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Our fellow Uen Opt THATBR, lias placea us uuuim Obition for a copy of the Mkhiyun StaU jornal, dated October 9, 1839, some tulrty vesrs or more ago. It Is a UxW sheet, Jb gis broad columns to the page, flies the motto, "Liberty and Union- Now and „yer-Ooe and Inseparable,"' and was publtehed and cdited by FjbUhWOT Bawyeb, jr afterward, we believc, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The flrst page is given principal)? to " An Appcalto the People of Michigan," sigued bj the Tiblg State Corresponding Committee.cvery onc of whom secm to liave been residents ol this County, au evidonce that fftshtcnaw must have been the headquartenof whlggery in the carapaigu of "Woodbrldge and Reform," This committee was constitutcd of F. Bawyer.Jr., C N.Ormsby, jn0. Van Foseen, D. B. Brown and K. A. Warden. The balance of the page is glven topaütical matter, county tlcketi, rcsolutions.etc, a jiajie vcry like a paper of todav in a politlcal campaigu. The 2d page is glveu to au original cam plBSOiist, editorial appeals, lesscr politital anieles, vrith an occasional local item. The soug Is entitled " The Loco Foco Party," and is measured off to the " llunters of éutucky." The followlng tanza, supposed to depict a seene in the faraous " Toledo War," will show the metal of the poet : '" He lert us down to Mumee swnm?, The gronnd was low aml raurky- jUid thcre he s-tood In mariial pomp j' Bul uh ! lic was uulucky- For JacksOD hearing of his pjT.ik, Wilh corsea loud iind hcarty, Bent adrift without his thanks ïoforajic from ths party. Oh: the party !- the loc iwo party I The following item may have a histórica] interest, and so we transfer it from its posiiiou just below the " song :" "OcrSïaïk The Board of Regenta mei. iu th's place last week - present, Lieut. Gov. Mundy, Chlef Justiee Fletobïr, and Dr. Dentou, o!' Ann Arbor, ,Maj. Kearsley, Dr. Pitcher, Chaocellor Ftrnsworth, Rev. Geo. Duffleld, Judges Morell auci Wükiiis of Detroit. At this meeting the professorehip of natural philosuphy was i l and Dr. Doujjlnss Houïïiton, Btate Geologlst, nnanimonsly ppoTntcil Professor. With üiis admira ilc jtppointmutit we doubt not everyonewlll behlghly pleased. J)r. Honghton is a man ofgri'at scientiüc attaioDients in this departmcMit, ot iudefatigable Industry and reearch, and will contribnte largely towards tbeconsammating of those intellectoal objects latendcd by the University. Efforta will bc made bo far to complete this fall oue of the four buildings now ander way Utoenable Profi'ssor Houghton todc-po.sit tkmmdarratige hls splendid and useful collcctio of zoological, botanlcal and mineral ípecitnens." The next item In the same column is also tngjestive that a change has been going on. Kobears do now disturb our suburban K8idents : "Bears! bbarsI - We saw a fine bear a hort time since vvithln a mile and a halt o!' Dttroit, quietly feeding in a field. On the ttling uf Llie cars he leisurely took to the Woods. A venerable dam and her cub were en the other day jnst out of this village. The'bunturs of Washteuaw' gave chase as oon astliey lieard of it, but did not at that lime suceced." - The 3d and 4th pages are given to advertisements, some of which we sliall refer toatanotlier time. We were uot present at tbe Sopbomore Ejhibitiun wiich took place on l-'riday ereniny last, but hear from good sources aat it was not a -suceess. Tliere were me good pleces, bnt a leading member of tbeFaculty crltlclscd in our hearing some öf the picGi3 as coarte and vulgax, denound the disorder which prevalled, and spoke of the whole as a disgraceful affair. Netther feclass nor thcjrreat body oftudent are ïrobably to blaine, only as they laugh tthe affair, and thus enconrage future fcpmures from good breeding. It is s'range that young men enjoylng such Dperior advantages will forget to be geuUenien. The spirit of rivajry secms to tend "ie wrong way, and should be checked. - Theexhibition of the Preshman Ulam et down for.Tuesday evenlng May 31st, oiim'y24 speakers have been de tal led for the occasion. It is to be hoped that the Sophoinore Class will turn the tables upou thePreshmeii, by letting them aloue severoIj. Poslmaster Giiast - soon to bo odresscd by that title no more - has received tbc ncv issues of postace stampa, which "11 be put on sale as soou as the supply of !i ones is exhausted. They are a declded . 'oprovenient on the old issue. The denom'"tions are : 1 cent, blue- Franklin 2 at, Vaiulyke bro wn- .Tackson ; 3 cent, green- Washington ; 6 cent, red- Lincoln ; '"cent, light brown- Jefferson; 12 cent, ork pnrple- Clay ; 15 cent, orange- Web"! 