb Scwing Machines. W. D. HOLMES, AGEXT for the Florence Scwing Machine. and dealer In Plctures, Frames, &c. No. 3 East Uuron Street ""ÜE W IS "cTÏSDÖNT" CEaI.GR In Hardware, Stoves, IIohsc Furr.ishlng üoods, Tin Ware, &c„ No. 31 South lUin Street. ""bach&"abel," DEALERS in Dry Goode , Groceriea, &c, Ac. No. 36 Soath Main Street, Ann Arbor. C. H. MILLEN, DEALER in Dry Goods, Oroceric, ., &c. No South Maiu Stnet, Aon Albor. " SLAWSÖN & SON, 6R0CER3, Provisión and Comm]slon Merchante nii dealer In Water Lime, Land Piaster, and Plaaler Pris, No. 14 Kust Baron Street. S. SONDHEIM, WHOLESALE and rctail dealer in Rendy Made Clothbtf, Cloihs, (Jassimere?. Vesting, and Gents' fnruiibins Ooods. Ho. 9 South Main Street. ÏÏM, WAGNER, DEALER In Ueady Made Clothing. Clothe, Caesimereand VBÜns."", Hat. Caps, ïruuks, Carpct Bags,&c-, 21 South Main Street. GILMORE & FISKE, ÍOOKSELLERS and Stationers, Medical. Law and College Teit Books, School and Micellaneous ook. No. 3 North Main Street, Gregory Block, Adü Arbor. FINLEY & LEWIS, ÍKALER8 in BooU, Shoes, Gaiters, Slippei &c„ Xo. ! Baet Huron Street. R. TARRANT, IADIE8' Fuhionable Shoe House, No. Sí South Mlln reet. QROC KE R Y, &LASSWARE & GROCERIES. J. & P. DO.VNELLY Svelntota Urge tock of Crockery, Glamtware, mttdWtí,Cutlery , Qroceriea, &c. ftc.all to be tooiiiijii,,, pricer. No.l2EistHurooStieet,Ann Arbor. 1!tf J.fc p. OOHNELLT. QITYLINE OFHACKS! KOBISON & BAXTER, Prop's. PumiehceoipeditiouB Conveyanc; to and from the Jnjind all parts of the city. ,■7 , Funerala atteuded, and elegant turnoutsfur' "lai'1eraakinf! calis. Fricas reasonable. "racrslf-ttat OoofsIIotel or at thoirofflce promptJOHN G. GAhL, DEALER I1T FRESH AND SALT MEATS. LARD, SAUSAGES, Etc., 'rt.rsuolkited ndpromptly fflltd with the bet "'" n the markrt. 31 East Washington Ktreet . Aí Arbor, Sept. 16th,18d9. 1235tf LIVERY AND SALE STABLE. AXTKLL Sc RAMAG-K, lor?erMain ond Cathoriuestreet. Horseeboardu' , ' "onable terms. Second hand bucles, cut!lharnewi for ealc. l'bíy C. B. POKTER, DE3STTIST. " ia the NEW BANK BLOCK, ANN AEBOE. w Operations on the Uatural Teeth, Dw PERFORMEV WITH CARE. 5URpASSBD FACILITIES AND EXPERIENCB SETTING ARTÏFiCJAL TEETfl, 0lttr T GlVl: BACH INDIVH)UL, rafthe proper rixc, tkape, color, firvmtn and natural tuiox. J244 Best selected stock of Plaid Plms ; also the new and eleW PLAID REPS tobe had w tne 5240 FARMERS' STORE. hphe MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE INS. COMPANY OF DETROIT, MICÏÏ. (ESTABLISHEDIN1867. JOHN' .T. BAOI.EV', Prejidknt, JACOB 3. FAHKAN'Il, Vlce President. JNO. T. UGCKTT. Secretary. JAMKS O. WATSON, Actury. I). O.FAliHANDjM.D., Medical Exaniiner. A Successful Michigan I.ife Insurance Company, orgftnized for Ihe purpoe of iuruishinj; Insurance upon iives al THE LOWEST COST COMPATIBLE WITH Absolute Security5 and for tbe further purpose of KEEPIi6 MONEY AT HOME, wbich heretüfore bas beeu aeut Eastt RATES AS LOW AS SAFETY PERMITS. EJNT1RK MUTAL1TY AXD STRICT EQUITY Mark the system and prevalí in the distribution of AMUAL DHIDENDS TO THE 1XSURED 1 rovisions of the State LaT, and by :htir owu tomW) &LL POLICIES ARE NON-FOKFEITABLE. IN3URAXCK FURNISHED UPON ALL DESIRABLE FLANS. All the BEST FEATURES nf the OU Companies ADOrTED,aÍ!tbcr ERRORS AVOIDED. SECÜRITY. ECONOMY, EQUITY Airs THE WEST, rrs motto. L3L Por Agencies apply at the HOME OFFICE, Bank Block, Griswold Street. JL3 I. M. T[IATER,Gen'l A)Tfnt. FSED. L. IIAHN, Agent. 