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Uses Of Fools

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Foolsmake the best reforinera. Providad with natura] blinkers whicli oompel tbera to see only ihat whieli is straight before them, they take the narrowest views of their taskg. Suoh a refornier, baving got hold of an idea, becomos profoundly convinced that its adopüon by mankind is the ono tbing necesary to bring about the millennium And then, agnin, fools render society endurable; for, if all men were brilliant, our intercourse with our fcllow-beings would be one of the most wearisomc of things. The value of social meetings depends almost solcly upon perfect relaxatioü of ruind, and the absonoe of any effort to sparkle and cstorjish. Good stupid, homely talk is often more agreeablo tban the mnst brilliant flashes of a Johnson or a Burke ; oue would rather converse with the most ordinary of mortals thau to lisien ofteo tv the monologues of a Coleridge. Some of these brilliant convei'sationalibis uro like men who, when asked to tuko a wulk, iiü-it upon turninp itintoarace; and these are far from beicg tho pleatantost of conipanions. So fouls have thcir uses; they keep society contentcd ; tlu'y have no perceptions of those alarmir.g dKOÓveriea in ecieuce wlnch ore dcsíioed tu revolutionizn the woild ; and often, by iheir pert t, butstupid, narrow ii'. is accomplish signal reforme in society. - To enlarge hne of the writer's similcs our mental lifo uccdd alloy as well aa our stomach does. CoNYKIÍáATIONAL UüASCS IN E.NCi,Asu. - In Enulund, letters tliere are posted, not inailcd ; periodical are taken iu, not taken ; a fricucl on a vleit stops, but does not slay ; you order nmething to bu fetched, tiot brought ; yon ride en borseback ouly, never iu n carriago ; foremodt ;nen are ctcver, not smart; a high wind onl is a storm, not a fall of rail) ; modows aro uplands, never bogs or Bwamps ; cooked oieat niay be nnderdoue, never raro ; Ladyday, Mïd.suminer day, Michaelmaa und Chrislmas are tiic times whon all quarte.rly rent. are duo, never March 31st, Jone 30th, ' bsr SOtb, and Decsmber Sist, , it is the rental of a houso you py, not the rent tutuinn is tli o lato Eoaeon of the yer not fal! ; hedges, shrubs, and troos aro quiok, not alivo ; and you ask that two or moro things may be done at onotf (at ons time), and not nccess&rily iustantly. Cocks and bons, rams and ewe,bulla and cow, sUIüods, marea, and geldinga, jack-3 and jennies, tracks and roes, dogs aud sluts, still retnin their Saxon namcs, and it in et no time offensivo to uao them. And woraen of good b'ood and gentío eoromon with the otber sex have aukles and calves, knecs and lops, and do not blunb to spoak of them. - LippüicoWs MagazitM