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I have eeen a hule farmer who knew littlo of the arta of tbc school, tame the wildness ot nature, and write the poetry of Lis heart upon the soil. He choso a hillside overlookinga lake. Elms which time had fostered, he preserved. He graded the bilí lo a pioturesquo declivity. He set out orohards, and plsuttd a garden. Out of a flowing ipring and pearly stream he fashioued a pond, acd its waters leapud up from a graceful fouutain. Sheep and oattle roamed about Lis fields. In Autumn, grain and mellow fruits brought hiui protit, while ihey fave color and variety to the scène. His barns were ueai and comely. HÍ8 walks were gradea and graveled, and led by plcanant patbs to his modest home, overlookiug the whole and half bidden in leafy wealth. Industry and taste have u:udo tho most of nature there, and tbat hillside in tliis rich sun is brighter than the colora of Claude Lorraioe. Of the huradrum of life we all havo full enough. By the sweat of our brow wo must all earn our dnüy bread. Most of our time must go ia cariog for crops and the dairy, in providlDg for daily necessities. íí I bare uot spoken on such topics, it is becuusa a more practi cal matter has arisen before me. It is a grave evil tbat our young men drift away from production, aud that people of all ages desert tho oountry for the town. Youth has a reason for it. Business, and profecsions, and ecieuco and art, are paintcd in glowing eo)ors. 13ut has not seience its first pphere whero soil is made and vegetation cotnmences 'i Does not art begin in transforming bar renness to beauty, and decorating earth with foliage and flowers and fruit ? Wcll as it may bo to be an artist, is it not better to be both producer and artist ? 13y sueh a tone and tempero! thought, mingled with the practicrl teil of every day life, it seoms to me the largest profits may be made out of agricultura. ' New valuo will !)o given to the farm, aDd a higher interest thrown about our rural life. Fields will be better tilled, and the harvest more pleutiful. Better vet : the crup of men and women on the soil will bo improved. Our best youth will be kept at home; our prosperous fami lies will vie with eaoh in beautifyiug the o'd bomestcads. Pardon mo theu, if I have used this bour in suggesting how agricultura may conduce most to the culture of meu ; how wortby youth may become interested in rasising good cropg ; how souls au well as fruit may grow ripe and mellow. Tbia ís the true search for the goldeu flecce. - E, U. Roberlt.