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Discovery Of A Plot To Assassinate The Emperor

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Paris, April 30. Tho afiernoon Journal Ojficid anuounces tbat tho pólice have beun for some time on track of a plot against the Ernperor. Yestórday morning one Beaun, who recently arrived from England, was arreEtad in Kue Des Moulons, whereby the plot is corapletely discovered. Ou the person of Ueaun was found a large sum of mooey, a revolver and a letter from London from a man who was implicated in a similar plot in February last. This letter and tho confession made by Beaun himself leave no doubt of bis intention to hnmediately attempt to assassinate the Emperor. Last nigbt other persons wero arrestcd in the Belleville quarter. At tho houso of one of tlieso tho pólice seized a largo quantity of powder and a number of explosivo bombs, together wilh directions how to use them. This plot bas for lts principal organizers many members of the International Assoeiation of Workmen of Paris, some of whom have already been arrested. Paris, April 30. Two secretarles of the International ássociation of Workmen were arrested this afiernoon. The pólice fouud upon tbeir persons a complete list of adherouta to the plot. Tho authorities are now scouriug the city for theso persons. The person h'rst arrested, Boauu, waa not a deBorter from the French army, as at int reported ; he was merely di?guised as a aoldier that suspicion might not bo excited. Great military and pólice precautions are boing taken to-u:ght. Paris, April 30. Reporta are rifo in this city of a new plot discovcrod by the pulico gainstthe state and life of the Emperor, It is allcgod tbat yesterday a deserter from the army, a non-eommissioned ofliucr, was arre&tcd in tbo Hotel in the Itue Mootinartrc, who had in bis possession a letter from Gustave Fluerensand a noto containing insttuctions for bis part in the cxecution of the conspiraoy. Figaro sayH part of the design of the plotters was to blow up the palace of Tuillei ics and préfecture of pólice.


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