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The London Mob

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That the proeecdmgs of tho Jjonuon '■ Jjiiid a'jd Labor Leauue'' are absurd iloes r,oí íuake thom lesa, but rather more, signiricaT!t. and monitor?. A "cononiion!' whieh goes about with Phrjgït oaps of libei ty on polis, wbicb m&kes iis ueliera in the similitudo of Roman lictor, red-oappêd and faaciferous, and miikei iU e&ioerí a lame of Cro with fcailrt sushi!, is apt to provoke roirtb. But it will iot prnvoko uninixcd mirth ammg; tlioso wbo rccollect that the Frontil rcvolutiüuists of 1781) aped clasficü.lity or ;i()iuruly as tbu Britlfih revoluUonistsof 1870, and preceded the carnage of Carrière with tho maundunngs of Auacharsis Klootz, orator of the hu jaan r;cc. Nor is it lo bo denied that tho g'ievanee which tho men of London imagino to rodrefs by re-dressing tlieinselves iu resplendent atui alk'goriual gearisa real no - such aa a humano governmeut T0uíd srive to rcaioye and a deeently prudent government bo coropeücd to make Fome show of attending to. It is trno that tiicir "homble memorial" is rathor iu tha nature of a moñaco than a petitioii, and that it wa couvsjed to lts destihation by the ludicroue metbod of deputiug sis persons, presumably "liatora," to forrn a soletan prooo?sion and "drop it into Mr. Gladstote's lotterfcoit.'' But ft may nono t'ie less contain matter worthy of Mr. Gladstone's earnest rauditation. The ngo of chiva'.ry ia deolared to hare boen snporseded in Franco by "the g of hnnger." Tho prooess scems to b analogous in ISngland. Ivich and respectablo Englishmcn may sneer at the nssault rif a raggcd rabblo in Trafalgar squjro upon riches nnd re'pectabiliiy. - Blit they eanaot offDid to confine their xertions to sneers. If it true, ns th; nioat sensible of tho speakers at this meeting declarud it to bn, that, though Englaud makos provisión for paupers nnd foT orinúuals, sha does not proride ny means "vrhereby an houes man can crn nis living," it ia evident that such a oou'lition af Hhings "noitlior cin nor ought to continuo. For tho nucleus of "a few hundred persons of a very mixed elass," tr whiöh the solid Times loftilv limils this meeting, will infallibly bo zwollen, like David's band in the cave of Adullnra, by the accessifu of evory ona that is in debt, and every ono that 'm fn dislress and cvery ono that is discoutented ; auj pucÏi a collection of men, with a real griovance anda real etrength, will proserit a very muoh more difRcult matter fur adjastment than tho popiiijay politics of Beale and h8 Reform League. It is even trucr in statecraft tban in tberapenties tlian an ounce of prevention is worth n pound of cure. Parliament is uow applying itself to punisli agrarian outrnges ia Ireland. Meanwhi!e,''a few hundred persons of a very mixed class" meet publicly to bear and to applaud statements that rent is robbery, ind propositions that the government eball enter upon all the wasto land of Great Britaiu vrithout the consent of tho owners, and make the working-men ïts immediato tcnnnls. Would it not be well for Parliament to devote soiue of its sparo timo and talent to the devising of measures io prevent agrarian outrages in Englaud ? - jV. Y. World.