1239yl A. WIDENMANN, REAL ESTÁTE AGENT, ANU ARBOR, MICII.' OFFEES FOE SALE: 53 acres of land, within one half müe flrom the city, tobe sold ín whole, or parccU, as follows : 24 acre on eection 19, in the town of Aun Arbor' borderin g en the etm on the road Uading to Cornvretls' paper mili, ainl ou the míU'Ii on 15á acre nituated on the northwest córner of the Uorham road and the said Cornwell Factory roid . f Th a is one of the hand omes t uituations iti the neighborhood of Ar.n Arbor-) 1 3 acres improved land jotning the abóte 15 J3 acres and frunting Oorham Koad. Forty acres of First Claflt Farming I,and, with good Orchard and Barn, 2K ni i les f rom tho Court Houst, on the upper Dixboro road. 1 ere of land with a new two story frame boune on Thompson Spoor St Thompson'i additioo to the City of Aan Arbor , 7 lote of % acre eaoh, on Thompson, Spoor & Thoropson's Addition. 9 acres of land, with a nplendid grove, joining the Firemen'K Park on the Weet. 1 House and 1 ' lots of land, with Barn, WathKitchfn, Carnee House, and a number of modern iroprovfmentB, Q the nortbwest corner of Fourth and Packard Streets. 1 House and Lot in the lid Ward, on South Iibertr Street. 1 HouKe and 3 Lots in the 21 Ward, near 2d Ward School House, 1 Houseand 4 Lots, near tho U.C.R.R. Depot. 320aorps ofland in thesouth of the State of Missouri, near the Hannibal ff Si. Joseph Uailroad. 2 City Lots near 2d Ward School House. A. WIDENMANN, FOREIGN EXCHANGE BROKER, ANN ARBOR, MICH. SELLS AND BUYS DKAFTS, A.TJI5 ISSUES LETTERS OF CREDIT ON ALL PRINCII'AL PLACES In GREAT BRITATV , GEHMANV, FïtANCK, SWITZERLAND, etc. M y direct connections with Europe eniibie me lo otï'cr :i# (air raten its au v New Yort Home. Remember, I mn pot an agent of any heuse in tUi countrv , bul 1 &iu ha ving lirect conimutiication willi the best }iuunüH in Europe. COLLECTIONS IN EÏÏEOPE BY POWER OF ATTORNKY OR OTHKRWISE, W1I.L BK PROMPTLY ATTEND8D TO. PASSAGE TICKETS per Pteamer to aml from New Yoik to all principal po rtí uf tumi I wlll ttll as IoIIowb : Frim New York to Soutbampton, Havre, Londoa, Bremeu or Hamburg, stClars. 2dCUsa. Steprn?o. $l'-!0. $72. $25 in GoUÏ. Return tickets, 225. 135 01 " " Fromabore placen to Xew York, Int Clan. ïdülaBS. 31 Clai. Í120 Í72. $40 iu GoW. From Nw York to Liverpool , Cabin, $80 to $100 Currency. Steerage, Í30 iu Currency. Froml.iverpoolto . York, Cabin. $100. Steeragn, Í37. A. WIDENMANN, FIEE INSURANCE AGENT A1MN ARBOR, For the Howard Insurance Co. , in New York, one of tb e oldetuand bcbtCoinpaniefein tho couutry. The Tu tonta. Iubu ranee Company in Clevelaud, Tbe hooorablff and tafe manicmcnt ot thi ioítítution han made U one of the"innRt reü&ble Fire In'urtiiae Comj nipfin the W'ttt. 1267 y 1 '


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