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Terrible Disaster At Richmond

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The Court of Appcals of Virginia was crowdcd this morning with eminent citizens, ïnany local polilicians and a grcat mnuy of the public at large, drawo therc ay curtosity to hcar the decisión upon the question of tho Mayorality. Atnong tho many prominent men present were ex-Gov. Wells, ex-Congressman Wilsoo, Judge John A. Meredith, Patriek 'H. Aylctt, Ij. II. Chandler and othern. At 11 o'clock thegallery of the court room wfaiob was crowded, feil in. The Hoor followcd and descended 30 feet to the door helow, which was the floor of the House of Delegates of Virginia, on which were a few of the nicmbers of a caucus. There was a general crash of timbera and the inside wall feil. Diiectly after tho disaster the fire alarm souudcd and tho hook and ladder compaoies of the city repaired to the sceue. A cordon ot poüco was drawn around the buildiug, and ladders wero thrown up to the windows. For threo houra the place was a scène of horror, as the inaimed, dead and dyiog were brought out ono by ono and cairicd to the green of' tho public park, whcre they were purrounded by over 3,000 of thosewfco had gathered to recognize the slain. The park was filled with weoping women and anxious men until 2 o'clock, vvhen the Iaat victim was taken f rom the building. Fifty-cight persons were killed, among them, K. II. Scofield - brotber of Geo. Soofield. Dr. Brook, editor of Bichmoiid Fnquirer, aud many other prominent moii. Tho woundod nnmbered iiver one hundred, sevcral :norta!ly. ExGov. Wella was sevoroly injured, exSpeakr of ihe U. S. House of Reprcsentatives, Bocock, lost a limb. The soene was appalliug in the extreme. After this tho pólice closed tho park aDd refused admittance to any one. The bodics of the dead were sent to the stores in the city, which wereeiosed and placards put upon the door, "Closed in consequeuco of tho disaster at the capitol." No morebusinefs was done daring (he day in tho cüy. To-night meetings were held of mombers of the press Afsociation, lato military organizatious, bar and eitizens generally. To-morrovv wiil bu observed as a day of general mourning. Collector TJailcy's defalcations are ascertaincd to be 8130,000, 88 showa by ünal exatnination. His surcties havo been nolificd to make good tbo aniount, and it is believed that thoy will respond to tho amount of their respective bonda without waiiiug for suit to be brought. It ia rumored that the Central Pacific RailroHd Cnmpaay bus purchased tha California Pucific Itailroad, ior Thki'.i: aro lwo vays of "bearing false witooes ' igaiiist a neighbor : Oue by oharging upon nina dceds npver done ir words never uttered ; and a second by bo miuquoting, or quoting a porticn ouly of, what he has said as to cmvey a wrong mpression or plnco him d a position in whicli lio refused to put himself. It is this latter method whicu the Detroit Tribune pursues in copying a paragraph from the Jackson Citizen, precoding it with the daularation Mr. Lotiikoi's vienta against the constitutionality of the raüroad aid legielatien wure "uow," and that he had "expressed nn exactly opposite opinión," as follows : In the dolíales of the (Jonstitutionnl Conventlou of L867, vol. 2, p. 137, Mr. Gk Vi Lotlinip, of Deli-oit, whlle argulng iu favor of a (Utterunt pulicy, tínis expressed himelf: "As a egn qoeatlOD, I wll say that by a " series of decisioiis of perhnps slxteen or 11 geventeen of the States (I once had occh"slon to Investígate the matter) it has been " declared that it was competent for the "Legislatura to clotln; any snbordlDBte " municipal organlzatlon wlth authorlty to .e it ereüit, or become a stockholder " In ahí of any work of internal Iraprove" ment. "VVe must therefóve recosnize that " as the law of thé land." This much for Mr. Lotiiuop's recoti!tiou of precedent. Now for his own opinión. And we quote from tho same Constitucional debutes, from the tme volume, the same page, and the same paragraph, beginning just where the Citizen left olí : "In MTjudgmeDt, bówsyer, wcre the questlon to arlse now us a now qnestion, il would be. decided direcüy tlic oiwr iray. I think tlioiv Is a vury atrong Imprtssion npou the judicial miad oí the country tLal those (lecisions rccelved au erroneoua lmpul8e at tlis begluulug, that it was overlooked that the orgauizatlon of the town and of the county, tras, tn ita very nature. Umi teil to otber pnrposes, and not adaptad to eugaglng iu these works of iiiternal huprovements." Aud the tenor cf the whole speech is agaiust bo th the ri;lit and the fitnesa of towns and rities to engnge in railroad building. Both the Citizen and tlie 'Tribune must be hard-pressed for argument if compelled to so garble the positron of Mr. LoTiiitop to muke out a case, and prevent ilio Supremo Court giving his argumeut tho vreigbt to which they are enti'Ied. - Sinco tho above was ia type, we notice a communication from Mr. LoTiiiioi to ÜicyTribune, touchiug tho eame subject.


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