24 cent, purple- Scott ; 30 cent, It i Ham' " 90 Ccnt' carmine- Ferry. ' to be hoped that no engraver will get nother job beforc the year is out. This laent change of stamps is a costly aulsance. The Chroniclt doeen't relish tha rcs r the Aiigus concerning the recent jodent raid on the sldewalks, throwsJtself ck on the diguity of its conductora, and lt "T"1'"" '" Say ab0Ut the " PersonalCi " slurs" and " slng phrases " of the of7hCS" AsaIlofu' words and fhrases ■■ e descrjptiui,, used by the Ahgus, were tol llterally irom the Chronidc nnder "M.our reflned, elevated, and shocked mporary, should draw its strictures J'jhttleinll. Editorial pop gana libe Pistols sometlmes have a dlsagreeable ot a dangwoua back-action. Jdge Hiany bas held IrTIdjourncd r of the Circuit Courttbis weck, hcar"notloiu,chancery case, etc. Spring Work, in the field, oreharüi garden, flower plot, and In the houschoUl, is now pressing Upo u.s. The systemati cal, profltablc dolng of thls work wlll bo materially alded by tlie calendar of work to bo tlone, and maiiy liits as to the timo and manner of dolng i t , tbat will bo foond In the American AyricuUurist for May Ut, a copy of whlch has coiné to hand. This paper contalnd as asnal, a great varlcty 01 suggestious prepured by practical men, with nnmerons pleastng and Instructlve engravinga. Amoug these, perhaps those o1" geueral interest, nrc "Hoosehold Couveniences," showing t!ie methpd of introihiciiig water lïoin the roof, and supplylng it to the different rooms iu the house, to the great sa ving of vroman's vork. This isa subject not generally understood or appreciatcd, but whlch raay well be iurostigatcd by all hoasekcepers and bulldersof houses. A copy of the paper can be obtalned, postpald, tor 15 cents, or t is supplied by the yenr ior $ 1.60. A 50 cent copy of the A.grieultural or Horticultura! Auiuials, whlch are cholee, beautlful volumes, is oifcred to each person now subscribing. Okanoe Judd & Co., PabJLUbeiB, 245 Broadway, N. Y. The lite numbers of LüteU'i Living A;e have contained some very noticeable articles. Among tlicin, Antagonism of Race and Color, or White, Red, Black and Yellow in the United States, from Blackwood ; American Aunexation,aiKi the Credit of the United States, Pall Mali Gazeile ; Tlie Great Fall iu the Gold Premium at New York, Economist ; Corruptiou of Chrlstianinty by Paganism, Conieiaporary Ilscicic; " Carlino," " Dorothy Fox," mul " Against Timo." .'.'S x yenr, with last flve numbers for 18(39, contuiniug the opening chapters of the seriáis by 3Irs. Ollphant and Charles Lever, (ree? Address LlTXSLL & Gay, Boston. Maater ïïiuik Boyeen, of Webster, iias placed ou or table some " eggs as is presumed to be a fair average from a " Day's Doings" in hls hennery. Thrce of them have a polar circumference of 7%, 7 'o and 'V?l inelies, while thcy measure on the equator, in the same order, (i,. C'X, and b% with a joint weight of 10% oz., proviug that the hen whlch discounted them was ambitloua of big things. The Other two of the nest were eggs of anothcr sort, either " taüings" or the lirst effort oí an aspiring pallet, gtrlnglng only 3}X and 'i1.. IncllCS, and looking HUIputlau beside thcir conpanlons. Master will accept our tlianks for the ucst. Who can beat it ? Mr. Boydex's hens are a cross of several broeds, and he (lnds that crosses are better layen than the best full-b!oods. Nkal Dow was listeued to by a large audlence on Satnrday evenluj, aiui made an effectlve speech. He also ppoke at an outdoor meeting iu the square ou Sunday afternoon. There is great necd ol a temperance revival in tliis communlty, and Xkai. Dow's reputation may do somethlng towards pushing it on. Our readers hereabouts hardly need telling tliat we got a most glorious raiu on Wednesday nlglit and yesterday ruornlng, but then followlng upon such ivarin weather and dolngsueh a deal of good we Tiiust niakea noteof it. Vegetatlon of a!l kinds is poshing rapldly and the trocí in orchnrd, garden, strect, and forest are ijatiing on full regalia. A now tiine-tablo was put in operation on the Central Bailroad on Monday last, whlch is not quite so conveuient foi' our citizens as the oíd o-ue, the trains movlng too apar togetbeij Seo .cari ii proper place. KfcV. GlUNPALL Illii'NOI.US, cf Cüncord, Mass., fllled the pulpit of the Unitarian Church on Suaday last, and will preach there agaiu ou Suuda next, foreuoou aud evening. ■- At thc meetiog ot' ttie Common C'nuncil on Monday evening last, the city printing was anuo.un.ceif as let o R. A. Beal. ïiie record don't show the terms, bat we hope at full ratel. There is no reason why the city should less. - India, in order to keep up excitcment, lias got up anotUer rebellion. - " That the Secretary of the Xavy had estimated the p:ty of naval oflícers two mil liona of dollars above tlteir salaries," and that he couid prove it, is what Gen. ilorgan, of Ohio, told the Soase the other day. Wht. of t? " A nationaldebt is a national blessing," and besides, people do ükc to pay taxes. - The New York Times givcs the Tribune the following " puff:" '■ It is a mean, cowardly, slanderous and disliouest sheet, and it has probably done more to degrade moráis and journalisin' than any paper whlch was not liable to be Instantly sappressed by the pólice." It's all in the lamily.


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