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Onion Maggots

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-On tha ubieot of killing ODion maggoía, Moorefs Rtiral New Yorkcr says ; This question, or its aolution, lias long vexed gardeners. - Somo rccoramead abnndoniug the o!d bed for a new ono. Others piuácribe eoaking b.-ed :;■ bripe, or pouring sculding water npon it. If tho Iatter, it must bo poured off at ouce,and thesesd dried, or it v.iii sprout. Brino may injuro the vitality of ths secd Wosliouíd be williiig to try a good coating of caustic lime, fipplied eaiiy in thr tuaaon, to bo vrorked into tbe bcd beforo eeaing. l.'::ljached asbes, tbougb not certaiu destruction, aro useíul. Pulv'irized cbarcoai ís said to auswer a bettor purposo. When used, a sinall part of tlie bed shonld be leít UDCOTered, and aa'soon aa tbe maggot appears iu tbat pnrt, pulí up and destroy tlium. After the bed bas Loen prepnred in spring, cover it ight to twelve inchcs with dry straw, aud burn it. Planting the seed iiumediately af'erward is reoommeuded. Bisbop Ames gave a stinging rebuk to a crowd of womcu who wcro present at tbe mectiug of the eocfevence in auticipntion of tbe action on th oase of Rev. Horaco Cook. Thcro bad been some diaouösion hetbcr ho should bes eipeücd or allowed to wtohdraw, snl tbo disp'it was getti:i;r nnimatod, when ibe Bishop pxelaiincd : " W'lien jou ec the prurient, bateful curiosity whicb crowds tiiis oburob tiiis rainy nictning. for God'i sake let us be dcno '."