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Bonnie Bessie

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I löVfl Bessie and shc loves me - Bonnie Bésale, wbo uves by the sea, Sweet aud lovely as lass can be: White aud rosy, with eyes of blue - Luiiuiious eyes, like ílobes of dew - Yon sce the morning l!nniment througli I Light and grace In her niotlou freo, Sweetest lady of all I see, For I love Bessie aml slie lores me ! Some have houses aud some have stocks, And some have treasiire in veliied rocks, And some lieap gold In an iron box ; Cattle, aud horses, and sheep have some; For another his gieat slilps go and come, And a hundrcil milis lor his brotber hum ; But 1, who have only an eye to ?ce And a heart to bless her, can happier be, For I love Bessie and she loves me ! One fiaunls a title beforc liis name, And one behind his - both for the same, - Baggage checked to the station of Fame ! Office aud bonors, ribbons and Gees, Some for those, and others for these, Wrestle and run In the mire to thelr knees But I, wltlr only a name tliat she Makes musical, can happier be, For I love Bessie and she loves me ! My lady is eight years oíd to-day, A stave of muslc that t'.:. iced away Ín a falry's form, - a morning ray IaVolved Ín vapor of mist; pearl, That flnsbed and throbbed Ín a dalnty whirl Till it steppi'd to earth a Uring glrl, AVith the Bun stepped mist vet rippliugíree For her golden liftlr ! my bliss to be, For 1 love Bésale and she loves me ! I see by the glass that time has tossed Over niy locks his powdery frost ; But Whoot, oíd man, your labor is lost ! For every day you lessen the way Between me and my delicate fay, My bonny, boundiug Bessie Grey ; Years may whlten wbat white may be, But the heart she lightens is young as she For I love Bessie and she loves me !